Sunday, July 1, 2012


Summertime, and the livin' is easy.

~ Ben, A Long, Hot Summer

My daughter is back from
her trip so the wee one
is no longer here, which
has meant...
::cleaning a very dirty house
since we were too busy playing
to worry about such things as
dust bunnies or sticky cupboards
::listening to waves crash on
the shore and feeling sand under
my feet
::almost finished reading this
and getting ready to start
this [thanks Amanda].
::Knitting away on my first
Miranda hat. Want to join
a heartwarming group?
::Pizza for dinner last night
and now a pasta salad chilling in
the fridge, along with store bought
rolls since it's too hot to think
about cooking.
:: Seeing my oldest son's new
house that he just bought. I
am so proud of him.
::Watching one of my favorite
movies of all time
::Picking and eating figs right
from the tree.
:: Being ever so thankful for
the invention of air conditioning
with a heat index reaching 115 degrees
... It's SUMMER!!!
Joining with Amanda.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful summer, waves crashing and sand...swoon.
    - sad to see the little one leave...

    I wish I could visit your neck of the woods.It looks and sounds so beautiful. I would do anything for some summery salty ocean air....and a swim.
    Enjoy the heat...or should I say the A/C?

  2. love sabrina! and so jealous of your figs! i like them fresh, grilled, and as preserves ;-)

  3. Your reading choice sounds interesting. I read the link and was caught at the comparison made with Sallinger...I love 'Catcher in the rye" so will out for the liars club it sounds interesting.

    Wow 115 and we were sticky here with 77 last week!

    Have fruitful week and enjoy the summer.

  4. Sounds like a fantastic weekend. The house must be quiet without the little feet running around. Congrats to your son on his house, that is so exciting. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

  5. What a great weekend! (Although a little sad I bet with the little one gone home!). I just cast on for my 2nd Miranda hat about 15 minutes ago. But this heat is killing me & I started sweating just thinking about hats so had to stop! :-)

  6. Lovely lovely weekend! We are ending ours with a stroll on the beach tonight. A very good way to start the week!

  7. I too love my AC! Congrats on your son buying a house! I bet you'll be invited to dinner real soon. Even though you are happy to be cleaning and desticking the cupboards, I bet you miss your little sidekick bunches :)

  8. What a fabulous weekend Tracey. Congrats to your son on his first home, that is so awesome and I can only imagine how it must have felt seeing it for the first time.

    Wishing you a lovely week ahead.

  9. Yep, it's summertime, Tracey.

    stay cool


  10. Oh! Fresh figs! How wonderful! I love them but figs don't grow in our climate. I've heard of people planting the trees in pots and bringing them indoors over the winter. Maybe I'll try it. Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

  11. 115! Wow! Glad you had fun with your granddaughter...those memories are precious! (now you know what my house is always like :)

  12. dear tracey, i am waving cool breezes to you at this moment! i just love your weekend, even the cleaning, since it can be nice to do (sometimes!). congratulations to your son, what a huge accomplishment! i don't know where you find the time to do it all, cleaning knitting reading but you do, and with such grace. xxx lori

  13. Oh, Lordy!!!! 115!! How can I complain????? But the ocean breezes must have helped just a bit! (I'm missing them more than I thought I would!) Congrats to your son!!!! That garden of yours!!! Would you give us a tour someday??? You just keep harvesting the BEST things!!!

  14. Too much fun to be had to spend time cleaning for sure. Glad you are staying a bit cool. Enjoy your day. I must find those books and the time to read.

  15. 114 degrees?! I am in a faint just thinking about that. Thank goodness for air conditioning. Congrats on your son's new home. I am glad you had time with your sweetie too, sticky cupboards and all.:) I missed you and I hope you are feeling well.

  16. Congratulations to your son on the house purchase...that's a big accomplishment! I too find myself grateful for AC, although we haven't quite hit 114 yet. I think we've maxed out at 98, which is still hot enough for me. :)

  17. I can't believe it's that hot in that corner of the country. It's barely 54 here and I would love to sweat, just not that much. I hope you find some cool, shady spots to read in. And, I'm with you. I love seeing your beach view, so different from my own.

  18. This heat has got to's only the beginning of summer! I'm learning to focus more on playing and less on cleaning. Need to get to the beach very soon...and Congrats on your son buying a house! If I were a more seasoned knitter I would join that group.

  19. LOVE that movie! Congrats to the son!