Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The days may not be so
bright and balmy—yet
the quiet and melancholy
that linger around them
is fraught with glory.
Over everything connected
with autumn there lingers
some golden spell—some
unseen influence that
penetrates the soul with
its mysterious power.

~Northern Advocate

It has been a very good
knitting week here in my
home.  I finished my
wee one and I love it,
most important, so does
the she. Although I wasn't
able to finish it while she
was here [for about 24
hours] the wee one did
try it on to check the length
and proclaimed it a 
'Beautiful Bluebird Sweater'
so that is what I am
going to call this one.
Thanks Ginny, it was really
a pleasure to knit. Want to
make one in adult size? ;)
I was also able to cast off
a fun little beanie that really
is too big for my head, but
I am still going to wear it.
I like that the ribbon can be
changed to match whatever
I have on that day and if
I'm having a bad hair day
I can tuck all of my hair
I am still hard at work on
my third Annabel . I have
split for the sleeves so now
it is just miles and miles
of mindless garter stitch,
then only four more to go
to make my Christmas goal.
I attended the Friends of
the Library sale a few weeks
ago and came across Nora Ephron's
for only a dollar. While looking
for a link I just saw that Nora
passed away this past June so I
am kind of speechless. While I
didn't know her in person, after
reading her words I really got
to like her, anyone that can
make me laugh out loud
while I am reading is someone
I would love to know in real life.
I am joining with Ginny for
this week's Yarn Along.
What have you been up
to this week?
Much love,


  1. Lovely hat and you look lovely modeling it too. You have really pretty hair. The little bluebird sweater is sweet too.

    I was sad to hear about Nora Ephron too...I haven't read anything she's written but loved lots of her films. It must be a great legacy to leave behind the ability to make people laugh even after you've to aim for...

    Have a great day.

  2. Oh I love that hat! And I don't think it is too big! I like the look of slouchy type hats :-)

  3. Love love love your Sunday sweater, and those buttons are perfect!!!

  4. Love the hat and it looks like it fits you :) The sweater is beautiful and your knitting skills are fantastic! I agree an adult size would be fun :)

  5. That Sunday sweater is just gorgeous. Love the hat too!

  6. Tracey,

    Your sweater is beautiful and so is your knitting!!! I love the picture of you in your hat..such a cute idea adding the ribbon laced up the it!!!


  7. I LOVE your Sunday Sweater!!!! The hat is beautiful and I'm so happy to see a picture of you in it! I had heard about Nora's death this summer. I need to read her books. Everyone seems to enjoy them!

  8. I always enjoy your photography....just lovely! And your knits are beautiful too!!

  9. You always amaze me! I love that sweater and I bet it is a sweet as can be on her :) Perfect timing for the changing season. And the hat! Oh the hat! I need one, the ribbon is just too fantastic :) Hope your week is going well. I'm hoping to have a little downtime today to read and craft. We shall see ;)

  10. Nora Ephron has a very special place in my heart - I have that book on my wishlist.

    Your Sunday Sweater turned out lovely and the buttons are wonderful!

  11. So much lovely knitting! That hat is so clever with the ribbon, the perfect accessory!

  12. oh, tracey---i look forward to your beautiful photos every day!!! and the knitting!! Emerson's bluebird is amazing--as are those buttons!!! and the hat is so funky---I love it! gotta queue that one!

  13. Such wonderful projects Tracey. Love the Sunday Sweater, beautiful colour. And you hat is awesome and looks great one you.

    Enjoy your day!

  14. your sunday sweater came out lovely. those buttons are perfect. and i really like the hat, looks nice and comfy. :)

  15. Love the sweater and the color. You look great in your hat, and I love the yellow ribbon in it. Beautiful photos as always.

  16. I am working on a Summer Sweater too. Really enjoying the pattern. And I love you beanie. The slouch look is awesome, especially with the ribbon!

  17. Your Sunday Sweater is lovely. I'm sure the wee one is plenty excited to wear it. I've not read anything by Nora Ephron, but she's been on my list for ages.

  18. Wow. You've really turned into a fantastic knitter.
    I'm so impressed!
    Nora was great. She wrote some amazing screenplays, as you know.

  19. Smile pretty lady! I love the hat and I agree, being ablt to change the ribbon is a great bonus!

  20. Okay, I love all of those knits. I need to try the Sunday Sweater; maybe that will be Julia's birthday sweater *next* year... How did you like working with the Bamboo Ewe? I did not love working with it, but I liked the way the finished product turned out.
    I don't think I've ever seen your face before. It is so nice to be able to put a face to the words on the screen. And yours is lovely. :) xo

  21. I love the way your sunday sweater turned out, and that soft blue, gorgeous! I need to try to make something with sleeves...but I don't know if that would be an easy one to start with. Someday though!
    And i love the beanie! I just might have to try that one myself!

  22. Way to go! Love the slouchy beanie and the color of the bluebird sweater -- that sweater is just all around dreamy. Love, love, love.
    Also nice to see a selfie of you:)

  23. A Bluebird Sweater, I love the name she chose. You look awfully cute in that beanie. I don't think it is too big at all. I know what you mean about being in the heat and wanting chillier weather. I went through that every year while I lived down South. I wish I could share some with you!

  24. love her sweater! and how proud you must be to know that she loved it and will be wrapping herself in your knitting this winter.

  25. The hat looks perfect, you certainly can't tell if its too big!

  26. The Sunday Sweater is lovely and the hat looks really cosy.

  27. Gorgeous knits Tracey and I LOVE that last photo...

    Blessings, Debbie

  28. Lovely Bluebird - Lucky little person.
    Gorgeous hat with the pretty ribbon.
    Enjoy the garter stitch.

  29. Hello to you in your snazzy hat! (:

    I've decided that this is the year I'll knit myself a hat. Last year I made them for all of my boys. This year I think it's time to do something for me. (:

  30. Tracey, as always I'm so impressed with your knitting. I love your slouchy beanie and the ribbon detail.
    Your Sunday sweater is gorgeous and could there be a more perfect coloured yarn? Like a pretty duck egg blue. I'm afraid my knitting is rather slow going at the moment, though our cold spell is probably quite conducive to knitting right now.

  31. Oh I love the cardi especially the colour and the beanie is great and you look great in it!

  32. Hello sweet Tracey! It is so wonderful to see you!

    I love your hat. I love the slouchyness of it and the fact, as you said, you could tuck all your hair into it. :)

    Oh and the Sunday Sweater is beautiful! I showed it to Mom yesterday morning before she left so she could see yours.

  33. Tracey, you did such a beautiful job on the Sunday Sweater! Thank you so much for knitting it!!!