Tuesday, June 28, 2011


When maple orchards towered aloft,
  And spicewood bushes spread below,
Where skies were blue, and winds were soft,
I could but go —
For, opening through a wildering haze,
Appeared my restless childhood's days;
And truant feet and loitering mood
Soon found me in the same old wood
(Illusion's hour but seldom brings
So much the very form of things)
Where first I sought, and saw, and heard
The cardinal bird.

~William Davis Gallagher

I watched her as she
built her nest, flying off and
back to  my favorite tree.

Three little eggs she
hatched and raised and
I with a front row view.


  1. Oh how beautiful.Those photos have just lifted my spirits.

  2. Lovely! We have a family of cardinals that hang out on our Japanese Magnolia tree right outside of our big windows (because, hey! That's where all the feeders are!). I have to say, though, that the titmice and chickadees are my favorites to watch. They're hilarious whereas the cardinals are much more stately.

  3. What a lucky view. Perfect photos with which to begin the day. Thank you.

  4. Breathtaking. All of it, the pictures, the words. Love it Tracey!

  5. Oh - we love Cardinals - they're the state bird of NC and we used to see them a lot...up here they're pretty rare...

  6. So precious! We have a couple of nests in our yard but they are too high to peek in. I just showed your images to my children, they love it!

  7. Oh, Tracey, these pictures are simply breathtaking!

  8. I love these photos! Such a sweet and wonderful thing you were witness to.

  9. Beautiful pictures!

    This reminds me of sitting at my Tutu's kitchen table as a child and eating a snack as I watched the Cardinals flying around her acerola tree looking for a snack themselves.

    It's such a treat to watch things unfold...

  10. Absolutely beautiful pictures - such a special thing to witness.

  11. Beautiful as always! We don't have cardinals up here, but I grew up with them. They are so lovely - especially against snow in winter. I had no idea that they laid such gorgeous eggs!

  12. I saw the most beautiful female cardinal today on our bird feeder, with her gorgeous flashes of orange on her wings and beak. I tried as fast as I could to grab my camera, but I turned and she was gone. They are truly majestic aren't they. How wonderful you were able to watch them from the beginning ;). I am still hoping I'll see mine again. I have my camera ready :).

  13. What a treat to be able to watch the whole process-thank you for sharing it with us! I miss cardinals!

  14. Look at those beautiful eggs! The birdies are so adorable too! You got some beautiful shots of the eggs. You have inspired me to post about our birds soon.

  15. what a gift to witness such beauty.

  16. I wish you had pictures of the eggs hatching. That would be so cool. I dunno if that is possible though?