Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Don't find fault. 
Find a remedy. 

~Henry Ford

While the calendar says
spring doesn't officially
start until next week,
here in the south it's
already arrived and
with it allergy season.
I am using a Neti pot,
taking a tablespoon of
raw honey daily and
cleaning constantly...
it's not helping.
Does anyone have any
tried and true tips to
survive this seaon?
I am trying to make it
without buying over
the counter meds, but
I am finding myself
weakening as the world
around me turns a pale
shade of yellow.
I'm desperate!


  1. Do you do yoga? Downward dog is good for the sinuses. And if you're stuffy, here's a remedy I use sometimes that really works. It's called "Anti-mucus powder" - you mix up equal amounts of powdered ginger, cayenne and black pepper. Then take 1/2 teaspoon of the mix and stir it into about a teaspoon of honey. Swallow it real quick, so you can't taste it! (I will admit it feels like swallowing a big booger, but it works, so I put up with it!) Then drink a nice, big glass of water.

    I've also heard it's beneficial to eat local honey - presumably the fact that the bees are eating the local pollen transfers into the honey and helps you build resistance.

    AND - make sure you're using boiled or distilled water in your neti pot. I've used one for years, but wasn't doing this, and recently my Hubby sent me an article about a couple of people who died from "brain-eating amoeba" introduced into the nasal passages from using a neti pot with tap water. EWWWWWW!

  2. Well, my answer is not the natural way but you asked. I get allergy shots and I use Rhinocort (prescription). It has helped me immensely. Good luck in your search for the cure and quit cleaning during allergy season!

  3. I can't give you any better suggestions in the allergy department, but I can compliment you on your photo...it is lovely!

  4. I've just been sniffing and dripping--gross, I know. I'm going to have to do something.

    Yesterday I was blasting the herb garden--and the ANTS!!!! Oh, Lordy!!!!!! I thought the mosquitoes were going to be awful!!!! But, the chives are up--the parsley is gorgeous--and the rosemary has almost made a hedge. I think my oregano made it, too--which it usually doesn't. Life is good! (but buggy, and snotty, and drippy!)

  5. Oh no, I'm so sorry. I don't even know what to suggest as it sounds like you're doing everything. Are there any herbal meds so that you wouldn't have to take anything OTC?

  6. Those are all good, the only other thing I know about is Nettle tea. It is a natural antihistamine. I've found relief from drinking it, but it doesn't last very long, so you have to drink a cup in the morning, a cup at lunch, a cup in the evening.

    I'm sorry you're suffering from allergies! In my experience natural remedies work gently, which is not the instant and total relief that we're used to with taking pills. Sigh. So...I try to weigh the two sides...which is worse for you in this instance...allergy symptoms or side effects from the allergy pills? I wish you clear breathes, my friend!

  7. Oh yes, I second Gail comment about using distilled or boiled water in your netipot. I read that article about the people dying from brain eating amoebas too, but the authorities were unable to determine whether the people contracted the amoebas from using tap water in their neti pot or from swimming in near by lakes/rivers. I think this was in Louisiana? The article also said that in the past, all other cases of this amoeba were contracted by people in rivers & lakes and that there had never been a case tied to tap water yet. ANYHOW, I would still stick with using distilled water in my neti pot. :)

  8. I left town for a few days and that helped clear up my allergy-turned-sinus infection. I got allergies so bad this year that I think it was the impetus for getting sick. Sometimes it's good to just get out of dodge- though maybe whats making you allergic is everywhere for miles...

    I hate taking OTC stuff too- but when it works, it's better than suffering sometimes. I've found herbals and homeopathics to work for mild symptoms but not full blown issues.

    Hugs! It's been horrible here too this year!

  9. YIKES! Wishing you good luck with the pollen...it's not quite here yet...but I heard a warning on the news that this year is going to be very bad for pollen...

    Have a lovely...sneeze free...day!

  10. try to get raw honey from a source as close to you as possible. and bee pollen. you should be able to put that in some applesauce or a smoothie and it will help!

  11. hi Tracey!

    i now how it feels, i have the worst allergies ever that never make it possible for me to enjoy the beginnings of spring. i'm on the other side of the globe, here it's the birch pollen and other local trees that get me. i use a nedi pot as well, it's a relief, but it doesn't fight the symptoms. eating local (!!) raw honey is a good idea, but you will have to do so year round to desensitize your body. i try to strengthen my immune system as well. last year i took some homeopathic remedy (since i was breastfeeding, and now i'm pregnant again so i will probably take it again this year) i just checked a website, it contains the following 3 ingredients:
    Luffa operculata D4, Galphimia glauca D3, Cardiospermum D3. maybe you can find something similar.
    i have been through extensive therapy and unfortunately up to now the only thing that really helped were pills :(((

    thinking of you and wishing you well! it'll be over soon. oh yes and make sure to wash your hair every night before going to bed and try not to hang up your clothes outside for the next weeks!
    hugs, xxx sylvia

  12. Hum. A lot. The vibration will help keep things from clogging up. Then you can wash it out. Also, if you can get it, bee pollen. I've heard that does wonders. I'm trying to track some down because I have the same problem and the sneezing has started here too. They say misery loves company, so at least we have each other :)

  13. the pollen is getting bad here too. i also use something similar to the neti pot, it works for me. and we try to reduce the pollen inside the bedroom by not leaving the windows open all the time.

  14. Oh, Tracey I wish that I had some quick cure for you! So sorry that you've been plagued by allergies. I just ran into a friend of mine at the grocery store today and she too was suffering -- earlier than usual because the trees are confused and think it's spring. She swears by cod liver oil. I think the omega-3's are supposed to help.

  15. Oh you poor thing - fortunately I don't suffer but lots of the family do and they resort to over the counter medication - they can't stand it!
    What is that gorgeous plant?

  16. Hi,
    I found you a while back via This Moment... I drink Nettles tea and take Vitamin C (lots -- my naturopath says to take as much as I can without having loose stools, sorry if TMI!). I also use a Quercitin nose spray (you can find nettles and quercitin in capsule form).

    We recently saved up for an air purifier -- we can use our health savings money to buy it so that was a plus! My husband (who has worse hay fever than I) has already noticed a difference with it.

    Here's to clearer breathing soon!!


  17. I have no advice, but I do have plenty of sympathy! Hope you find something that works soon!

  18. I am so sorry, Tracey. I used to have really bad allergies but they pretty much disappeared when I moved across the country. Other than inviting you to come enjoy our mountain air I don't know what to suggest. I hope some of the other recommendations help. Boo to allergies!!

  19. im sorry too tracey, oh that sounds awful. i don't have experiance with this either, but i have heard the advice about local honey. my mil swears by that for many ailments. so now i do too! sending good wishes and good luck to dear friend. xxx

  20. Oh, poor you! My friend swears by acupuncture for her seasonal allergies. My husband drinks nettle tea and takes honey.
    Wishing you well lovely Tracey.x