Wednesday, November 28, 2012


The peace you seek is there,
it's there between all the traffic
in your mind, stop and rest for
peace will find you if you let it. 

~Mike Dolan

 As I looked over my
Christmas list early
yesterday morning I began
to have a panic attack,
I may have added just
a few too many knit
items to my gift giving
list. Maybe?

While I am almost
done with my last Annabel
Cardigan [photos soon],
I am still working on my
sister's scarf, fingerless gloves
for one son, and three others
waiting to be cast on. In
addition, my daughter informed
me that the wee one is
expecting something knit from
me too.

I needed a break, a change
of scenery, anything to calm
down, to learn to breathe

I threw the scarf in a bag,
took myself down town,
sat by the water, knit, and listened
as the world awoke and the
day was underway.
It was peaceful and just what I

then I took myself to the yarn
store, after all, my granddaughter
needs a new scarf!

Books are still being listened to,
this week it is Lone Wolf and
I love it! Honestly, I am ready
go start doing something, anything
to help these magnificent creatures.
One person at a time and so
much can be accomplished!


  1. A change of scenery is a divine thing. You are such a fast knitter I'm sure your list will be done in no time :)

  2. Beautiful photos. Good luck with all the knitting.

  3. Some lovely peaceful photos - a change of scenery is sometimes all we need to restore the mind and soul.

  4. A beautiful quote and such peaceful photos Tracey, looking forward to your new Annabel.

  5. I think I had the same panic attack over my knitting list! You live in such a beautiful area Tracey, thanks for sharing the photos. And I do think you will get all that knitting done :)

  6. I love your pictures! They look so peaceful! I had a bit of a panic attack this past weekend about Christmas knitting as well...and I decided to move on from it. I know I won't get everything done that I want to, and instead of getting stressed I am trying to enjoy the time with my family and not be so concerned about the "stuff" - even if it is handmade :-)

  7. You take gorgeous photos, I love each and every one of these. Hope you get to finish all your gifts on time!!

  8. I love the idea of knitting outside by the water, as the day wakes. Magic. Good luck with your gifts! x

  9. So glad you found the right remedy to that feeling of panic! It looks like your knitting is coming right along. We've wrapped up gifts still on the needles more times that we should probably admit. :)

  10. I think last year taught me a bit. This year my list is shorter, and I am feeling better. Of course, there continue to be things added. Perhaps my panic is forthcoming! So glad the fresh air provided relief. The season will be magical even if an IOU happens to end up under the tree.

  11. It does sound peaceful...sitting by the water, listening and knitting. Hope you are able to finish everything...I know you will. I have some Christmas projects to finish here as well and they will need to be mailed so I am starting to feel just a twinge of panic about getting those finished. I've been working on these projects since June, but wasn't sure how to complete the last bit and just got inspired about what I wanted to do a couple of days ago so time to get busy again. Can't wait to see that scarf you are making for your granddaughter!

  12. I love your photos the light is amazing. I hope you get through your list I am worried mine might be a long too!

  13. I'll have to check out Lone Wolf - I've been looking for a good new audiobook.

    PS - Loving your cowgirl boots!!

  14. I heard of a great idea once. If you're knitting for someone and a deadline is looming, you know you can't get it done - make a card, punch two holes, tie a bit of the yarn you're using to the card in a bow, write a note about things to come.

    It's the thought, not the date. Late gifts are still filled with love. Slow down, breathe, and enjoy the season. (:

  15. Oh knitting by the water sounds so peaceful I am envious. Also LOVE those boots.

  16. Sounds (and looks) like a fabulous time :) I know my knitting list will not be finished for Christmas but so it goes. I think I've come to terms with that.

  17. What a beautiful place to just sit and knit! Good luck on getting all of your Christmas knitting done!

  18. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your surroundings. It's such different scenery from here. I've already told my SIL that she may get a separate box with her gift in that I'm knitting as fast as I can. She laughed. You'lll get your list finished. Look at how much you've gotten accomplished so far.

  19. what a perfect place to refuel and re-energize. And the way you are blasting though those annabels.....the scarf and fingerless mitts will be a total breeze. you are in great shape!! (It's still NOVEMBER!!!!)

  20. Oh those palm trees! Beautiful! I can well see why you took your knitting there!

  21. Tracey,

    I love coming here each week for a small will get all your knitting done...relax..

    I have started a few items not too much...I might add a few more if I have time...I also get a little panic if I look to far ahead.

    I love all your pictures this are so talented!!

    Blessings to you,


  22. Someone was saying on the news that because Thanksgiving was a bit earlier this year, we have an extra week before Christmas.

    Don't know if this is true or not, but it may help. ;-)

  23. It all looks so peaceful Tracey a wonderful place to sit and knit and contemplate. I love the sentiment of your quote too..although it's sometimes hard to do.

    All the grown-ups in the family have agreed not to give gifts to each other this year just the children (including some quite grown up ones) so I've just got lots of socks to knit. I miss doing it and keep getting tempted to make things for some people, but then get reminded that we must all stick to it. It is a relief though in some ways. Your family are very lucky you've made so many lovely things for them. What a happy memory when they each wear their item made with love from you.

    Peaceful days.

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  25. as always your quote speaks to me.
    funny how those holiday lists just keep growing. lol i am hoping to finish up the two sweater vests that keep hanging out around the house begging me to PLEASE just finish them up.
    a morning by the water sounds lovely.

  26. I haven't felt the panic yet, but it"s only a question of time!! :)

  27. Hope you get all your christmas knitting done! how lovely to sit peacefully by the water and knit in the calm.

  28. Oh!!! I spy cowboy boots!! They are the best, right?!?! I'm in the middle of the Christmas making and feeling the pressure as well...a glass of wine does wonders ;)

  29. that first picture is amazing, it looks like something or somebody will be beamed up any moment ;)
    i love the yarn you've got on the needles there, i'm thinking of getting something the same or similar for one of my next projects.
    at the rate you're going you'll have your projects all done in no time, i'm sure about that!

  30. Your photos really make a person feel peaceful. Thanks for sharing.

  31. love your boots tracey! i have a thing for boots and skirts. i hope you find some peace my friend :)

  32. As Brenda Dayne says, "knit! Knit like the wind!" You got this friend!

  33. Your scarf project looks so soft! This year I purposely avoided adding anything handmade to my list of gifts to give. I'm really enjoying a stress-free November and I hope it continues into December. I suppose it will if I manage to keep from taking the kids Christmas shopping with me.

    And I LOVE your boots!

  34. It sure looks like you have a beautiful place to rest and breathe and knit.

    Enjoy those stitches.

  35. Love those boots Tracey. And those palm trees, I am so looking forward to seeing those again, it has been too long.

  36. And by seeking peace you have brought it to us through your lovely photos. Thank you.

  37. Lovely photographs, thank you for sharing.

  38. Love your boots!
    Much peace to you dear Tracey.x

  39. What beautiful pictures Tracey! I'm so glad you were able to sit and relax for a bit. I tend to get panicky during these times too. Then add in a (surprise. She wasn't due until the new year!) early December baby 3 years ago and I went catatonic that year! It was then I decided to do what I could. And in order to not let her birthday become just part of the season but her SPECIAL day that has helped a whole lot. Little one's really do know how to ground you and keep you in the present!

  40. Love the first, third, and fourth pics. The first esp is so magical. And the last one brought a smile to my face.
    Oh boy, did handmade gifts for Christmas cross my mind today and I then thought, what was I thinkin'?!