Thursday, March 22, 2012


The stories of childhood leave
 an indelible impression, and
their author always has a niche
in the temple of memory from
which the image is never cast
out to be thrown on the rubbish
heap of things that are outgrown
 and outlived.

~Howard Pyle

I left the local Goodwill
with some pretty special
items in my bag...  Well,
they are pretty special to
me, I'm not sure how others
would feel about a bag
full of old books [each for
a quarter]. Thronton W.Burgess
is an author so dear to
my heart and that of
my children and I now
have in my possession 7
of his books. While the
books aren't in the best
of condition, the covers
are dirty and tattered,
the binding is loose and
there is a tear and a scribble,
I love them! The stories 
all deal with nature animals 
as the main characters and
the 1941 illustrations are
just so sweet. I know I
really didn't need to bring
another set of books in
the house, but I just couldn't
help myself! Something happens
to me when I smell book
fumes [ and now yarn tooI]
and I just loose any and all
self control! I am joining
up once again with the
very sweet Lady Cordelia
for her Thrifty Thursday
posts. If you haven't been
to visit her you really should,
she is not only funny, has
two beautiful girls, a few
ducks in her backyard, 
found her inner chef, she
is a professional singer!
I just call her my friend.



  1. Oh my - what a find! I would not have been able to resist those either. Old books are so much nicer than modern ones. I am reading an old one from my childhood to James just now xxx

  2. How wonderful, what a great find

  3. We spent the weekend in the Barossa Valley South Australia, a wine tasting weekend and catchup with old friends. We wandered into a second hand bookshop in Tunanda and browsed among the old books - lots from our childhood. What wonderful purchases.

  4. oh i have always loved thornton burgess! score!

    have a great day, dear!

    here is my thrifty thursaday:

  5. What a good find! I have a soft spot for old books, too. Their beautiful illustrations are just lovely!

  6. One can never ever own too many books! You did find something great this week :)

  7. I love old books too! And Thorton Burgess for 25¢ each!? Great find!

  8. I love thrift stores and I love finding treasuries there.
    See, this is just why I'll never be a fan of Ipads etc...I love books, the feel of the paper, the smell, there is something so special about that.

  9. There is nothing like a book in hand--and a well loved favorite is the best! Just look at those illustrations!!!

  10. Awesome! I'm the same way about books. I can spend hours in a book store/library or yarn store. Anytime we go thrifting, the Hubs knows he can find me checking out all the old books.

  11. I think it was a fantastic thrifting day. A wonderful find indeed

  12. Oh my goodness, would you look at those! What a phenomenal find.

    If you ever find yourself up my way, the Thornton W. Burgess Society ( is near my parents' house. There is a museum & a nature center (which my children adore) & it's really lovely. xo

  13. dang. I'm crying from the end of this post. thank you sweetie.
    I am the same way about the smell of old books and the smell of yarn.
    It causes me to feel like I could momentarily burst from joy and excitement.
    My dad is in the business of rare books and tells me that all those tears and scribbles decrease the value. But, I always love the ones with the tears and scribbles more.

  14. What an awesome find! Love these books!

  15. Oh yes....I love old books, these look wonderful.x

  16. I love books like those too, full of history and their own stories. Such treasures.

  17. These are really great finds!!! And for a quarter? I wouldn't have been able to pass them up, either. There is something so magical about children's books from the past. :)

  18. Oh! My grandmother had these books. She would read them to me when I was little. I will have to see if she still has them. Thanks for stirring up some wonderful memories for me :)

  19. I love a good thrifty find, or as we call them, op shop bargains! I got Scarlett 3 of the Naughty Little Sister books at a local autumn fair recently. I must admit, I am loving the little sister immensely. Jacinta

  20. Thrifted old books are the best!!! I only have a few, but they truly are treasures! Lovely, Tracey. And I love knowing that we have the same ladder chairs!!

  21. Oh your Goodwill rocks! Lucky duck. Those are beautiful finds. I think I need to hook up with Lady C and her Thrify Thursdays.

  22. Sun tea and Thornton Burgess. A very good day Tracey! Enjoy your weekend...

    Blessings, Debbie