Sunday, April 22, 2012


 A weed is but an
 unloved flower.

  ~Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Saturday was a
girls day, going to
more stores than
I have been to in
months. Finally
going to a World Market
for the first time...being
totally overwhelmed by
all the store has to offer.
Remembering why I like
to shop on the computer.
Carrying a three year old
more than I should have
and now feeling it in
every muscle.
A quiet evening with
Mike just talking and
laughing, enjoying
a feta spinach pizza
and no dishes to wash.
Sunday brought an early
morning to the market,
a long phone conversation
with a dear friend wishing
she lived closer so we could
talk over a cup of tea, a walk
down the dirt road, seeing
the sun peek out from behind
grey clouds, finding little
flowers [I have no idea
what they are] that I remember
as a child and picking
a bouquet to place on the table.
Making plans for a popcorn
lunch, a marathon of Frozen Planet
and some pocket knitting.
Joining once again with Amanda.


  1. What a wonderful weekend, Tracey! The flowers are lovely!

  2. Beautiful T. Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend. I think that flower may be fleabane, but not sure. Sounds like the little 3 year old is a good workout - who needs a gym?!?!

  3. Lovely weekend! I love a weekend of no dishes :)

  4. They look like chamomile or feverfew.

  5. When the grands were here, we, too, had a bouquet of those lovely little flowers!!! I think we call them fleabane, too, but not positive that that's what they are. Sounds like a lovely, lovely weekend!!!

  6. Another tick in the 'Success' column.

  7. It sounds like a beautiful, peaceful weekend!! And what a beautiful bunch of little flowers!

  8. Hard to tell what the flowers are without a good look at the leaves, but maybe feverfew or erigeron. Don't know if you'd get that in the States though

  9. Your weekend sounds very refreshing and light for the soul :) Hope your week follows the same course!

  10. Your weekend sounds lovely and the World Market visit is tempting. I am so glad you enjoyed all of it!

  11. love those sweet flowers. i picked them too!i can picture you and your dirt road. hope your week is lovely!

  12. tracey, everything sounds so wonderful. i so miss carrying a wee one on my hip, but i'd be like you now, fatigued! i love those flowers and would love to see them in that meadow too. your photos are truly lovely. very beautiful.
    have a wonderful week ahead. xxx

  13. Sounds like such a wonderful weekend, Tracey. I love those little flowers, they are so delicate and pretty.

    The World Market is fun, but I agree with you about shopping online. It's nice to be able to take your time and really think about your purchases and not have to worry about traffic and parking.

    I love those pocket knits. What an interesting blog.

    Have a great week!

  14. A lovely weekend, Tracey. Beautiful sweet flowers!

  15. Love the flowers! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  16. lovely!
    and the feta spinach pizza would be just my thing too.

  17. we get those same little flowers (weeds?) in our yard and i love them to bits. they're so dainty.

    and spinach pizza with feta is one of my faves!!!

  18. I love the yard is full of unloved flowers. Yum for spinach and feta.

  19. What a wonderful weekend! That pizza sounds divine.