Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Joining with Ginny for this week's Yarn Along.

As you can see my abigail cardi
is back on the needles,  meeting
gauge and having the pattern
knit correctly. I am on row 37 and
can really see now how the pattern
is going to flow. I have to say
a big Thank You and send a hug
to all the wonderful women in
blogland that have made this
cardi possible because without
the help of amazing friends like
you I would be sitting in tears
with empty needles. Thank you!

I have started working on my
Christmas knitting [yes, I know
it is the beginning of Lent,
but Christmas really will
be here soon] and cast on a
cowl using alpaca lace . While
I love how baby soft this yarn
feels, it is taking me a little
time getting use to how fine
lace weight yarn really is, it's

On the reading front I am
almost finished with 
Coop . I like how Michael
Perry, the author,  draws
the reader in making them
part of his world. The words
he uses to paint a picture
of his childhood, his
life  as a married adult
and parent on a small
piece of land in Wisconsin
feel like he is just one
of the guy's sitting at the
kitchen table sharing stories
over a hot cup of coffee.
I like it! 


  1. I agree...Christmas knitting should be started now! Gorgeous yarn.
    Much love.

  2. Please. Don't mention Christmas. lol I still have yet to finish one from LAST Christmas!


  3. I loved reading Coop! And that lace weight am doing a lace pattern now, but using a much thicker yarn. It sure is pretty though!

  4. What a beautiful coloured yarn. It will look stunning. That sounds like a really interesting book, something to hold your attention. I'll have to keep my eyes open for it.

  5. Nice! You're knitting two projects at one time! You go girl :)

  6. I love the colour of your lace weight yarn, so gorgeous!

  7. I love the color of your yarn! I should get my act together to start Christmas projects too but I'm just not that organized :)

  8. I'm thrilled it is back on the needles AGAIN!! Just think of the lovely sweater you will one day be wearing.

  9. Ooooh, that cowl is going to be lovely. Gorgeous color!

    I agree with your assessment of Coop - I'm really enjoying it too!

  10. That sounds like my kind of book. Good for you starting the Christmas knitting. So true how it sneaks up. I have such plans each year....

  11. Beautiful colour yarn. Book sound very interesting indeed. Thanks for the reminder - it's never to early to start christmas knitting.

  12. You're so smart to start your Christmas knitting now :) Your cardi will be beautiful and thanks for the book rec - it's right up my alley these days!

  13. love the wine-colored alpaca lace! My very favorite cowl is a laceweight qiviut. I definitely intend to make that pattern again so I have a few other laceweights waiting in the wings. I just bought 2 skeins last week with Christmas knitting in mind. I probably won't start for another month or so because I'm enjoying knitting for myself, but I know that time is coming soon!

  14. What a lovely color for your lace project and yes, it's fine. I find that I sometimes wish I had larger needles or better eyes. So glad, Tracey, that your gray cardi is working out better and that you feel better about it.

  15. The alpaca yarn is beautiful! I am still terrified of lace weight and sock weight yarns. I tend toward the Aran and Heavy Worsted myself, something I can actually feel between my fingers!

  16. Hooray! So glad your cardi is back in the works! :) You can do it!!

    Oh the lace yarn is so pretty. I think getting started on Christmas knitting now is a good idea.

  17. I just said the other day I need to start thinking about ideas for Christmas. My husband thought I was nuts. But I'd rather start working on things now so that when December 1st comes I don't have tons of ideas but only 1 or 2 things completed! I love the yarn you are using for both projects!

  18. I think starting Christmas knitting now is very wise.

    Beautiful yarn, Tracey. Can't wait to see both projects as they progress.

  19. Oh, Abigail!!! You are looking mighty fine!!!! (a tribute to preserverance!!!)
    Love the color of the cowl!!! (And as always, your pictures are gorgeous!!!)

  20. I am already looking through patterns and yarn and trying to decide on Christmas gifts as well. I try to either give hand made gifts (my me or someone else) or gifts that will inspire creating...this takes a while :) I'm so glad you didn't give up on your cardigan. I'm working on a top down one now (my first), so I like to think we are suffering...I mean getting through this together. The yarn for the cowl is gorgeous! Such a rich color.

  21. That is a perfect description of Coop. I am proud of how far your Abigail has come. The yarn is so gorgeous, Lace weight is definitely fine. The end result will be beautiful, but the process can be long. So many teeny tiny stitches.

  22. Happy Yarn Along Tracey! Ah, Coop sounds like a book for me, LOL. I know you recommended it to me already, might have to add it to my list!
    Congrats on going on with the Abigail cardi! Can't wait to see it's progress. I'll keep you posted on how the Puffin yarn reacts to blocking! Have a lovely day!

  23. Two beautiful projects. And I had to chuckle at the Christmas knitting as I have started my list and collecting patterns and yarns. Coop is on my reading list. I think I may move it to the top.

    Thanks for stopping by for a blog visit today.

  24. ooo, that yarn is sooo good. I'm starting christmas now too, I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  25. Loving both of your projects - the Abigail cardi is such a lovely design.

    I'm very impressed that you've started your Christmas knitting already :)

  26. hooray! oh tracey, i'm so happy for you, i knew you would get this cardi sorted, it is not the boss of you! it's going to work up beautifully and be on you before you know it. such pretty lace wool too!

    i am really hoping we take a family trip this year in place of gifts! we're thinking on it... :)

  27. Love the color of your yarn. So pretty and way to go on getting a head start on your christmas knitting! I should probably do that to so I'm not in a big hurry at the last minute *grin*. Happy knitting :)

  28. I am not organized enough to think of Christmas yet so good on you. And that alpaca is seriously lovely. Glad your cardi is on it's way. And, I know I said it before but I loved reading Coop (as well as his book Population: 485).

  29. I love your projects-- the colors are just beautiful! Wow a cowl of lace weight. I am really envious at how far along you are on your cowl--laceweight is tough! I tried lace weight once-- I just couldn't do it. Glad to see you are knitting on your cardigan and you had some help along the way-- I haven't ever seen that pattern before but I really like the look. Can't wait to see the finished knit!

  30. That lace yarn looks gorgeous. You take such good pictures!

  31. yay! glad to know the abigail cardi is back in the rotation!

  32. Loving that the cardi is back on the needles! Great color!

  33. That book sounds great, I'm adding it to my list. You are soooooo good starting your Christmas knitting! I always wish I had started now around December 15th.

  34. Oh - a book i would like!
    I love your beautiful lace cowl. I will be starting somw Christmas knitting as my next project.
    Glad your cardi is sorted too. So great to have lots of help in this blog village our ours xxx

  35. That cardi is beautiful. Coop sounds great. Congrats to you for getting started on Christmas! Smart woman!

  36. Love the colour of your yarn, and still keen to read that book that I've heard many people talk about. One day!,maybe soon as winter draws closer. Hope it's smooth running now with your cardi.

  37. What a lovely colouR!!! I have started to think about Christmas, but you are ahead of me by casting on go!!!!

  38. I'm not ready to think about Christmas knitting but you are very wise to start early!

  39. Be still my heart - the merlot colored lace cowl is going to be lovely. Love the picture of it on your needles.

  40. The alpaca lace is beautiful and I have the same plan for beginning Christmas stocking fillers avoid panic later....