Monday, May 16, 2011


“Cookery, or the art of preparing good and wholesome food,
and of preserving all sorts of alimentary substances in
a state fit for human sustenance, or rendering that agreeable
 to the taste which is essential to the support of life, and of
pleasing the palate without injury to the system, is, strictly
speaking, a branch of chemistry; but, important
as it is both to our enjoyments and our health,
it is also one of the latest cultivated branches of the science.”

~Frederick Accum (1769-1838)

weekending, my favorite part of the week. a time to relax, live, love, just to be. if you'd like to share your weekend either with words, photographs, or both, leave a link to a weekend post in the comments.
This weekend was...

Cutting off the air conditioner,
opening the windows and feeling
the cool breeze blow through the
back screen door...thank you!
Harvesting beets, greenbeans,
squash, tomatoes and peppers.
Making fresh tomato sauce instead
of canned to bake our pizza .
Washing a million [!] jars and
 running the pressure cooker
nonstop to preserve food for winter..
and feeling very Ma Ingalls.
Starting a new book  to prepare
for a 21 day cleanse my daughter
and I will be starting next Monday.
Watching the season finale of
Survivor and my guy not winning.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Poor Matt, but Boston Rob really deserved to win-we loved it.
    Sounds like your weekend was busy.

  2. Wow you are harvesting a lot of vegetables already! We really enjoy homemade pizza sauce-nothing better. I hope you post about the diet you will be starting, it looks very interesting. Say "HI" to the little chicks from me :) ~Karen

  3. i can't believe you're already harvesting enough to put by -- amazing! what growing zone are you in?

  4. I think we've lost some of the word power that people in the early 19th century had!

    I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that you have produce to put up when all I have been able to plant is peas and spinach!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. I wish wish I had enough room to have a little garden and do some canning! Looks like a wonderful weekend!

  6. I can't believe you are harvesting AND canning already. I haven't even put my tomatoes in the ground-too cold! The jars look great!
    Your weekend sounds wonderful. Ours was great thanks for keeping us in your thoughts. I managed to get a few shots in between the hair combing and makeup applications! Thank goodness for the photography company.
    Where did you get your cooker?

  7. harvesting and canning! most of my veggies are not even showing their stuff yet!
    Love the photos! SOounds like a wonderful weekend!

  8. wow! We are just getting plants in t he ground and mulched when this cool rainy stuff came and put a damper on near a week of growing! Ours may be a later harvest and that is ok with me. Terribly busy with a graduating senior (high school-homeschool) this year! Exciting stuff!
    I thought Matt deserved it too but I do see where God made him the real winner! YAHOO for all the airplay they gave to him talking about God! Good luck in your cleanse! It will be great.

  9. How wonderful! I've just put up my weekending post (Out & About: Mushroom Maynia). Speaking of the Ingalls family, we're on book 5 - audio book, that is - I can't recommend it enough! The reader, Cherry Jones is captivating. My son refers to it as a "video" - that's how well she's brought the stories to life!

  10. Wow! Good for you! We are still at least two months away from canning season. I love that Ma Ingalls feeling of having a good supply of food for the winter.

  11. Sounds like I'm not the only one who's amazed at what you are already harvesting and preserving! My hubby exclaimed about the first sprout from our beets...we've a long way to go yet!

  12. This post makes me think of my mom! She was/is always canning up a storm. Love it!

    (Just found your blog through the Artsy Ants...and added you to my Google Reader!)