Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Knitting my not, on the surface,
seem relevant to engines that
run the world, but at its essence
it is quite vital. For knitting, 
which can express so many 
emotions, most often expresses
love. And when all else is lost,
love is what most often stays
with us.

~ Melanie Falick

Hi and welcome to the Silverleaf knit along.
I have gathered my materials and am
looking forward to September 1 so I can
cast on. How about you?

I am using Wolle Rodel Baby Alpaka in
the colorway grey. While the pattern calls
for a sport weight yarn I am using a dk
weight which I am okay with.I am also
about 36 yards shy of the recommended
yardage, but as it's a shawl I think I can
make it work, we'll see. :)

I will be posting updates here as I can and I
hope you will do the same.
I will also be on Instagram [TraceyClover]
using the #silverleafkal.

Please remember that this is a very relaxed
kal, no pressure or stress, just have fun.
If you come across a problem just send me
an email [address in my profile] or a
message on IG and I will respond as soon
as I can. We are expecting some terrible
weather on Friday, but fingers crossed I
keep power, if not then I will be in touch
when it's back on.

Much love and happy knitting,


  1. Break a leg and bust out the bottle of champagne to pop open. That is awesomely beautiful yarn for your Silverleaf. I'm sorry I can't join in.

  2. I'm in as you know! Lovely beginnings for me so far :)

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