Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hodge-podge [hoj-poj]:
a heterogeneous mixture;  jumble

 We started lessons this week
and it has been raining and raining
[and then raining a lot more]keeping
us indoors for most of the day so
knitting this week is all about
ease and tranquility.

I have small projects on the needles
scattered around to pick up and set
down whenever I have a moment.
A Miranda Hat in soft silk bamboo.
A Chuck's Cowl in soft wool, and
a simple little dish cloth knitting
four, purling 4 across for small squares.

Reading is a book I first heard about
on Elizabeth's blog. It is turning out
to be the best book I have read all
year. I love the author, Jen Hatmaker's,
conversational writing style and have
plans to order more of her books.
Amazon says about 7,

7 is the true story of how Jen (along with her

husband and her children to varying degrees)
took seven months, identified seven areas of
excess, and made seven simple choices to fight
back against the modern-day diseases of greed,
materialism, and overindulgence.

I am having a button giveaway
over here if you are interested. :)


  1. I love having many small projects on the go, to just sit and knit or take with when I go out somewhere. I am hoping for rain here, it's the end of a long and cold winter and it hasn't actually rained for months.

    This book sounds really wonderful, thank you for the link Tracey.

    Take care
    (PS I will email you soon about the blanket, thanks so much)

  2. I think the rain will be sometime this week. We have had showers off and on so far. Lovely knitting you have there! That walnut that you carved is incredible!!!

  3. Lots of prettiness. Little is good. Hope the sun shines on your part of the world soon.
    Enjoy that book.

  4. It's rainy here, too, but unfortunately lessons haven't started back yet so we're feeling a bit cooped up!
    The book sounds very interesting, I've popped it on my wishlist.

  5. Your photos are so autumnal - gorgeous! I tried to email you on the address on your profile (maybe stuck in your spam catcher) - you won my giveaway last week for the lace-weight yarn - woo hoo!!!

    1. Thanks for your address Tracey - I've made a note of it and deleted it from cyberspace for your peace of mind!!! I hope your parcel arrives soon :-)

  6. small knitting projects to pick up here and there sound perfect! also the book looks interesting, i love reading about how people simplify, it's very inspiring. have a lovely day despite the warmth&rain. we're off to the seaside in Denmark for a week on Saturday! hugs xx

  7. I do love book recommendations and love your little knitting projects around the house.

  8. you've been busy busy busy!!! (love the little itty nutty basket!!! how cute!!!) That is most definitely my kind of book (giving away 7 things a day should be a breeze after the 25-things-a-day purge!!! around here----); it's on my Wednesday Amazon order (guess Amazon will have to be one of my 7 shopping stops!)

  9. You always have the most interesting pictures.
    I put a hold on 7 after reading about it there too. I can't wait to get it.

  10. I've seen that book all over the place as of late! Just need my little guy to start school and I think I'll add it to my reading list :) Loved the pictures, everything had a feeling of Fall :)

  11. Welcome Fall! I love all your little projects. I am going to have to check out that book!

  12. I always try to keep several projects going around the house. When you are only blessed with small pockets of time it makes doing something creative a little more possible. I fear if my projects were knitting ones though, they would all look quite a mess! I can't remember my stitches even with one knitting project on the go!! ;D
    Definitely going to check out that book! LOVE that little walnut basket.

  13. That book sounds very intriguing...I'll have to check it out. The little nut basket made me smile:) I have mine on the window sill above the kitchen sink for all to admire. I feel like we've already started school around here because I've been so busy looking at things and getting ready...the kids are free for another week though.

  14. I love your photos, they are very soothing! I try to keep a few projects going so I don't become too bored :

  15. i am a sucker for blue yarn, that shade is lovely.

  16. What wonderful quiet knitting. I love it, Tracey!

  17. That sounds like a good plan, Tracey! Having a few small projects to pick up at will sounds good to me.

  18. The knitting looks lovely - we are having a lot of rainy days too, but I don't really mind at all.. :)

  19. that book is on my must read list! Love all your pretty knits!!

  20. Love all your little projects- what freedom to flit from one to another. Thank you for your lovely comment on my yarn along post. Sue :)

  21. I am so eager to hear your thoughts about 7. It's a book that makes me want to have deep conversations with thoughtful women:-).

  22. I recognized the Miranda hat right away! So many projects to take up a rainy day!

  23. Lovely little glimpses of your projects. I love the sound of that book, even the beautiful simplicity of the cover.

  24. We too have had tons of rain but since that is all we got from Hurricane Isaac we feel very blessed and it has given us time to work on inside baby projects before the big day. All projects this week are very sweet : )

  25. Hmm...that book looks very interesting. Just might have to check it out. Love all your little projects!

  26. oooohhhh, I am so getting that book.
    And I love the hodgepodge definition.
    What a definition! Right?

  27. This book is on my list. I love to have small projects on needles spread throughout the house.

  28. What a cute basket! How lovely. Your book sounds just up my street. We are in the process of simplification at the moment and loving the calmness that it brings.

  29. Great minds think alike with the color of the Miranda Hat! :-) The book looks amazing. Our library doesn't have it so I may just order it from Amazon!

  30. Came by last night and instead of commenting I ended up scooping ravelry from your links, hehe. Your knitting is just gorgeous! I bookmarked that cowl for my husband. Also thinking I'll try that dishcloth.
    I am going to see if one of our libraries has that book. We've had lots of rain here in Virginia.

  31. what a sweet peek at your projects!
    ...and i am definitely going to check out that book...