Sunday, November 4, 2012


In true love the smallest distance
is too great, and the greatest
distance can be bridged. 

~Hans Nouwens

 This weekend involved a
little travel,
 Two new additions to the
family, Nancy and Ronald,
 Making a few pot holders
just like I did as a child,
 Driving into town,
 to visit the local
yarn store,

 to pick out yarn for
a special sweater,
{the colors are still
red and orange just
like she wanted, but
we are using Plymouth Dream Baby }

 There were a few tears,
 when a fall happened,
but they were soon forgotten.

My favorite wee one is now
back home, but it really
was a great weekend,
even if I am exhausted!
Thank you to my daughter
and husband for giving me
this time!
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  1. It is always so wonderful to spend time with the grandchildren, isn't it? I remember making those kind of pot holders when I was a child. I made a lot of those. My grandma got pot holders for every birthday, Christmas and Mother's Day for years. I saw a loom for those at a store the other day...maybe that would be good Christmas gift for a couple of my wee ones from grandma. Thanks for the great idea~

  2. I am so happy you saw her and spent time with her, I know how hard it's been for you!! The knit shop looks so nice! I could spent some time in that store :)

  3. So happy you got to spend time with your granddaughter. Enjoy your week.

  4. Glad you got some special time with your wee one this weekend! Looks like you enjoyed every last minute.

  5. A special time with the little one! So happy for you. Love the weaving. What yarn is it you are using to weave?

  6. what a precious time you got to spend together.
    she's got a great taste in color, red and orange will make a fantastic sweater!

  7. So thankful to see that you had this time with her :) I know how sweet it is. And those pot holders brought back so many memories! What a wonderful weekend!

  8. it all sounds so perfect tracey, your little one is pure sunshine and what a lovely oma you are knitting for her, even in her own special colors!

  9. Gosh the little one is just so cute. I am glad you had time with her this weekend.

  10. Sounds like you had a really great weekend. I spent some time at my local yarn store, too - sewing sheep to the railing (because I'm crazy and the owner is awesome). (:

  11. I'm so glad you got to spend time with the wee one! She is so precious! I can't wait to see her orange and red sweater! I used to make those pot holders too. I think I should try to find the things to make them. Ree would love it!

  12. What a wonderful wonderful time. You are so blessed!

  13. you are the most special nana.
    love the turtles, the cascade yarn and, of course, the sweet grandbaby.
    Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  14. Ronald and Nancy! Love it!!! I always had turtles growing up----although mine were ALL named Josephine (even when I had more than one at a time---?????? I don't get it either) And I had to laugh out loud........I only have loopy potholders; they are THE BEST. I can't convince any grand to make them for me, so I have to make my own, too! (And I am way overdue for some new ones....they are such a pain to get off the loom--I lost my 'good' metal weaver tool; I couldn't have lost that silly plastic thing they put in the kits now.

  15. awww tracey, so happy you are getting this time with her and making memories for you and for her. i cannot begin to tell you how much my grandparents mean to me and i know she is going to feel the same about you. xo

  16. She is so precious. Love the photo of her with the yarn, adorable! Looks like you had a great weekend.

  17. What a little sweetie. What a cherished time she gets with you -- soaking up all your creative energy. Enjoy your days with her.

  18. It sounds like the perfect weekend!

  19. AWWW!! I know you were in heaven! So glad.

  20. Look at the beautiful, blue sky! Your daughter's gorgeous! "Ooh, owie," was my reaction to what we call "boom-booms."
    How lovely to go the LYS; nothin' like a fiberous perk up!

  21. Oh, Tracey, I know how happy those weekends with the wee one are for you. She is such a treasure. I have many fond memories of making those pot holders too! :)

  22. Grandchildren are so precious. Thank you for sharing your little picture story I loved it.

  23. So glad you had some precious time with our granddaughter...The yarn looks lovely and I love the colors that she picked!!
    much love Tracey!

  24. Ouch! ! ! Those scrapes are the worst ! ! !
    What a sweetheart she is, Tracey.


  25. awwwww Tracey... that's so sweet. Your lovely little granddaughter. Poor little hand! Love the choice of color for the sweater.
    Nancy and Ronald!
    What a wonderful

  26. It looks like it was a perfect weekend! So happy you had that time together!