Thursday, July 5, 2012


Train up a fig-tree in the way it should go,
 and when you are old sit under the shade of it.

~ Charles Dickens
 Their season is only
for a short time so
I make sure to take
full advantage and
eat figs everyday they
are available. Besides
eating them right off
the tree, my favorite
way to enjoy figs is in
salad [or a cake, but 
that is for another time].
Don't let the short and
simple ingredient list fool
you, this salad is divine.
Even with leaving the
proscuitto out of mine
it is still the best salad I
have ever eaten.
Do you eat figs?


  1. You know, I have never had a fig before. I wonder if they would grow in Maine...

  2. Double yum! One of my favorites :)

  3. Those look so good! they are another fruit on my allergy list... sigh! But I will let you have my portion, ok?

  4. I've never had (nor seen) a fig before!! I think Amanda (The Habit of Being) was mentioning them the other day too!

  5. i love love love figs and i miss them! my aunt and uncle had a huge tree and it was always a race to beat the birds to them! you are very lucky my dear! i love them plain but also in a smoothie with raw soaked almonds and yogurt. oh my!

    have a lovely!

  6. Oh yum...I love figs. They are so amazing. I remember picking them with my grandmother and I think more ended up in our stomach than the bowl.

  7. love, love, love figs. i'm hoping to pick some up at the market this weekend for some fig and honey ice cream. *fingers crossed*

  8. I lurv figs...I eat them just as they are- plain and simple.

  9. I've just made some fig tarts...but not with amazing fresh ones like yours mine were best thing. Love the idea of a sexy salad...I remember you mentioning the recipe book before. Green figs are my favourite but we don't seem to be able to buy them over here just the dark brown ones. When we go to Italy they are usually in season and we indulge ourselves...they have so much more flavour. My mouth is watering just thinking about your salad.

    Enjoy your lovely figs and have a great weekend.

  10. I can only imagine reaching up and picking one! We have to buy them here. Thanks for the salad idea, we love salads in this house :)

  11. Love figs here. My parents tell a story of me sitting in the backseat of the car eating fig after fig as a small child. We had some growing on the neighboring property in MI. The birds loved them too, so there weren't many to pick. The salad looks yummy.

  12. I love figs. We are in the wrong climate, so I only ate my first fresh figs a few years ago in Turkey. My husband's grandfather had an orchard, and we used to go with his mum's old basket and pick as many as we could. Now, with the little guy, we usually don't go in the summer, so we miss the picking, but often there are still some to eat. Delicious!

  13. Adore fresh figs, dried figs and most of all the heavenly creation that is fig jam.

  14. Please, let's have some sympathy for Gerry.
    Poor me, I've only had dried Figs. Actually, Tracey, you are the first person I've ever heard talk about, let along eat, tree-fresh figs.
    Now, I am so envious.

  15. Oh how lovely to be able to walk out and pick them from your tree. Enjoy each and every one :)

  16. that salad sound absolutely divine!!!!

  17. I have been working on growing that fig tree for fact I got another one for my birthday this year! We keep trying the find the right location to plant one so it will survive...I wish I had one that big! One day!

  18. I love figs but only when they're in something like fig jam or spread, fig cake, fig bars. I've tried fresh. I think the problem is I don't know exactly when a fig is ripe and ready to eat. Do fig bushes/trees grow well in hot weather? Looks like it.

  19. I LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE figs. A good friend has a tree and brought me over some. I felt like I owed her a lot in exchange. ; )
    So good sauteed and then topped with a little ricotta and marscapone cheese.....