Sunday, May 20, 2012


If you truly love Nature,
you will find beauty everywhere. 

~Vincent Van Gogh

A weekend with just the
two of us as the kid's are
off doing their own things.
Fields being worked took
up most of his time while
I played in the kitchen.
Finally had enough ripe tomatoes

to make a few batches of
salsa and enough bell peppers
to start restocking the freezer.
Learned that  I knit a lot tighter
with dpn's than circular, but 
am not sure if I dislike the
sleeve enough to pull it out
and start over or not.
Chinese food for dinner and
starting a great book I was
gifted in the mail from a
wonderful friend.
Sunday morning was a change
in plans as we learned we have
our first Tropical Storm of
the season. Since the beach
is out we are spending a
quiet day at home relaxing
before the last week of school
begins tomorrow.
What have you been up to
this weekend?
Linking up with Amanda.


  1. Stay safe in that storm!xxx

  2. Just the two of you? You are getting a taste of what's to come. We are a house full and I am thrilled to be home sweet home :)

  3. Oh, NO!!! Tropical storms already??? Batten down the hatches! We could use some of that excess rain--care to send some west??? be safe!

  4. Oh no! Tropical Storms in May?!? Sounds like a plan to just stay home and maybe read some of your new book. This coming week is our last of school, also. Then the fun begins!!

  5. The book looks great... it's officially summer here too. We had to run the AC last night!

  6. Wow fancy having tomatoes before Summer. We can't get them to ripen before December here (summer here in Australia)Be safe!xxx

  7. We are in need of a just the two of us evening. Sounds like a really nice weekend. I need dpns to finish a hat I'm working on, kinda excited to see how that goes since I'm a tight knitter. Hope your week is as good as your weekend was!

  8. Sounds like a lovely weekend Tracey! Have a wonderful week.

  9. wow. beautiful photo.
    I find that I knit all over the place no matter what, so you're better off than me.
    And I LOVE the look of that book. Looks like one for the amazong cart.

  10. Wow! My tomatoes aren't even in the ground yet. We will be planting them this week, and hopefully we waited long enough. It was 34 degrees here a couple nights this past week. The salsa sounds yummy and the book looks good too. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Blessings ~ Elizabeth

  11. Sounds like a quiet and cozy weekend, hope it stays that way!

  12. Sounds like a wonderfulyl productive weekend! I knit tighter with DPN's too. It's strange, I just can't get on with circulars.
    I love the photo at the top. Glorious!

  13. Tropical storms are something new to me. A meteorologist at one of the museums started to tell me about hurricane season, and my worries meter went off. Be safe.

  14. Lots and lots of knitting, which was great. Yep, we're getting ready for storm season as well; always a bit scary.

  15. Sounds like a relaxing weekend! Be careful with the weather. We are supposed to get the remnants of it later this week!

  16. We actually had a twister not far from us a couple of weeks ago! very unusual...hope you keep safe and toasty and the storm doesn't do any harm.

    Your book sounds perfect reading for a quiet day at home.

    Hope you have a good week.

  17. Your weekend sounds like it was lovely Tracey. That tropical storm seems a little scary though.

    Richard returned from his biking race, I knitted and designed an ebook cover.


  18. Sounds wonderful Tracey! That salsa recipe looks very much worth checking out! Have you made it before? I am loving that blog and may have to buy her e cookbook:)

  19. Sounds like it was a calm and enjoyable weekend! I'll take one of those please! :) Happy Monday to you!

  20. Hope the storm passes by. Let me know if you need to come inland and north :)

  21. I just reserved that book at the library - you'll have to let us all know what you think of it! (:

  22. Oh I am jealous. You have ripe tomatoes?! Ours are tiny seedlings (got them in late and it's been cold). Chinese dinner and book sounds fabulous!

  23. Sounds like a lovely weekend, our growing season is just beginning so our tomatoes are still just tiny little orbs.

  24. Catching up on all your beautiful posts Tracey...Hope the tropical storm only brought some well needed rain. We had rain too this past weekend, but it never seems to pour, just drizzle. Tomatoes, salsa, a new book and a quiet weekend at home sounds nice :).

  25. Salsa. green peppers, life is good.