Wednesday, October 26, 2011


~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Linking with Ginny.

I bought  my very first knitting magazine,
Love of Knitting . This is the holiday issue
and it has the patterns for the cutest 
miniature sweater, scarf and mittens.
If I have time [my fingers are crossed]
I would love to do a set for advent. Well,
it's a goal anyway.I have one sweater
already done so...?  I was able to knit
a stocking cap too because I didn't follow
the directions and seamed a sleeve before
it was attached to the sweater.  I just
can't seem to do what I tell to my
children on a daily basis, always read
the direction before you start something!

I also cast on another pair of basic
socks and am ready to do the heel
flaps. I like doing two socks side by
side so I don't worry about second
sock syndrome. I can say that I am
now addicted to knitting socks!

I forgot to take a picture, but I am
a book my son read and said I
needed to read it. It is not my usual
reading material, but I must say I
am enjoying it. 
It is about what happened to Dudley
Wolfe and the three Sherpas sent
to rescue him on K2 in 1939. 
The book feels like Jennifer Jordan
is sitting at the kitchen table with
you, telling you a story.

And now, what have you been up to?


  1. My next pair of socks definitely need to be 2 at a time! My first 3 pairs went great, I was so excited to be knitting socks that I just got on with it. Now though, ugh. Second sock syndrome for sure!

    Your mini sweater is so cute, although it took me a while to work out what it was ;)

  2. Look at all of your knitting! I am impressed and now I know you are a bought a magazine :) I love my son's recommendations most of the time. Happy knitting.

  3. oh man, i'm still with my old projects, scarf for the hubby and my shalom in lettuce. i need to knit the sleeves still :(
    love that you're knitting socks! seems like the perfect fall knitting project! i've never knit any socks so i'm curious how your's will turn out!

  4. For all the dozens (yeah, I'm an addicted sock knitter, too!) of socks I've knit over the years, I've never done the two at a time thing--good idea!!!

    Your little sweater is sooooo cute! Haven't seen that magazine yet--must take a peek!! (If you run short for your garland---let me know; I've got those 7 smurf mittens looking for a home!!)

  5. What a sweet wee sweater! And love the sock colours. You're going to be a pro in no time, you addict, you! ;-)

  6. goodmorning dear! that green yarn, ooo la la, and you can be a photo stylist in your next re-incarnation!

  7. That green sweater is so cute - at first I thought it was a pair of mittens. Is it an ornament? The color of those socks is great too. Don't remember - did you mention the basic sock pattern?

  8. Knitting a hat and scarf for my eldest daughter (still got jumper on the go!) and still reading Women who run with the wolves.
    Such cute knitting you are doing and socks again. I really must get my act together and knit a pair soon. The book sounds very

  9. LOVE that cute sweater ornie! And those socks look cozy :)

  10. What cool socks. That sweater is cute too! I wish I could get into the swing of socks. I keep knitting one then getting sidetracked!

  11. Such lovely knitting as always. I do love those colors. I can just smell those trees too! Funny I have the same issue with directions. ;)

  12. cute cute! and yes you are offically a real knitter! soon you'll have an entire library devoted to knitting, or maybe it's just me that cannot stop buying books, magazines and of course wool.
    oh dear.
    love all your knits today tracey.

  13. Oh! An advent set would be adorable! Lovely idea Tracey.

  14. cute! and already another sock on the needles...i see the beginning of sock mania ;-)

  15. I love your mini sweater! My goal is to knit several for our Christmas tree this year, but I don't know if that will happen or not. You've become a sock knitting machine. Glad you're loving it so much!

  16. I always love your knitting photos, so lovely. Happy sock knitting! :)

  17. Knitting, knitting, knitting.
    My obsession of knitting sox to turn toward knitting shawls.
    Still listening to David Balducci's "One Summer"

  18. i love that you are reading a book, your son recommended.

  19. Ahh! That sweater is cute!

    Look at you go on the socks...I might catch your sock fever!

  20. Gorgeous sweater! I love the color of the yarn, and I bet it feels wonderful too! And your photos are stunning, btw :).
    I actually thumbed through some knitting magazines yesterday..didn't buy one though...
    Have yet to knit a sock, but you are inspiring me!

  21. Two of my other favourite things apart from cooking is reading and knitting. Love your photos they have inspired me to pick up the needles again. Maybe some tea cosies for Christmas, oh and maybe finish a couple of projects that were started a year ago!

  22. I love that green you're using. Such cute little items!

    And hooray for more socks!!

  23. I have so many things on my needles it isn't even funny. :-)

  24. Lots of fun knitting going on at your house! Those miniature items sound cute. Knitting two socks at once sounds like a very good idea ... I have yet to finish a pair because I lose interest halfway through the second sock.

    golden bird knits

  25. Love the colors of your yarn for you little sweater and socks!! So pretty :) I have yet to learn how to knit two socks at a time but that must feel great when you're finished and you don't have to cast on again for the second *grin*. Happy knitting!

  26. Hi Tracey! I just referred my friend, Cat, to your site. She writes books about knitting socks! XO