Sunday, November 18, 2012


“Interruptions can be viewed as
sources of irritation or opportunities
for service,as moments lost or
experience gained, as time wasted
or horizons widened. They can
annoy us or enrich us, get under
our skin or give us a shot in the
arm. Monopolize our minutes or
spice our schedules, depending
on our attitude toward them.”

~ William Arthur Ward
This has been a weekend
where all of my plans have
been tossed aside and I
am just going with all
the interruptions that
keep popping up.
Saturday was to be a
day of deep cleaning,
instead I spent the day
in Charleston browsing
the stores, finding yarn
on sale,  picking out the
perfect fabric for the
chair that once belonged
to my husband's grandmother,
picking up a few yards of
Christmas fabric to sew
gift wrapping bags, enjoying
a great lunch, and bringing
home a new knitting
book because I want to knit
every item it contains.
I interrupted my Christmas
knitting and worked on a
little headband with a design.
I didn't realize it would take
so much yarn and since I was
using scrap I wasn't able to
finish the pattern, but that's
okay because I was actually
doing it! It  looks just like
the pattern said it would and
I will be knitting more, this time
making sure I have enough
yarn. :)
Today it has been raining since
I woke, so I have enjoyed
a few hours of quiet reading
and this afternoon I will
get back to my Christmas
knitting since time is ticking
by quickly.

Joining with Amanda.


  1. the time is ticking insanely fast, or maybe it is just that i keep adding to my handmade holiday list of things to make. LOL

  2. dear tracey,
    you did it! the colorwork is perfect, wonderful. your weekend sounds like fun, i'm glad you found such nice treasures (will have to look for that book)and that it's raining, it is here too, perfect knitting weather!

  3. You continue to amaze me.....first colorwork?? no way. The tension looks absolutely perfect!!!!! (Did you know that your fabric is linked to our Hancock's of Paducah??? I could have run down the street and picked it up for you!!!)
    A break is sometimes in order---to get your mojo back for the Christmas knitting!!! Hugs!

  4. No rain here! Lovely fair isle knitting you got going there, I hope you buy more yarn to make your projects!!

  5. I've got my head in the sand over the swift approaching season. Too tired to knit, and I loathe shopping...Well, I have lots of canned pickles - I can gift those, right? ;)

  6. The interruptions of your weekend sound like the best kind and certainly better than deep cleaning!

  7. Sounds like a really nice weekend even though it wasn't what you had originally planned. I love the quote at the beginning of the post. Enjoy the new knitting book!

  8. Love that quote about interruptions. Sounds like your weekend went well with the interruptions. Pretty knitting...I like those colors together.

  9. Loving this grey and cream. Hear hear for interruptions, something nice always turns up. We are waiting for our new little interruption, due any minute now, I can't wait.

  10. I had the same problem with running out of yarn yesterday. Luckily I had the same skein of color going on my log cabin blanket and ended up with enough to finish my cowl. Whew.

  11. Your Saturday sounds like it was wonderful, sorry you ran out of yarn but from what I can see in the photo, your design looks lovely! You always link to the best books, thank you.

  12. my weekend was much the same. my plans overtaken by other, more important demands and it looks like this week will be more of the same.

    so loving that headband and i know you must be thrilled with the accomplishment - it looks lovely!

  13. Oh! If only I could adopt this attitude! Unfortunately, I am not there yet and interruptions continue to annoy me! Arrghhhghghg.

    Your Christmas gift wrap bags sound lovely. I have done that in years past, but my sewing machine is indisposed this year so it's paper this go around. I saw a book in the library about the japanese art of fabric wrapping gifts. My mom & grandma did it growing up and I just never knew the word. It's called "Furoshiki" and it's really cool. I was thinking of doing this with Christmas fabric.

  14. Sounds wonderful. Going with the flow... yes!

  15. I have been eyeballing that book and just can't bring myself to buy it because of the holidays, so it went on my wish list. I LOVE that paisley fabric! It's gorgeous. Be sure to take a picture of the chair.

  16. Sounds like your distractions and interruptions only led you to more wonderful things!! What a flow!!! Speaking of chairs, I was just given 4 antique chairs from my great grandmother (late 1800's!!) on my father's side. It's covered in green velvet (and has been reupholstered to this) and I am torn on whether to keep it that way or not...anyway I ramble....Can't wait to see yours when finished. And the headband you are doing looks A-mazing!!!


  17. What lovely interruptions! It really takes a lot for me to deep clean. I have to be so sick of the appearance of the kitchen floor for example in order to get to it.

  18. You are a knitter. Beautiful colorwork. So glad you were able to float along with the days as they presented themselves. It is no small task.