Thursday, February 24, 2011


"If man has no tea in him,
 he is incabable of understanding
 truth and beauty."

~Japanese Proverb

Hot and cold:
we drink a lot
of tea in my

Very excited to
add tea plants
to my land this

Now if I could
just grow coffee. xx


  1. We are big tea drinkers too and hopefully I can grow a few tasty teas this year! There is nothing like stepping out your front door and clipping off just what you need of your own fresh plants. I must work on my green thumb!!

  2. How nice that you are growing tea on your land. I am a big can of green tea with chamomile and a little mint. Black tea is not my favorite.

  3. Um, I'm not a big can, I'm a big fan. I am losing my eye sight though :o)

  4. Thank you thank you for the link!! My mom is Japanese and gives me amazing green tea, but I have been wanting to grow my own and she looks at me like "uhhh why?". My answer is, because we can!! I'm with you on growing coffee :).