Sunday, July 8, 2012


The best things in life are nearest:
  Breath in your nostrils, light in your
  eyes, flowers at your feet, duties
at your hand, the path of right just
before you. Then do not grasp at
the stars, but do life's plain, common
work as it comes, certain that daily
duties and daily bread are the
 sweetest things in life.

  ~Robert Louis Stevenson
It has been a weekend
of simple
for food and discovering a
great chip finding the most
comfortable bra I have
ever worn, knitting away
on a top for the wee
one's birthday for next
month, picking up great
mail from the post office
[thank you ko], pampering
myself with a fun pedicure
and a much needed facial
Today there has been a
slow walk around the yard
and seeing that we really need
rain, clipping berries  and putting
them in the freezer to de-stem
in preparation for making syrup
next week, thinking  I really
want to make this for dessert.
This afternoon promises to be
quiet and peaceful as I hid inside
from the heat and just let the
day flow.
How has your weekend been?
Joining with Amanda for her
weekending posts.


  1. I thought I recognized that polish color in your picture ;) So glad you like it! And what a lovely weekend! We are recovering from a week long visit with the in-laws and simply enjoying the quiet time :)

  2. Love the nail color!! Your weekend sounds so relaxing, my kind of weekend. Thanks for the chip idea :)

  3. You have had a wonderful weekend Tracey.

    I love your new nail colour and that ice cream looks so delicious!

    We have been at the Robin Hood auditions for our town play, so exciting!

    Have a lovely week.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I love the nail polish! And what a very sweet sweater for the little one. I love it!

  5. love your toe color ;-) and cute, cute shoes!

    your weekend sounds good and relaxing!

  6. Your weekend sounds great and while it was relaxing it also sounds like it was very productive.

  7. A comfortable bra...I will be checking that one out for sure! Great color on the nail polish. Will check out those chips...they sound great! I think we are all hiding from the heat just now. Hope it cools off a bit for all of us soon! Have a great week.

  8. Sounds like the perfect relaxing weekend, I think I need one of those :)

    Love your toe colour.

  9. your words flow relaxing, and I get that your weekend was just that. nice toes, looking down at happy feet always makes me smile and introducing yourself to berries you'll turn into syrup sounds like a wonderful activity.

  10. Fun the toes are painted a kind of greenish grey at the moment...I seem to be in a green mood these days...maybe because everything's growing around me.

    It sounds like you managed to accomplish a lot but chill out and have down time too. The perfect balance.

    Hope the rest of the week follows the same rhythm.

  11. lovely and simple. and there's nothing like finding the right bra, is there!? lol

  12. I love the name - bikini so teeny. What fun. Keep pampering yourself - you deserve it. Cute shoes. How did the others work out? I have noticed we are also slowing down in the heat. This week looks a bit cooler and I am glad!

  13. We need rain too. Everything is so brown and dry. We're thinking that we'll have to pull up our grass in the front and either reseed or find alternatives to grass. Love that blue nailpolish.

  14. Oh my goodness, that little top is going to be delicious! Which colours did you use? Was it terribly difficult? I want to see it when it's finished, it looks so sweet!!

    And you're right about those bras...comfy!

  15. Love your blue toes- love the icream!

  16. Aww that is the cutest little knitted smock I've ever seen!
    Love those sky blue toenails too :)Very Summery!

  17. Pretty toes. Sounds like you had a really nice weekend. Love that quote at the top. I'm working on letting the daily tasks be joyful.

  18. Lots of time spent knitting
    making progress

    Wish my toes were as pretty, Tracey/