Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Linking with GInny

I am moving right along on
cardigan and am almost ready
to begin the raglan shaping.
At first I was having a little
trouble using the Addi Turbo Needles,
my stitches were moving
so fast [really] that at times a few
would sneak across without
being knit! I have had to make
myself slow down and pay
attention, but oh do I love
these needles! There are plans
in my future to order more
in different sizes.

I am still working on my
daughter's socks and am
now thinking I might have
them ready for her birthday
in April. I knit a few rounds
everyday and am surprised
at how much I have accomplished.

I had not planned on casting
on another hat after all
the hat knitting I did for
Christmas, but one of my
son's friend's saw his
hat and asked if I would
knit one for him too. Any
teenager who ask me for a
hand knit [or anyone for that
matter] of course I am
going to run to my stash
and cast on immediately.

I know I have shown you
A Knitter's Life List before,
but it is the book I have
found myself picking up
and reading most often 
this week. I want to learn
everything I can about
this craft that has taken
over my life and this
book seems to offer so
much. From the history
of fibers, to interviews
with top designers and
everything inbetween this
book has it all and more.
I think it is a book any
and all knitters would

What's on your needles
this week?


  1. You definitely cannot refuse a request for a handknit!

  2. You put me to shame! One of new year's resolutions is to stop procrastinating and first of all finish what I start and continue going forward. Having said that I have tagged you on my blog hope you have time between the rows to jot down some special things about yourself.

  3. What a beautiful colour your cardi is, and anyone who asks me for a handknit would probably jump the cue. I'm still crocheting my ripple rug, but it's such a big project that I have to have something small on the go as well so I'm knitting a little doll and dolls clothes as a standby gift. I like to some some things tucked away just in case.

  4. I love your excitement and your knitting is truly lovely! I would never say no to a hand knit hat :) Love the rosemary in the photo!!

  5. Socks looking great, the weather also! I think I might invest in the book but I'm not sure i'm quite ready for turbo needles yet!! A few years ago I made a hat for my teenage nephew in the colours of his ski club, and was surprised, and obviously very happy, to see him wearing it all winter!

  6. i love the angles you are choosing for pics. lovely stripes!

  7. How nice to have someone request something! I love to hear my niece make requests of me...of course most of them are "please knit me a dog" and I haven't figured that one out yet...

  8. I love your photos! The sunshine is lovely and shows off your projects perfectly :)

  9. You ARE busy knitting :-) I am curious about the book! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Lovely sunshine, beautiful projects! If someone asked for a hand-knit item, they'd go to the top of my priority list.

    I just checked my library, and once again am disappointed that they don't have (ANOTHER) book mentioned at all.

  11. Such lovely knitting! I too cannot refuse someone! Especially a younger one :D

    I need some of those Addi

    Thanks for the visit!

  12. I love Addis. The speed of the needles is my favorite thing.
    How nice that you had a request for a handknit!

  13. Ooh I must try these Addis, I have heard so much about them. Your knitting looks wonderful and thank you so much for the book link, I ordered a copy and can't wait for it to arrive.
    Take care

  14. Obviously a teenage boy with imppecable good taste. I love reading around the subject, but most of my knitting books are mainly instructions. Your book suggestion is looking tempting.

  15. I must try those needles! Knitting ina flash-- I love the thought of that! I know what you mean about teenagers and hand knits- says the lady who has a pair of legwarmers and a cowl on her needles for my teen daughter who only had to say "I like those, mom"! Your book look great- I will check it out at the library but it looks like a book that I will want my own copy of. Thank you for stopping my by my blog and leaving a comment- it was so sweet!

  16. Just look at all that knitting!!!!! I totally understand that teen request! A drop everything....cast on!!! What a pretty day to drag your knitting outside--hope you paused to do bit of knitting while you were there. (I'm loving my Knitter's Life List, too!!)

  17. OK Tracey I have to be honest...what struck me most was the lovely sun in your photographs! As my back is chilled from these drafty old windows, boy am I wishing to feel that sunshine:) It will come I know, after all I do love the seasons. Now on the the knitting, I had to laugh at your addi turbo comment, I've been there. I do like to knit with them (Doesn't feel as wonderful as my wood but man they go fast). I am loving those stripes my friend...Oh I wish I could come over, sip tea and knit in the sun with you my friend:)

  18. I am in love with the yarn for the socks!! It's gorgeous! I'll have to check the book out, it looks very interesting! :-)

  19. Wow - a teenage boy requested a hat! I think you must be a knitting goddess! All your knits look lovely! Thanks so much for sharing!

