Monday, October 29, 2012


Those who dwell among the
beauties and mysteries of
the earth are never alone
or weary of life. 

~Rachel Carson

 I took a walk along
the back road today,
the one I always take
to the Marsh
I gazed up an unexpected
bouquet of flowers growing
happily along side the road.
 I sat in a favorite tree
 and daydreamed.
The glass wort is slowing
fading away,
 it knows fall is finally
arriving in the south.
 The fiddler crabs were
busy scurrying about,
 and there were signs of
visitors that had left,.
and gifts that the
tide brought in.

I watched the clouds
dance across the sky
as the wind blew, finally
bringing in cooler

and I thanked God for wonderful
friends like you.
Today has been a better day,
and what I am hoping is the
start to a good week.
Thank you all for your kind
comments, I have each and
every one of them stored in
my heart to hold close and
keep me warm when this
world becomes cold and I
become weary, I love you! 


  1. Your pictures are amazing. And the words that go with them a great story. Thank you for sharing. Here's to a better week.

  2. Beautiful pictures Tracey. So glad to hear today was better and wishing more of that for your week to come.

  3. Love you, Tracey! You are a treasure. xoxoR

  4. Glad to hear that things are looking brighter, I hope you are ok. xxx

  5. nature and time.....the healers. hugs.

  6. what a wonderful place to take walks in.
    was the bottle frosted over already or was that just the mud?
    wishing you a wonderful rest of the week! hugs!!

  7. Oh dear Tracey...I've been thinking of you. I know that it's been a tough week...changes good and bad. When it rains it pours, tumbling it all together. I'm glad to hear you are finding your peace even if not the answers. Much love!!!!

  8. We love you too Tracey Never forget it. What a perfect quote, a good one and so true. Being close to natural things just calms my soul...and everything seems a little easier.
    Lovely words from you too.
    Take care of yourself.

  9. Tracey, I'm glad you enjoyed your walk. The photos are beautiful. I remember our conversation and your words several times a week.

  10. I was gone from blogland all weekend & didn't see your post until this morning! I am relieved to see that you've found some peace and sorry to hear that you had a difficult time last week. I am hoping that things are resolving, as best they can, for you. Ahhh, this mysterious life.

  11. What a beautiful place to live in and be able to breathe and meditate around.

  12. Glad the days seem brighter. Thank for your prayers during this outage, I need them. I was in tears many times yesterday without a plan. Now that we have a plan I feel a bit better. This afternoon I'm returning to the house to start throwing away food. No electricity.....yet.

  13. You are the sweetest. I wish I could be there with you. Love you too.