Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Everyone must take time to
sit and watch the leaves turn. 

~Elizabeth Lawrence

 Autumn did arrive
here in the south
and I am loving it,
sitting outside as
much as I can,
and finishing another Annabel.
This time A Pink Annabel is
 off the needles,
 just waiting on
buttons and a good
 The wind has really
been blowing,

covering the ground with
the prettiest leaves, cool
sea breezes and no humidity,
making it hard to go inside,
instead still sitting  at the
outside table knitting needles
in hand, concentrating on
finishing The Brown Annabel.
After this one is finished,
I will only have one more
to complete by Christmas,
then I really need to get
some mitts finished for all
my guys.
I finished Home and loved it,
and now am falling into
Linking up with Ginny.


  1. Gosh you have motored through those cardigans, totally impressive!

  2. Beautiful Annabel, love the colour. I have been wanting to make one for a while and I was thinking green, but now i've seen it in pink?
    That last photo is wonderful!

  3. Lovely pictures as always.
    Nice cardi hanging in the tree.
    Looks like your marathon is almost over.
    Enjoy sitting out in the sunshine.

  4. I loved that book, well any of her books!! You are so nice to be making everyone a sweater! I am impressed and I know each recipient will LOVE their sweater :)

  5. I love the pink of your sweater it is gorgeous and looks so lovely hanging in the trees.

  6. Wow, fab projects, and lovely pictures are usual :)

  7. I wouldn't want to go in either! Lovely sweaters :)

  8. Gorgeous pictures you have made, love the Annabel.

  9. What an amazingly vibrant pink that will really cheer up any winter day.

    I hadn't heard of those two Barbra Kingsolver books although I'v read The Lacuna and The Poisenwood Bible...I enjoyed both oh and Prodigal Summer which is quite different...I loved it, not so much for the romance but the log cabin and the nature surrounding it...that would be my perfect location.

    Happy reading and knitting.

  10. Go Tracey! you're doing well on your gift-knitting. love the autumny photographs you took. I'm glad you get your share at last and are able to enjoy the fresh air outside!

  11. Lucky you, sitting outside with your knitting - and such wonderful knitting at that. It's been way to cool and wet here to do much outside...

  12. I knew you'd get through those cardigans in time. Just one more left! Way to go! (:

    I haven't even started on Solstice gifts yet. The Elf started his gift for the Imp yesterday. I'm being upstaged by a ten year old! (:

  13. You are really busy. Ohhh, so our beautiful autumn is making a break at your place. It is gone now and I think winter is just around the corner...

  14. Love that color pink!

    I'm knitting Christmas gifts myself this year. Best of luck on yours.

  15. LOVE the pink! How I wish I was on your Christmas knitting list! Instead I'll add an Annabel to my own list for me! :-D

  16. The Bean Trees is one of my all time favorites - Enjoy!

  17. You are simply an Annabel machine!!! Way to go!!! they are all amazingly beautiful!!!!
    so glad autumn has finally found you---enjoy!!!

  18. Gosh you knit so quickly!! I am in awe of the amount of Annabels you have made.

  19. The pink Anabelle is my favorite so far!

  20. those annabels are so lovely and the pattern looks fairly easy. i have never made a sweater... maybe i should try that one.
    i LOVE barabra kingsolver, all of her stuff. i especially love her non-fiction essays. such an amazing woman. i have actually met her, she is just awesome. :)

  21. oh tracey, i can almost hear the sigh of relief, autumn has found you! i love the pink annabel! how incredible you have made so many, what a christmas this will be, i hope you take a million photos! i love b.k. and will have to reread the bean trees, it's been so many years. happy fall dear friend!

  22. Gorgeous pictures -- makes me want to be outside, too!

  23. I love the Annabel pattern, thank you for bringing it to my attention! I wish I could make it for my daughter. I am not sure how to modify the pattern though.

  24. I love love love that pink!!! And your photos are amazing!!

    I read Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Dreams for school-- a bit of an odd book, in my mind. I find it funny that nearly all her covers look the same-- I thought you were reading the book I read! silly me!

  25. Oh I LOVE your Annabells! And that pink, wow - gorgeous! I admire your ambition, 3 cardigans by Christmas?! That's pretty inspiring!

  26. You seem to be flying through the Annabells. Maybe I should be more ambitious and I'd get more knitting done? Love the pink!!

  27. Way to go, Tracey! I'm so impressed by your Annabels!

  28. How wonderful to knit outside and take in the spectacular Mother Nature. That is such a lovely pink and I like the brown also.

  29. Annabel is on my to do knitting list. Love your color choices as well. Reading about you knitting outside has me out on the porch as well before the weather changes in a day or two.

  30. So pretty! You are getting so much knitting done.

  31. Wow you have been busy. Lovely photos of your Autumn

  32. Lucky people in your life getting Annabels for Christmas. :)
    They're looking beautiful.


  33. Wow Tracey, your needles are on fire, you go!! Everything looks beautiful.

  34. So cheery! Some lucky folks will cherish those Annabels for sure!

  35. I thought those leaves were floating on water! Such a pretty shot on the glass table :) You are a busy bee thats for sure! I've got a list a mile long and haven't started any of it! Uh-oh!

  36. That pink is gorgeous! I'm loving the fall weather.

  37. Annabels are everywhere today! Yours look gorgeous.

  38. the leaves are so pretty! and so are your knit projects!
    i have a glass table like this too, you might have discovered it in a number of photos already :)

  39. Love that pattern! Especially in brown--so fall-ish!