Wednesday, May 30, 2012


All our progress is an unfolding,
 like the vegetable[fruit] bud,
 you have first an instinct,
then an opinion, then a
knowledge, as the plant
has root, bud and fruit.
Trust the instinct to the
end, though you can render
 no reason."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am so happy to finally
have something new on
my needles this week.
Since I finished my cardigan
I wanted something that
would knit up a little quicker,
something that would continue
to expand my knitting skills
and that I could actually use this
summer; in my opinion I think
 The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief
is the perfect pattern for all of this.
I have learned to do a garter tab,
to Make 1 right and Make 1 left
so my knitting skills are growing.
I am using Rowan Lenpur Linen
in Vivid  and I love this yarn!
Not only is the yarn super soft, I
think it's so cool that it's made from
pine trees just like the ones I 
plant and grow on my property. 
I am still reading Sheepish
and enjoying it immensely.
While reading Sheepish,  I
have laughed and cried, dreamed
of owning sheep and have a
strong desire to order a spinning
wheel. I am trying to read
it slowly so 'it will last',
but sometimes it's really hard
to put down and to top it off
each chapter begins with a
Now, what have you been up
to this week?
Joining up with Ginny for this

week's Yarn Along.


  1. Your pictures are always so beuatiful and reflective. I love how you combine my favourite things, nature, sunlight, yarn, knitting and books :)

  2. I finished Sheepish this week (had to return it to the library). It was oh so good. Love the blueberry pictures. They are one of my favorite fruits. Yum!

  3. another lovely colour yarn Tracey.

    Your book choice sounds fun...I love when I find something that I enjoy so much I find myself slowing down rather than speeding up as I reach the end. When you start to ration out the number of pages you read each night.

  4. Your knitting project looks wonderful... love that color! I took pictures of our blueberries this weekend, but they are just beginning to 'blush'. Enjoy... one of summer's best gifts.

  5. wow I love the color and the stitch definition is divine! Is is blueberry time already--yours look delicious!

  6. The yarn is lovely. It looks so silky too. Do you know how much I LOVE blueberries? A lot. I could eat them by the handful. My blueberry bushes are turning lovely shades of autumn. I only hope I get more than 2 blueberries next summer! Well they are still small plants, so I should be patient. Happy knitting. Jacinta

  7. I love your photos (as always). The scarf will be lovely in that colour.

  8. Oh I love the lead up to your kerchief with the blueberries.. I was expecting something blue and POP! Love the yarn! Good luck. :)

  9. These blueberries look luscious and I have Sheepish on my reading list. Thanks

  10. The blueberries look awesome! I love the yarn color as well :-) I have never heard of using pine for yarn before...but we certainly have a lot of pine trees in Maine...maybe I should look into this :-)

  11. I really enjoyed that pattern too. It was the first time I have a knitted anything shawl like, having previously crocheted shawls, so the garter tab was new to me too. :)

  12. Love the look of the new cast on. And those blueberries, nice!

  13. Ohhhh what a beautiful color the kerchief will be! I love that pattern and need to make one soon! The blueberries look delicious!

  14. oh, those berries!!! (can you tell, i haven't had breakfast yet????) I'm loving your project, too----the color--looks like maybe a fairly quick knit??? good summer choice!

  15. Tracey,

    You have been so busy knitting...I am a tiny bit..okay alot jealous. Your cardigan was beautiful and now your kerchief...Beautiful!!! I really love the color you chose for both of your projects.

    Our blueberries are almost ready too...Yum!!

    Love to you friend,


  16. That shawl is on my to do list!! We have a lot in common when it comes to knitting tastes :) Love the little blueberry!

  17. I love the color! And what a neat connection in having the same growing on your property.
    Those blueberries are making me hungry :)

  18. Oh, I love that shawl! I have it in my favorites list & seeing yours makes me want to cast one on! And the blueberries...the blueberries make me a little homesick. I'm going to have to plant some in my yard in the new house, to make me a little less so. :) xo

  19. Wow! These mirror-y shots are excellent!

  20. oohh, these berries look scrumptious! congrats on finishing your cardigan Tracey, it turned out great and i love the photos you took with the matching flower (the ones of yesterday!) i have seen people knitting that shawl (well, virtually, in yarn along posts) and i always liked the end result so i'm looking forward to see your's in progress.
    have a lovely day!

  21. I love that kerchief. I made one and it's a wonderful project. Lovely photos, by the way. Hope you haven't been blown away and your crops aren't drowning! We supposed to meet Beryl sometime today or tomorrow.

  22. The kerchief looks beautiful. The yarn you chose is stunning!

  23. Those blueberries look so juicy! My mouth is watering. And yarn made from pine trees? I've never heard of such a thing, but I like it.

  24. oh my your own blueberries! your shawl sounds perfect tracey, and how wonderful your skills are expanding!

  25. Oh my how fun - a beautiful finish and a gorgeous beginning.
    The colour and texture of the yarn are perfect.
    Enjoy the rows.

  26. YUM! Blueberries!...and your kerchief looks so pretty!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  27. Loving those blueberry shots. I love the one with the multiple reflections. We are still a ways off from our season here. Your kerchief looks pretty already. I can't wait to see it all done.

  28. mmmm...blueberries! and they're so early this year.

    your scarf will be lovely in that color :)

  29. What a lovely pink! I simply adore that you are learning new things as you knit... way to go!

  30. Congrats on finishing your sweater, Tracey!

  31. Yummy cardigan... and

  32. I love the vibrant yarn you're using. And look at your blueberries! My blueberry bush is still relatively new and only has about a dozen berries, nowhere near that ripe, yet.

  33. Oh my that yarn is gorgeous! I think that's a great looking pattern too. Off to go and look up Sheepish now!

  34. I can't get enough of that color. Another wonderful knit, Tracey.
    Link that with the blue of the berries. LOVELY

    I love a tale that is good enough to savor
    - that you want to never end
    - but can not bear to part with the characters by closing


  35. Gorgeous, gorgeous post! I'm so taken with your linen yarn that I think I have to add some of that to my stash. After all, it is almost summer, right, and we knitters should enjoy some linen in the warm weather? Your shawl is on my "to knit" list ... I'm knitting another shawl with very similar techniques and I love how it's developing. Enjoy your new project!

  36. I love those blueberries -- the blooms and the fruit. Just gorgeous!

  37. Just downloaded the pattern! Looks fantastic...hmmm what should I make it with??? Trying so hard to use yarn from the stash.

  38. Vivid is a perfect name for that color yarn. I already have the pattern printed out but it's in my to-do pile once I finish other items. Loving those blueberries!

  39. what a lovely summer color! And those blues look delicious!!

  40. I looove blueberries. Delicious. Your new yarn colour too!

  41. Your blueberries look almost as good as your project! Good for you for picking something to expand your skills. I need to do more of that!

  42. Oh my goodness, those blueberries look so good!!