Monday, December 19, 2011


Without inspiration the best
 powers of the mind remain dormant.
There is a fuel in us which needs to be
ignited with sparks.

~Johann Gottfried Von Herder

Not long ago I was introduced
to a very creative woman when
I won a prize from Rhythm of the Home
winter edition giveaway. Chris,
of Mamaroots posted a wonderful
tutorial on making walnut boxes
and I was so inspired to try them

I didn't bake my
walnuts and I drilled my holes
a wee bit different, but I do love
the way they turned out. They
really were not hard to do at
all. My only recommendation is
to be prepared for broken
shells as walnut shells are
very thin. I learned to drill
the holes first and then sand
with the Dremel so I wasn't
wasting time on something I
would break as soon as I
started to drill. Sanding the
shells smooth can take a little
time, but it really is worth
the step.

It has been a lot of fun trying
to decide what special gift
should go inside and I can't wait
to hand them out.

Now that I own a Dremel,
thank you son I love it,
all of my own [!] I see
many more projects in my

My husband even got into
the act and made little
walnut baskets...too cute.


  1. Who cute are your walnut baskets. I'm sure you will find lots of uses for them. Jacinta x

  2. Your creativity is amazing!! Now that you own a tool you can fix even more stuff around the house. All I own are pliers (to fix the kitchen sink tap).

  3. SO cute! I love them!!
    ...Maybe Santa will bring me a dremel tool too... :)

  4. oh thank you tracey for sharing how you made these. i don't know what a dremel is, but now i want one too. and walnut boxes. so adorable.

  5. They are just so cute. well done. I've heard a lot about this dremmel tool of late at various blogs, I'm beginning to think maybe I'd like one too.

  6. These are definitely cute - a lovely little idea - with a surprise inside. Might have to see if I can get a dremmel over here.

  7. Oh thank you for sharing the link! I will see if the kids want to make them. We have many walnuts here but they are quite fragile. Getting them open is even a challenge...Still this would be so fun!!

  8. Those are so adorable...wouldn't it be neat to make an advent calendar out of them...?

    Have a lovely day!

  9. your little baskets are darling! I love that you took the time and the effort to craft them yourself. Great job, Tracey!

  10. They really are lovely...very

  11. Those are lovely. I have watched them appear over the last few posts. If i ever try to keep a little tool set for myself,, it eventually becomes amalgamated into my husband's box. xxx

  12. They look wonderful Tracey! Thanks so much for your sweet words! Hoping you have a wonderful holiday!

  13. Those are so, so cute! I can see them hanging from the tree with little girl trinkets inside of them! What a fun project.

  14. Well, you are sparking. ~Mary