Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Shadows of a thousand
years rise again unseen,
Voices whisper in the trees,

"Tonight is Halloween!"

~Dexter Kozen

This week has brought
new things to my needes.
While I am still hard at
work on A Pink Annabel,
I went ahead and cast on
to get a head start on it
because I am so afraid I
won't have everything
complete for Christmas.
Well, I guess I would be
able to finish my list if
I would stay away from
Ravelry and looking at
what everyone else is
knitting. I thought the
little Cork Gnomes  Jen
knit were so adorable
I decided to knit one too,
except I didn't have a
cork so I used a wooden
peg person. Super easy
and there are plans now
to knit a whole village
and knit a very quick
I like that the pattern is
not feminine looking as I
needed an idea for all the
guy's on my Christmas list
and this will make great
stocking stuffers.
I was given Home to read
the other day by a dear friend
and while I am just getting
into the biography, so far
it is a nice read, but then what
else would you expect from
the actress who in my eyes
will always be Mary Poppins.
Have a wonderful Yarn Along
and a most Happy Halloween!


  1. A village full of those gnomes would be adorable! Lovely lovely things you make Tracey, as always.

  2. Pumpkins pumpkins everywhere. We will be eating pumpkin soup for a while I feel. Happy Halloween.

  3. The little gnome is adorable! as is Julie Andrews :)

  4. Such a cute little gnome. I love the basket you have had in your photos as of late!

  5. Loving your knitting as always and that pumpkin is the cutest ever! As is the gnome. Happy Halloween to you. It seems to be becoming very popular over here. Of course with every celebration in the Southern Hemisphere, it is out of whack! Jacinta

  6. I love your little gnome, he is adorable!

  7. Oh, I just bookmarked that gnome pattern recently too. I think mine will be for the advent stick. Your knits are wonderful (love those mitts!) and your beautiful knitting basket looks like a pumpkin.

  8. Love that little gnome, just so cute.

  9. Your gnome came out so cute!! I have tons more corks to make Christmas ornaments! I just love them! I can't wait till my holiday knitting is finished so I can knit an Annabel! I love the fingerless mitts & am hoping I'm not too late to join Evelyn's KAL. I'm hoping to start a pair in the next day or 2! Happy Halloween!

  10. I think my kids would love those little gnomes! Perhaps a stocking stuffer for them!

  11. As always, great knitting projects and photographs! Happy Halloween Tracey!

  12. wonderful are busy, busy, busy......!!!!!


    have a happy halloween!

  13. I love all your projects, you've been busy! Happy Halloween!

  14. I love the mitts... and the fall pictures! Happy Halloween Tracey!

  15. Nice mitts!
    I have been meaning to read Home, I love Julie Andrews.

  16. Happy Halloween! What a cute idea to make a whole village...that will be super cute. I just watched The Sound of Music on Sunday night. I love that movie and I have seen in hundreds of times and it never gets old.

  17. Happy Halloween to you Tracey. You did a great job on this post love all the pictures and not too spooky:)

    You have been knitting some great things as always...great job on the Christmas knitting!!


  18. That is the cutest peg person I've ever seen! Love the fuzzy hat. (:

    Happy Halloween, Tracey!

  19. I've seen that book and thought about picking it up, I'll await your critique. Lovely little gnome:) I too like that the mitts are unisex!! You've given me an idea :)

  20. SHe will always be Maria to me. Love those mitts. Great gift idea. You look like you are well positioned. Stay away from Ravelry for your own sanity!

  21. that gnome is super cute. and the mittens look great, very good stocking stuffer idea. i have been a bit worried about my holiday knitting projects, it feels like there is so much to knit. maybe i just need to stay OFF the computer. lol

  22. Your pictures are wonderful, and you are reading about a wonderful lady. I will always remember her singing "The hills are alive....."

  23. I love the wee gnome - so sweet! The mittens turned out nice, and I agree with you - they look perfect for a guy. I have to agree with Deborah - my favorite Julie Andrews character is Fraulein Maria!

  24. The little wood person is so cute! I know that everyone will love their Christmas gifts from you. I'm trying to decide what to make for the men in my family.

  25. Happy Halloween! Oh my you getting me to thinking about a knitted Christmas village!! Ack! Love looking at your knits. You will get it done I know it!

  26. Happy Halloween to you too! Love the Halloween themed photos and the little peg person's outfit!

  27. I know how distracting ravelry can be - I could barely finish reading your post for all the distracting rav links to follow. ;) I'm so impressed by your Annabels - such beautiful gifts you are giving!

  28. All so lovely Tracey. Thanks for the gnome link, I have just started painting some for Christmas and want to knit some hats for them :)

    Happy Halloween!

  29. That gnome is so sweet!
    Well done for all your Christmas knitting; I am starting to think more seriously now :) But my gifts will be a lot smaller I'm afraid.. :)

  30. You are so right about Ravelry....I can spend HOURS on there. Dangerous place...that and Etsy and Pinterest. I have to force myself to stay away. Those mittens are great and I'm with you. Julie will always be Mary Poppins in my mind too.

  31. Hi Tracey! Those mittens are so YUMMY! Lovely photos. I have been out of the blog world for a bit but wanted to check in with you since you joined me last year for Thirty Days of Giving Thanks. We are starting that simple challenge again today - thanking 30 people for 30 days in November. Let me know if you are intersted in joining. Be well and happy November to you! xo -shannon

  32. so much knitting, and all so lovely too! i love the little gnome tracey, so very cute! we are back online, chuck will be so relived to find out when he gets back home! happy november dear friend. xxx lori

  33. Wow, do you ever seem to get a lot of knitting done! Love the little peg gnome and the mitts...what a good idea for the guys (always so hard to know what to make).

  34. I like the look of your little peg person; it's so cute!
    I bet that memoir is good; I love Julie Andrews; she is so pure.
    What bird is that? A vulture?