Thursday, February 23, 2012


  “I like nonsense,
 it wakes up the brain cells.
  Fantasy is a necessary
ingredient in living, It's
 a way of looking at life
through the wrong end
of a telescope. Which is
what I do, And that
enables you to laugh
at life's realities.”

~ Dr. Suess

Thank you so much
for playing the other
day, it was fun, although
I was surprised at how
many of you thought
I would not only photogragh
mouse droppings, you
thought I would post
pictures! I'm  sorry to
disappoint you, but
nope, not mouse
droppings! :) 

 The answer

Forbidden Black Rice!
I have been looking
for this rice for awhile
now and had to go
all the way to
The Spice & Tea Exchange
in Charleston, SC to
find it. Now I can't
wait to prepare it
and hope it lives
up to all the hype I
have been hearing
about it.

Thank you again
for playing and we
must do it again soon.
I hope you have
a day filled with
a lovely breeze,
laughter  [because
you should laugh every
day] and overflowing


  1. One of my fave foodie bloggers just wrote a recipe for this!

  2. Love Black Rice! thought that was what it was. Just had a look at the recipe above which looks good too.

  3. I love black rice Tracey! I missed the game although living on a farm I definitely know what mouse poop looks like and it sure ain't that shiny! Love your Seuss quote!

  4. it looks gorgeous! let us know how you prepared it and how it tastes! the "riddle" picture does look like mouse droppings, how funny :)

  5. A friend of mine made me some sweet black rice pudding. Yum. Enjoy your cooking adventures.

  6. can't wait to hear about the black rice---pudding? never had it. (of course, now it will always remind me of mice droppings.......)
    fun game

  7. Looks much better like that....less suspicious :) Can't see what you do with it.

  8. Sounds interesting. I certainly hope you post a few recipes that use it.

  9. i love dr.seuss and your fun game. i am still thinking of mouse, um, mice. hee hee. i know your dish will be yummy.
    i hope you have a wonderful day too tracey dear.

  10. I was embarrassed to write what I thought it was before. But it looks like I'm not the only one who thought it was scat! Although I was thinking something a little more exotic than mice (not sure what though!).

  11. Ha Ha - the rice looks great - what a fun game - mouse droppings! Ha.
    This made my day ;)

  12. I'm out one day and I miss the guessing game?
    Hey- I agree one should laugh everyday. You make me smile every time I read your post and that is important too.

  13. Ooooh! I'm curious to see how it cooks up!

  14. Exciting. I love rice-seeing as I have gullah ancestors, it only seems right. Mouse droppings?! Those would have been some super busy mice or at least a whole mess of them. ;)

  15. Mouse droppings ... that is too funny. Love the photos of the alpaca lace. It must be extremely soft. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the cardi. I feel so left behind because I have yet to knit an adult-sized sweater!

  16. oh I am so glad I didn't leave my guess because I was WAY off!

  17. Ah ha! I can't wait to hear about how it tastes!! Enjoy!

  18. Black rice sounds really interesting :) I'm currently loving Orzo pasta - it's pasta but rice shaped!