Sunday, June 24, 2012


Children need the freedom and time to play. 
Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity. 
~Kay Redfield Jamison

This weekend began at 4:30 a.m. Saturday
morning with picking up the  wee one to
stay with us for the week while her mom
is out of town. There was a visit to the
market for extra special treats,there

was a little thrifting for 'new to us' books,
a stainless steel cup and a few glass
casserole dishes. It brought wonderful
surprises in the mail from blogging 
friends that are still making me smile
today, thank you. The rest of our day
was spent building horsey houses,
reading books, loving on the rabbit
and drawing lots of pictures that are
now taped all over the house.
Today has been baking cookies
with lots of dough tastings to make
sure everything was just right, visiting
the chickens and ducks for morning
treats, and berry picking. This
afternoon has a picnic planned,
swimming and just playing.
What has been going on in your world
this weekend?
Joining with Amanda for Weekending.


  1. sounds lovely except for the 430a.m. bit ;-) wish my littles and i could drop by and play with y'all for a bit!

  2. Sounds like a busy weekend of memory making. Enjoy!

  3. What wonderful sweet moments! Memories you will cherish forever! Love it all :)

  4. I bet every single day this week will be started and finished by the best hugs ever :) Have fun with your little one :)

  5. Sounds like an awesome weekend!!! We have lots of papers hung all over too....Ree's favorite thing is to draw then have me hang it up. She gets so proud. I hope you're week is just like this weekend! :-)

  6. Wonderful... what an early start.
    I worked this Saturday.. but Sunday has involved shopping for wedding clothes, watching the red arrows, making soup and tonight we will be watching England play football on t.v!
    Much love to you

  7. Just my kind of weekend! Books, thrifting and baking and lots of free play. Life cannot be better.
    I love the quote, I copied it on my notebook.
    This saturday I visited the summer house I used to go as a child. A very emtional visit

  8. missing my little ones already......have fun this week!!!

  9. What a wonderful weekend! And hooray for a week with the wee one!

  10. Sounds like a good time. I was up that early Saturday, but promptly went back to sleep after the toddler settled.
    Enjoy your week!

  11. this sounds like time well spent. i love weekends.

  12. you are the best grammy tracey, making memories is something you do so beautifully. have a wonderful week ahead dear!

  13. Hope the week continues in the same vein.

    Have a lovely one...

  14. All sounds simply wonderful. I know how much you enjoy your time with the little one.xx

  15. Oooh that's an early start! But it sounds like a great weekend playing.

  16. I think your granddaughter will have so many amazing memories of her time with you. Enjoy this week together.

  17. Have a fun time with your granddaughter!

  18. Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend. What a lucky girl your little one is; to have such a fun & loving Grandma!

  19. Yay you got the postcard!!!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend Tracey. Going to the market and thrifting with kids is so much fun! My kids are discovering the joys of second hand and I can't tell you how thrilled I am about that :). Hope you had a lovely finish to your weekend with your darling granddaughter!!

  20. Enjoy your time with your wee one!

  21. That sounds like an ideal weekend, Tracey. Your little granddaughter is a lucky one to have a grandma to take such good care of her.

  22. oh we do a lot of dough tastings too.
    by the time we're finished dough tasting, we're kind of full for the actual cookies. ; )
    have fun with your wee one.

  23. how wonderful, so much outdoorsy activities filled your weekend! i should also go do some berry picking some time soon.
    we had friends over and i am so proud of how well i tidied before everybody came and how i managed to clean up well again after. but i must say one of my friends was an especially great kitchen helper, we made a great team of keeping things under control :)

  24. That is what weekends should be about! So happy you were able to spend it being creative with little ones!

  25. Your weekend with the wee one sounds wonderful. Shopping, baking, picnic, swimming ... how fun. Love that soft-looking yarn you received.

    We finally had a cool weekend here. I took a couple of long walks, went to a street fair, saw Rock of Ages, knit, and had dinner with Hil and Lily. It was one of the best weekends in recent memory.

  26. The dough tasting is a favourite part of cookie baking around here too.
    I hope you and the little one have a wonderful week ahead!

  27. sounds like a perfect weekend. I did a lot of baking. A lot dish-making, but not a lot of dish washing. ;)