Sunday, December 18, 2011


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I spent a few hours in
town Saturday morning
and except for a visit
from the UPS truck, all
of my Christmas shopping
is complete! Christmas
will have a lot more handmade
gifts under the tree this
year and I am so excited.
While I was out I discovered
that Tuesday Morning has yarn, 
hand dyed cotton and
a cotton/linen blend
yarn that will be perfect
for this hot and humid
area I live in. Who knew?
Guess I really should get
out more.
Stayed up late knitting
and watching old Cary Grant
and Katherine Hepburn 
movies. I am almost finished
with my last Christmas
knit and then I can move
on to wrapping.
I rearranged the kitchen,
organized my supplies and
am now ready to begin
some fun baking. It wouldn't
be the holiday to me without
fudge and caramel turtles;
do you have a special
treat you only prepare at
this time of year?


  1. Sounds like you are more than ready!! I just need to finish the wrapping. Should be done soon.

  2. You've been busy! Hokey Pokey....I always make Hokey Pokey this time of year to give as

  3. sounds so fun! clean and ready for baking!
    Tuesday Morning has yarn! WHO KNEW??!!
    And I am a little envious you have your shopping finished.

  4. isn't that funny that some recipes are just holiday things?? my mom's chocolate cookies--don't look holiday-ish at all but are over the top yummy; i delivered some to a friend, and her eyes got huge--and she giggled....your mom's chocolate cookies! I've made 3 batches already this season--my daughter ate 2 herself (I think!) guess that's the reason i only make them at christmas!!! hugs!

  5. Almost there - but still a few parcels to mail. I will be making stollen next week. xxx

  6. Sounds like the perfect weekend. It must have been the weekend for organizing kitchens- I did the same. That is some beautiful yarn in your post! Have a fantastic week! xx

  7. oh tracey! i'm so glad to see and hear all is well and you've gotten so much done! but first i have to ask, how did you get such a fabulous idea to make walnut shell boxes!?? omgosh those are the cutest things ever. i love them.

    i am so not ready for christmas, i bought a couple gifts while we were in the mountains, but i've still got so much more to go. some are made (knitting) but not too many. i'm hoping tuesday (my day off) will be the day i go shopping and don't come home until i'm done!! i think i do better under pressure anyway, it should be a lot of (tiring) fun!!

  8. Mmm, fudge and caramel turtles sound fabulous! We always bake gingerbread and mince pies during the last week of advent... I started adding Florentines to the list last year though as i found that they are not too hard to bake and they are one of my favourite sweets!

  9. Like Suzy I am about to make my "best ever" mince pies, and since the first lot of shortbread has certainly been eaten more will be made this week. This seems to be the only time of the year that I make both of these. Fudge and caramel - yum yum!

  10. I only make red velvet cake at Christmas...I think that once a year thing makes it more special.

    I forgot all about Tuesday Morning! Ours carries yarn, too, but I never go there. I think a post-Christmas visit is in order.

    I'm so envious that you made most of your gifts and that you're nearly done! That's my goal next year. Keep inspiring!

  11. Looks like I need to get our more too. ;) I better check if our Tuesday Morning has yarn as well. One thing I used to bake only for Christmas back in Vienna was Vanillekipferl, a traditional Austrian cookie, crescent shaped and made with butter and nuts or almonds and then rolled in powdered sugar mixed with vanilla sugar. But I did not make them since I moved here.

  12. I love the yarn! I checked our Tuesday Morning a while back and it was nothing at any better prices than I can get at the yarn store. I haven't been back since... but will try again after this post!

    Happy Holidays friend!

  13. I am finishing up the gift making as well. I am eager to do a bit of baking with my kiddos. I really like making peppermint bark.

  14. mmmm...fudge. and as a kid we always made divinity. need to come up with a new tradition that satisfies my sweet tooth and doesn't contain nuts. maybe the peppermint bark...

  15. Ooh, that sounds wonderful. We were given some homemade fudge yesterday - delicious. Enjoy the anticipation, wrapping and yummy Christmas preparations.

  16. we used to have a tuesday morning so close by we could walk to it. we're out in the boonies now.
    i love making apple cakes and all kind of cookies this time of year, didn't get around doing it much yet...

  17. So excited about your handmades, I am about mine too!
    I don't think we have Tues. Morning here anymore-shame. You rearranged your kitchen?! Wow!
    I make sweet potato pies and red velvet cake from scratch.

  18. Lovely!! My tree will not have any knitted items under it this year. I haven't figured out how to be a WAHM and knitter at the same time ;o)
    I am still waiting for some deliveries from the UPS man and tomorrow the baking and merry making starts.

  19. Oh watching an old movie and knitting is such a lovely thing to do!!. Love love Tuesday Morning, but haven't been in so long--but if they have yarn, I must go back! The best treats we make is christmas cookies! Of course, they are all gone already! The kids are saying they want to make more for Santa so I guess we'll make more :).