Sunday, May 27, 2012


Today, give a stranger one
of your smiles. It might be
 the only sunshine he sees
 all day. 

~Quoted in P.S. I Love You

All my babies have traveled
to different parts of the country
so it's just the two of us again.
No cooking, just eating cold
salads from the fridge,
being terrible disappointed in
a movie and thinking from
now on I'll just stick with
the classics as I never am
happy with new movies.
Picking lots of fresh vegetables
from my personnel garden
and already feeling slightly
overwhelmed with it all.
Loving how a simple smile
at a stranger passing by at the
market seems to brighten
their day.
Finishing my cardigan and
being slightly impatient for
it to dry.
Watching the trees blow in
the wind and the feeder
bands of rain come and go...
the second tropical storm of the
'yet to begin hurricane season'
is on its way!
Hope your weekend is filled with
Joining up with Amanda
for her weekending post.



  1. thinking of you since i saw the news of that tropical depression. hoping this is a fluke and not indicative of what we'll be facing once hurricane season is upon us!

  2. I literally squealed when I saw that you finished your cardi! Oh Tracey it is quite lovely indeed.

    I've been watching the weather down there and thinking of you all constantly.

  3. Oh my, your garden is way ahead of ours...we just finished planting all our seeds yesterday!

  4. Isn't it disappointing when you watch a film that wasn't very good. you can't help but feel cheated!
    Your garden produce and cardigan are amazing.
    Love the quote : )

  5. I was thinking the same thing about smiles. I noticed that it just takes a bit of kindness to make the day a little brighter. So exciting about your cardigan. Again with the hurricane talk - must not keep ignoring it.

  6. Smiles are such wonderful gifts. Thanks for the reminder! :)

  7. Sounds like a peaceful is always a little hard when the grown kids go after a visit, isn't it. It really is true about smiling. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the last day of the long weekend.

  8. I checked your Rav Project page. Love your cardi.
    Spent the afternoon at DD#2's and had a great visit.
    Have knitted today and will this evening.
    Still looking skyward hoping for rain.

  9. Thank you for the reminder about smiles. I'm off to check out your Ravelry page for pictures of the cardigan!

  10. So true, a smile can change your day! Lovely abundance in your garden.

  11. Sounds like a wonderful quiet weekend. Too bad the movie was a let down. We had considered renting that same one, but I'll be skipping it now. I hate wasting my time on a dud movie :) Enjoy your last/extra day of the weekend!

  12. Sorry about the movie. Amante and I were just talking about how modern films so often disappoint tonight! Glad the rest of the weekend was awesome though!

  13. So happy for you Tracey. So much to anticipate, cardigans, rains, perhaps not the hurricane! A good, no great modern movie for you; The Guitar with Saffron Burrows. Take precious care. Looking forward to seeing the cardigan. Love Katie x

  14. Your squash looks great and more flowers still coming. Have you cooked stuffed zucchini flowers ? What a shame the movie was no good. We saw the Exotic Marigold Hotel the other week and enjoy it - its a gently little movie - very English set in India. Hope the hurricane dies out before it gets to you.

  15. That is a lot of squash!! Does this mean that your daughter has moved? Where? I am still not used to shopping for four instead of two. I keep running to the grocery store. By the time I get the hang of it I'll be back to two :D

  16. Hooray for finishing your cardigan!! And those squash looks fantastic!

  17. I'm a little envious of your squash. I just planted mine here. But by September I'll be sick of it!

  18. loved that quote at the start of your post. and lovely squashes too! can't wait for them to come back into season at the farmer's market. especially the gorgeous yellow ones you have. that is a burst of sunshine to me (:

  19. I love not-cooking and just eating salads. Sadly my kids are not quite there yet....someday.

  20. what a lovely sharing of words you have here for this weekending.
    I just think you and I would get along quite well.

  21. Your squash is lovely! I could live on salads but the men in my house, not so much.