Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yarn Along

My sweater now has arms!
I am now on the yoke and
then comes the neck. I am
so excited to almost be finished.
I have already started thinking
about the next sweater I
want to knit.

I am reading One Thousand Gifts
for the second time. It is  a book
I wish everyone would read. It
is really good. XX

Linking with Ginny at Small things:
Yarn Along.


  1. I love the yarn you are using!! Can't wait to see the sweater finished!!

  2. It looks awesome so far! Can't wait to see it finished!

  3. Very pretty color. You should model it when it's done-Lisa

  4. The color goes so nicely with the book, too :-)

  5. I'm so impressed you are knitting a sweater. It looks great-- who is it for? The books sounds wonderful.

  6. it's so nice to hear someone else who is reading this for a second time. I intentionally read my copy without highlighting the first time... I am almost ready to dive in more deeply now. Great knitting!

  7. lovely photo. meeting you via the yarn along. : )

  8. What a lovely backdrop to the book! Looking forward to seeing the completed sweater!

  9. I ordered the book this morning. I love that tranquil blue of the sweater.

  10. I dream of one day being able to knit an entire sweater!! It looks
    beautiful :)