Wednesday, May 23, 2012


"Spring shows what God can do
with a drab and dirty world."

~ Virgil A. Kraft

Well, as you can see I am
still working on my cardigan.
I am on the second sleeve and
then all that remains is the
edging. I did change the length
of sleeve to a short sleeve since
I think I will get more wear out
of it that way. I am using the exact
same size dpn's as the circular
needle I used to knit the body,
but for some reason my stitches
are a Whole lot tighter. 
I  am hoping with a good
long soak everything will kind
of loosen up and meld together
making for fabulous looking
cardigan. ;)

I have been doing some traveling
this past week and needed a little
something to keep my hands
busy and decided on a few washcloths
from the Knitter's Home Companion.
I think a stack of  cotton washcloths and
a few bars of homemade soap would
make a nice gift don't you?

I have been reading Sheepish
which has been making it way
around Yarn Along and for
good reason- from what I've
read so far it's a great book.
If I didn't live in the deep south
and have summer temperatures
that can reach  to almost 115 with
the heat index I would be outside
right now putting up fencing for
a few hundred sheep.
What have you been up to this week?
Joining with Ginny.


  1. First time I've seen Sheepish (where on yarn along have I been?!) - it looks super, as does the fabulous colour of that cardigan - love it.

  2. What beautiful flowers and I know I've said this before but I love the colour of the cardigan. Hopefully we'll soon see the finished item. Glad to see the weather looking storm clouds.

    Have a sunny day.

  3. hey, I would love to read that book! I think I will have to put it on my Amazon wishlist,
    have a good week,

  4. As always your photographs are amazing. That is something I'd like to work on. Sheepish is on my list. I would love to have a flock, we just don't have the property. So I've settled for chickens. I love cotton wash clothes and homemade soap. What a lovely gift. I have plans to knit up a bunch of wash clothes and dish clothes soon. Hope the cardigan works itself out.

    Blessings ~ Elizabeth

    PS love your quotes, they always seem so fitting to my day

  5. Your reading selections sounds wonderful. And the color on your cardi is so pleasing to the eye. Your photos really capture the beauty of the day. Is that a lily? Why do sleeves always take so long? Enjoy!

  6. I love your cardigan Tracey. I can't wait to see it completed. I know it is going to look amazing!
    I find a good soak and block usually evens my knitting out too :)

  7. Looks like we have been again toting our yarn in a similar fashion. Must winding of yarn has occurred here. I too would love sheep. We visited a goat farm a few months ago at home. They are able to withstand our 115 degree summers. hmmm.

  8. I've been seeing Sheepish mentioned quite a bit of late. I'm now quite keen to get my hands on it. the colour of your cardi is just gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing it on you. And I agree a washcloth and soap sounds like such a wonderful gift.

  9. I would love to have some sheep mowing the yard, but alas can't due to a very small yard. Oh well, maybe I should read the book and live vicariously.

  10. Love the colour of your cardi. I agree that washcloths and homemade soap make a great gift - are you planning on making the soap aswell? I keep chickening out of soap making and do body scrub instead!

  11. I would love to have a pair of sheep. I keep trying to convince my father-in-law that they'd be a nice addition to the farm! :)

    I'm definitely going to pick up a copy of Sheepish so that I can read and pass it on to Mom.

    I've noticed that I really need to watch how tight I knit on DPNs or the stitches end up tighter than those on a circular. Maybe we do it for fear of dropping stitches?

    Your photos are beautiful.

  12. Your cardigan is such a gorgeous happy colour.

  13. That book sounds really fun! I do have a bit of advice about the sleeve - Often people have a tighter gauge when switching from flat knitting to knitting in the round because they purl looser than they knit. I might try going up a needle size on the dpns.
    Loving that orange!

  14. i always enjoy your yarn along photos. what stood out to me today is how the row of pictures is "framed" by the Lilies, very well thought of and rounded out (or was it intuition?) :)

  15. I'm sure your cardi will block out (Jess nailed the reason it's tighter on the sleeves and had the "solution" if it's not too late); it sure is looking gorgeous!! Love the facecloth/soap gift! Such a good portable project, too!!!
    Glad you're enjoying the book!!! I totally cracked up about the holes in the kewpie dolls heads (warped sense of humor here, I guess!!!--or the 2 am time; I couldn't put the silly book down!)

  16. Knitting and baskets just go together, don't they. Fingers crossed blocking your cardi will sort out any tension issues. Loving the colour of that beautiful bloom. Jacinta

  17. I love the way you photograph your knitting! Some of my favorite pictures!! And what a brilliant idea for a gift, washcloths and handmade soap. Love it! I jotted the idea down, although I'll have to crochet them instead. My days of attempting to knit back in college still leave a bad taste in my mouth. I would get so tense about it and tweak a nasty nerve in my neck! Ha! One of these days I'll get brave and try again. Especially with all the gorgeousness you show us! Have a happy Wednesday!