  20. I've noticed that as well with the Addis. I love them but certain yarns slide around a lot. Can't wait to see your cardigan. And the teenage boy actually ASKING for a handmade item? I think I'd race you to the stash pile!

  21. Knitter's Life List is on my request list for the library- I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying it so much!

  22. fly fingers fly! sounds like you are knitting like the wind :)

  23. such yummy colors for those socks!!! That book is on my list to read.....good to hear you are enjoying it! Happy knitting!!

  24. dear tracey,
    look at all your knitting! ah, it is true love. beautiful work my friend, have fun with your special request!
    i do love that book too, there is so much in it, i think every knitter needs one.
    have a wonderful day yarnalonging! xox

  25. beautiful photos, Ive never heard of that book before, but its been added to my wishlist :)

  26. Love those socks! And I bet you'll have them done in time :)

  27. I am seriously loving those socks for your daughter. I MUST add some colour to my stash.
    Thanks for sharing.

  28. Great photos and awesome progress on your knitting progress! You will be wearing that cardigan next week if you keep this up!

  29. oh those socks!!!! and i am loving your makes me want to delve in deep to something new and wide open! thank you for that!

  30. What a wonderful compliment from your son's friend.
    I am going to put that book on my wish list. Thank you for sharing.

  31. and that blooming rosemary! i’ll trade you some crusty snow?!

  32. That's why they call them 'Turbos' you silly goose! Oh, how I am longing for springtime today. I can just smell that rosemary rubbed between my fingertips!

  33. those socks are great. and i agree if anyone asks for a hand knitted anything, i am all over it!

  34. addi turbos are amazing and it is funny how certain yarns seem to knit faster ... I couldn't imagine life without mine. I love your cardi. I love your rosemary!

  35. Thanks for the book recommendation, I'll have to add "The Knitter's Life List" to my wish list!

  36. If I say Rosemary Bush in the background, would I be correct??

    I am building a knitting library. My Newest and Bestest acquisition is The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook - Robson & Ekarius. Very much in the investment price range but great reading.

    Just finished another shawl/shawlette. Love the 'instant' gratification. HOWEVER, how many shawls can come off my needles? But sox ! ! ! than a whole 'nother thing.

    I have just begun another pair of sox for Hubby. Feels good.

  37. Love the many projects you have on your needles. The addi turbo needles are wonderful aren't they? And I just love the flowering rosemary! I can almost smell it. :)

  38. Love all the knits today! Great work, friend!

  39. Great photos of your work. I'm jealous of the greenery and flowers ~ while I shiver away in front of my fire. :-)
    Looking forward to more progress next week.

  40. Oh yes any teenager that wants a handknit gets one. I love Addis too; I mean really love them. Lovely yarns and beautiful rosemary.
    Thanks for sharing the book again. I'm going to see if I can find it!

  41. Thanks for visiting the World of Wiedz.

    I'm loving the photos...outside, sunshine, something blooming! And all the colors of your yarn...beautiful.

  42. Love your projects and the book looks very, very interesting. Must keep an eye out for it. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog

    1. Beautiful, Tracey! Your daughter will love those bright socks and I can't wait to see the cardigan. I love how green everything is around you!

  43. Wow, love what you are working on. And wow, a teenage boy asking for a knitted it!!! He is lucky to have you knitting if for him :)

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  45. You are quite ambitious...I admire that! I feel lazy looking at all the nice knits you're working on!
    Is that purple flowering plant really rosemary? I have a beautiful rosemary that (in Ohio weather) I thought I better dig up and bring it's in a big pot. I don't know if they need warmer weather to flower...but yours is sure lovely!

  46. Gorgeous photos to go with your knitting projects & reading ♥
    What a beautiful spot.

  47. Looks like we are both eager to start new projects lately!!

  48. I haven't knit a hat since Christmas 2010, when I knit 4 in about 2 weeks. I'm starting to get the itch again and hope to finish one for my hubby in time for Valentine's Day!

  49. Gorgeous knits and fab photos ;)

  50. Taken over you life, indeed! You are one busy knitter, my friend! Glad that you're liking the needles so much. It's surprising how much progress you can make with just a few rows a day, isn't it? Especially on those smaller projects. :)

  51. No, I would never turn down the opportunity to handknit for someone who would appreciate it. :-)

  52. Glad to see that I'm not the only one with multiple projects in the works. Love the colors.

  53. A teenage request for a knit is the ultimate compliment I think :) Your knitting projects are coming along beautifully! Another addi fan here.