Thursday, October 6, 2011


Plants cry their gratitude for the sun in green joy. 

 ~Terri Guillemets

Sitting under a  pecan tree
is a wooden oyster table which
I usually load with vegetables
waiting their turn to be processed.
I have been drying seeds in
an effort to be more self-sufficent.
For the last month I have been
drying orka pods, along with the
beautiful bumper crop of gourds
I grew. Last week when I went
to check on how everything was
doing, I found all my okra had
sprouted! Guess I will be buying
okra seed next year. xx


  1. Those cheeky seeds! I would never have guessed that's what they were. Okra isn't that big in Australia. You sometimes see it in fruit and vegie shops, but I have never tried it. I'm intrigued as to how you prepare and cook it. Jacinta

  2. Just trying to remember how we've saved okra seeds in the past. Mark reckons they were too moist and that's why they've sprouted maybe hang them in a paper bag in a breezeway next year!Like Jacinta said they are not big in Australia so we don't grow them now.

  3. If they sprouted it must be moist and hot there! What a surprise :)

  4. Bless those beautiful okra seeds sprouting forth. What amazing energy! More than I have at the moment!
    Beautiful photos.
    Much love

  5. How beautiful! (if a bit unplanned) ;-)

  6. Okra is not a common crop for around here...very cool! (If you make the Pumpkin milkshakes, let me know how they turn out!)

  7. pesky okra! prob still hot enough here for it :-(

  8. It's so funny, that would've happened to me too: if I want it to sprout - it won't. If I don't want it - it will!
    But doesn't it look so cute how all the little plant babes peek out?? :)

  9. Love okra!! And these are so cute, so promising!! I just checked on our okra yesterday in the community garden, so far so good!
    ps gorgeous photos!!

  10. Life finds a way. Bummer that you have to buy seeds next year, but I'm smiling inside at the okra's tenacity. ;)

  11. Such an amazing shout out to life. Too bad about your seeds, though. Love those green shoots and that quote.

  12. Mother Nature. She's a tough broad! She doesn't give up very easily, does she?

  13. So funny, Tracey.
    so much for self-sufficiency this time 'round.

    let's talk fingerless mitts

  14. That is so cool, though it didn't turn out quite like you wanted. I swear without the pods, they look like watermelon seeds. ;) Please don't revoke my status!

  15. Oh but the photo op you would have missed...

    Blessings, Debbie

  16. Wow, Tracey, your photography leaves me with a hopeful feeling. Does that make sense? I was feeling down, but these pictures moved me... Thank you...

  17. What a bummer that the seeds didn't turn out the way you planned…but, they're so beautiful, sprouting in the pods like that. xo