  18. The flowers are beautiful! I too am working on a few washcloths but forgot to add them to my yarn along post! I love knitting up a few of them and giving them as gifts with a homemade bar of soap (not mine as I don't make soap...yet!)

  19. Gorgeous flowers!!
    Washcloths and some handmade soap would make such a cute gift! What a great idea!! :)

  20. Your cardigan is a lovely color. Aren't Cecily MacDonald's designs beautiful? I have one of her books. And your lilies are so very pretty. I'm looking forward to when mine bloom.

  21. Your knitting is always so beautiful! The cardigan is such a pretty color, too. And your flowers, oh my...

  22. I can't wait to read that book! I am thankful that I only have a small parcel of land. Sheep are not possible. I could be tempted to move though...

  23. I have been thinking about knitting wash clothes and then trying my hand at making soap for Christmas gifts. It has been in the back of my mind, but I think after reading your post about it being a good gift, I might just have to go for it!

  24. I love the way you photograph your work!

  25. Is it really that hot already? wow. We are in the mid 70's and it is manageable. I really dislike when it gets super hot. Lovely knitting my friend!!

  26. I love the color of your cardi! I hope the tension works itself out. And I think that washcloths and homemade soap would be a lovely present!

  27. You are doing an amazing job on the cardigan. I so love that yarn. The color is gorgeous. I think the tension will be fine after a good soaking. You need to come up for a visit so I can take you to my friend's store...she makes soaps, body washes etc and they would be perfect with your wash clothes!

  28. I have that sheep dream, too :-) You're coming to the end on the cardi, yay. I can't wait to see it. And yes, washcloths and soap make a lovely gift.

  29. There is nothing better than a homemade washcloth and bar of lovely smelling soap to receive as a gift. :-)

  30. yes, that would make a lovely gift; always; to anyone! Beautiful lillies, ours are getting ready to bloom around here too.

  31. I love your yarn colour and I agree - some washcloths and soap would be a lovely gift!
    This is the second blog I've read today mentioning Sheepish, I think I'm going to need to get hold of a copy!

  32. I have yet to knit any washcloths but you conjured such a lovely image I think I might get yarn for some!

    Your photos are lovely.

    Have a great week

  33. Your photos are stunning! I made washcloths for the kids kitchen set. I need to make some for myself. Love the colors of your yarn. Reading all these posts today makes me want to go out and buy more yarn! I won't money, ha.

  34. Can't you just see your flock of sheep outside your window? Your WIPs looks lovely ... great colors.

  35. First I have to comment on your gorgeous pictures, they are simply stunning. And that cardi! Can't wait to see it finished! You are such a wonderful knitter and you keep getting better! Sheepish sounds like a great book!

  36. Can't wait to see your finished projects (I am sure you can't either!) Where are you traveling...let us know! I will have to check out your patterns for the washcloths... I need a "quick and easy project " to get me back into knitting!

  37. The washcloths and cardigans look lovely. That is the perfect gift combo-stealing it! ;)

  38. yes, the book is everywhere :-) so funny. the red yarn looks lovely!

  39. As always, I love your photos! and I love knitting dishcloths while travelling too. Looks like a good book, and well loved!

  40. Beautiful flowers and gorgeous knitting! I love the photos :)

  41. Oh! I love that quote!

    I haven't heard of that book - I'll have to check it out. Washcloths are always good travelling knitting, I think. Loving the colour of that red yarn!

  42. Your cardigan is a beautiful color. Yes, I think wash cloths and homemade soap would be a wonderful gift.
    That book looks intriguing.. :)

  43. Absolutely a nice gift - the soap and washcloths. Something I must make myself. Where did you travel to?

  44. The perfect gift, have given it a few times myself :) Really loving the colour of your shawl. And that book, first time I am seeing it...looks like a great read.

  45. i love the cotton washcloths, what a great idea! my mom made some cotton bips for spencer and they are soo soft, and easy to wash, so i think a stack of washcloths with homemade soap are the perfect gift idea! now i just need to start soapmaking :))

  46. Cotton washcloths, great idea. I have several patterns saved on my ravelry page, I just need to get to it. Love your photo setups, very darling!

  47. I have cotton to use for wash rags (as my husband calls them) but haven't gotten around to knitting them yet. I think I will finish the lace edge on my shawl and then knit a few little cloths for out bathroom.

  48. Your photos are always so lovely, Tracey.
    And - perfect gift knitting. :)

  49. Both your yarns are very squishy, smoochy, Tracey. Isn't that why we ♥ yarns ! ! !

  50. You keep inspiring me to add new projects to my queue. This is not good...I'll be about 140 before I finish everything that's on that list...

    I need to check out 'Sheepish' - it sounds fantastic! xo