Sunday, October 16, 2011


Perfumes are the feelings
 of flowers. 

 ~Heinrich Heine,
The Hartz Journey

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A weekend filled with
the scent of tea olives
everytime I went in
or out the back porch.
Their scent makes me
want to plant tea olives
everywhere! If they will
grow in your area Please
    ~ Plant Them! ~
You won't be sorry- Promise!
I spent more time than
I care to admit knitting
and frogging a heel.
I can now say that I
know the difference
between short rows
and a heel flap and I
can knit both! By the
time this pair of socks
is knit I think I
will have knit them
at least twenty times!
I found a new recipe
that I have prepared
twice and even put
it on my weekly menu.
It really is delightful.
Started and finished
a sweet little book
Lori Ann sent me.
If you would like to
read it and then pass
it on, leave me a comment
and I will get it in
the post to you this


  1. I think I would love to read it!! Let me know. Those patties look good, I will have to try them. I am thrilled that you know how to knit all kinds of heels....such a smart cookie! I am waiting to see a photo of these socks...

  2. Hang in there with the sock. I am learning so much as I frog and rip back and keep trying. HUGS! I have never heard of tea olives before... hmmm...

  3. Tea olives sound and look so pretty! I wonder if they would grow well up north.

    Practice practice.. so glad you're getting the hang of your socks! Can't wait to see your work.

    That book sounds quite interesting!

  4. oh how i love tea olive! my southern roots long for them...and camellias, and azaleas, and dogwood, and hydrangeas, and and and! the quinoa patties look great...what did you serve with? hope your week is lovely!

  5. Oh how lovely! Just because something doesn't grow here has never been a show stopper for me...I have a lemon & olive tree just brought in for the winter (the lemon has 4 fruits that will now take until April or May to ripen...but I don't mind, I really grow it for the blossoms & their heavenly scent). That recipe looks delish & I'd love a chance to read the book that's been held by both you and Lori Ann! :-)

  6. You are going to be the sock master!

    Oh, that recipe sounds good! Any suggestions on what goes well with them? I'm hungry now - I think it's time I found a snack....

  7. The plant sounds heavenly, but I don't think it would do well here. Well done on your persistence - the socks will fly off the needles now. xx

  8. well done on the socks tracey, you are such a fast learner. :)

    i've never heard of tea olive and i wish my monitor smelled. i will look to see if we can grow it.

    i love heidi's books, and this recipe, how funny. these quinoa patties are delicious and she's so smart, they are perfect travel food.

    i'm glad to see the book go on, weren't the quotes lovely? have a great monday. xxx

  9. I would love to be able to smell Tea Olives. I love fragrant flowers. My Dad grows orchids. When I visit him I go into hiss glass house and sniff the white flowers as they are the ones that smell the most.
    Patties sound delicious.
    Much love

  10. I might not be far enough south for tea olives, but I sure would like to try them--they sound WONDERFUL!!! I love the idea of a pass around book--would you add my name to the list when you pass it on? I know I'm not the first to request.
    (bummer, being in central time!!)

  11. Tea Olives sound divine!! Maybe we'll move somewhere I can have those...I just get excited with Orange blossoms, those are the only things I really smell wafting around here at certain times of the year. Hooray for conquering heels! And that book does look lovely...thanks for sharing it and your new recipe!

  12. Beautiful photos, these tea olives look wonderful.

  13. Tea Olives? Never heard of them - do they sort of smell like jasmine or honeysuckle? Hmmm. Funny you mention that recipe - I printed it out last week as something to try. As for the sock woes, I'm sorry. I'm hoping to start a new little knit for a friend's baby - it has short rows in it so I'll learn as I go.

  14. you know i've knit a short row heel a few times when i first started knitting socks and for whatever reason, i always do the heel flap now - i prefer the fit of it.

  15. Wow, you'll be such a sock expert - a frustrating but sure way to learn. Have a great week x

  16. Hey that's the upside . . . you will know socks inside and out. I can't wait to see them. Tea olives? Wow I am intrigued.

  17. Glad you are learning the socks! I feel like sometimes there is never enough peace around here to concentrate on new skills....sigh :) No baby yet....really any day!

  18. Those flowers look so beautiful...I wish I could smell them!