Sunday, January 29, 2012


“And that is just the point...
how the world, moist and
beautiful, calls to each of
 us to make a new and
serious response. That's
 the big question, the
 one the world throws
at you every morning.
"Here you are, alive.
 Would you like to
 make a comment?”
weekending, my favorite part of the week. a time to relax, live, love, just to be. if you'd like to share your weekend either with words, photographs, or both, leave a link to a weekend post in the comments.
Linking with Amanda
Saturday was spent in the woods,
walking along the marsh edge,
sitting under the maple tree,
just daydreaming and enjoying
the sun on my face, enjoying
this beautiful world. I am
worried a little that everything
is starting to bud, two months
early and knowing Sunday night
is bringing in colder weather.
Not much I can do, but still...!
Fell in love with a new soup,
topped with a little quinoa and
plain yogurt it is very filling.
Found some time to knit on
my cardigan and a sock while
watching one of my favorite
movie's of all times.

Sunday has been spray painting
my picture screen pumpkin
orange, which I am loving,
regardless of the comments
from these guy's with no taste! :)
Baking chocolate chip cookie
bars for my guy's  [even
though they don't deserve it]
then there are plans to just
sit and knit!

I hope you are enjoying
your weekend!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I will have to see that movie. I just picked up 'That touch of mink' from the library, and am definitely needing to see more of Cary Grant... Love that quote!

  2. The sun on your face sounds exquisite. I too worry about the crazy weather we have been having. I have to make that soup; it has two of my favourite things in it! Sounds like a great weekend!

  3. I always love the feel of the warm sum on my face. Planning to head out for a hike in a bit. The soup sounds good. I do love roasted beets.

  4. Hope you don't lose too many buds in the cold, Tracey - I notice lots of bulbs starting to push up already, but i think it is pretty normal for here. enjoy your movie - i do like a good Cary grant film, xxx

  5. Wonderful...I wallked on Saturday too. I know what you mean about those buds, we are expected a cold snap as well. Nothing we can do.
    Much love

  6. It sounds so wonderful and peaceful. Did you miss out on your girls' day? Either way, you certainly know how to enjoy a weekend!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. looking forward to photos of the pumpkin orange screen!

  8. My sort of weekend - the days here have been so hot and steamy no baking has been done for what seems like ages and I am missing it.

  9. I'm worried about our poor plants, too--it is only January (well, almost February! but still...) the daffodils are peeking out, the pussywillows are budding out, it's just too early. Even a bit early for the hellebores. And I understand we've got another warm-er week ahead of us. Crossed fingers.

  10. Well I do hope your plants stay safe and sound. I love the woods walk and sunbathing idea. So peaceful!

  11. So I think this is about as good as it gets for a weekend, "sitting under the maple tree,
    just daydreaming and enjoying
    the sun on my face" and I wish you more moments like these for the week ahead as you dream of filling your lovely orange picture screen.

  12. dear tracey,
    it sounds like a wonderful lovely weekend all the way around. time spent walking and daydreaming (and all the other fun things you did) make me happy for you, you are so dear. i hope your week ahead is just as nice.

  13. "Saturday was spent in the woods,
    walking along the marsh edge,
    sitting under the maple tree,
    just daydreaming and enjoying
    the sun on my face, enjoying
    this beautiful world."

    This sentence just made me smile and oh so happy. How lovely it would be to start everyday like this :)!! And thank you for the soup recipe!! I love beets and I love soup, so it sounds perfect as I am also having a love affair with my crock pot lately! May your week continue with more daydreaming and enjoying this beautiful world!!

  14. Oh my! Is is springtime there already...?

    Have a lovely day!

  15. I'm having the same thoughts about too early springtime weather...hope it doesn't do a lot of harm. The screen looks interesting. We used to have a handmade screen (which we painted) using old wooden blinds from my parents' house. Wish we still had it.

  16. sounds like a lovely weekend my friend. That soup sounds fabulous. And the's been a weird winter for sure. No buds here, but it's not acting like January either.

  17. Sounds like the loveliest weekend. Your walk sounded marvelous and ah time to just sit and knit . . . . I say phooey to the guys' "unstudied" opinions. ;)

  18. Your description of just sitting under the maple tree and day dreaming with the the sun on your face made me long for some longer, warmer days over this side of the pond :)
    Chocolate chip cookie bars sound like the perfect way to round off a weekend. Lucky guys :)

  19. That does sound lovely, especially the daydreaming under the maple tree..

  20. i'm also concerned about the plants budding. one of my azaleas has blossoms aleady! yesterday i said to my husband i'm glad we're not farmers, it must be a stressful winter for them!
    and yes, don't listen to the guys without taste, pumpkin orange is an amazing color that looks great anywhere! ;)

  21. mmm...that soup sounds great. and yes, sitting and knitting sounds perfect.

  22. oh my that soup looks delicious!
    Hopefully the cold weather will hold off.
    And I can't wait to see how the screen came out! Pumpkin orange is the perfect color.