Monday, July 2, 2012


" I question not if thrushes sing,
  If roses load the air;
  Beyond my heart I need not reach
  When all is summer there."

~ John Vance Cheney

Last week my good friend Karen
had a lovely post about summer
appreciation and ever since I read
it I have been thinking about
just what this summer really means
to me. I have been keeping a list
on the counter to jot down
things and I thought I would share
it with you...

~ Not watching the clock
~ The a/c running constantly
~ Melting into a puddle by 2:00
~Naps under the ceiling fan
~ Humidity making my hair kink
~ Ponytails
~Picking breakfast from the fig tree
or blueberry bushes after a long walk
~Swinging in the hammock reading
a magazine
~Sending in report cards and ordering
new school books
~Lightening bugs late at night
~Dragonflies everywhere, all day
~Anticipation of the Olympics
~Canning tomatoes
~Swimming in the Atlantic
~ Sand under my feet
~an old friend in my beach bag
~ Staying up too late
watch old movies
~Knitting on and off all day
[okay, that goes on year round]
~Cold dinners from the icebox
~Tending my herb bed as the
sun comes up
~Watermelon juice on my chin
~A horrid mosquito and tick year
~Sun tea in a mason jar
~tomato sandwiches with
homemade mayo
~the smell of freshly cut grass
mixing with honeysuckle
~Preparing my heart to say goodbye
~ What does this summer mean
to you?


  1. Such a lovely list, Tracey! Brings back memories of things I loved about summer as a child :-)

  2. Such a great list Tracey. Tomato sandwiches are a favourite here, especially with a little bit of mashed avocado..yum! And sun tea, another favourite.


  3. SO much good stuff Tracey- fun to read.
    -cold dinners from the ice box, watching old movies...I remember I was so happy when Victoria came back in print!
    I'm inspired.

  4. This is such a wonderful list Tracey! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading it.

  5. i love your list tracey, it certainly sounds like summer. i have to admit i watch the clock when i'm at work, i can't wait to get off! usually i head down to the beach and walk the long way home. (then no more clock watching) :)

  6. It has had me thinking too. I am loving our days here and soaking up the goodness that is summer. Much different with heat and humidity than the oven like dry heat of home. Love the smell of cut grass. The cool breezes. The refreshing luck of finding water. So much goodness.

  7. I like your list; especially the tomato sandwich with homemade mayo! Guess I am hungrier right now that I thought.
    Hope the "goodbye" you need to say is a good one :)

  8. What a lovely list many things to be thankful for. It sounds like a perfect one.

  9. great list!!!....right now i'm wishing to be home and to start a list....never realized what a home body i am...and how much i'm missing the routine of summer! soon---i'll start my list SOON!!!

  10. So sad about saying good bye. I love your list and it makes me want to revamp my list :D

  11. What a great list! Except for the preparing to say good-bye :-( this is the summer where my daughter has realized that she can get her toenails painted. I'm asked every day for "a different color". It's so cute!

  12. There's your sweet positive outlook at work again!
    I love how you see the world Tracey!
    I would love to join you in picking figs and blueberries.

  13. Lovely list! There is nothing like the first real mater sandwich of the season. And figs....yum. Hope all is well with you dear lady!

  14. love your list tracey!
    might have to join you and karen ;-)

  15. Summer, another season for memories.


  16. Lovely list of summer goodness, Tracey! Summer to us means sun tea, trip to the beach, baseball, swimming, sleeping in, berry picking, watermelon eating, outside porch dinners, grilling out daily, lemondade stands, garage sales, sun-kissed bodies, and enjoying the clouds.

  17. i love your list, many things made me smile because they remind me of summer too :)
    among so many other things that mean summer to me: right now while i'm typing this i hear the cicadas, it's the sound of summer nights.