Thursday, November 12, 2015


"If you must look back, do so forgivingly.
If you must look forward, do so prayerfully.
However, the wisest thing you can do is be
present in the present...gratefully."

~ Maya Angelou.

 Now that the rain has moved on
we are starting to slowly dry out,
and it is fun seeing all the
mushrooms that are springing
 The drive is still a wee
bit soggy, but the sun
is shining and I have
managed to get my walk
in each day.
 I have a plan for when I
'must' visit the market and
that is to try at least one new
thing. I get tired of eating/
drinking the same thing over
and over, I need to try new
foods, it helps keep my world
interesting. This week I tried Suja
Juice and have plans to buy
more, it was quite good. Have
you tried it?
 Along with celebrating Veterans
Day, this week was also the 240th
birthday of the Marine Corp.
Since I am the daughter of a
career Marine and live in a
town that trains recruits this
was a really big deal in my world.
I am so grateful to all the service
members for their sacrifice.
 It was a great mail week,
I received a package of
handmade bookmarks
after winning a giveaway
hosted by A butterfly in my hair.
Thank you so much V, I love them.
I am finally finished with
my chunky [cheater:Karen;)]
knitting, I had a few requests
for chunky knits, but I am
now thrilled to be knitting
with needles that don't feel
like logs in my hands.
Emerson had her 2nd grade school
photos taken and I will admit to a
few tears, she is so beautiful and getting
so big!

Enjoy the most wonderful weekend
my friends. We are going from a
high today of 80F to 63F and maybe
I will see the first frost of the season,
fingers crossed.

Much love,


  1. Hi Tracey, it looks like you're having a nice time. Those bookmarks are lovely, what a nice prize. I love your photos of the mushrooms. I really enjoy looking for mushrooms after rain. Emerson looks beautiful in her school photo. I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Emerson is looking so grown up!

  3. emerson looks so mature!! I cannot believe she is in second grade. I love that you buy a new item at the grocery store, I need to do that more often. Yum! Glad the rain left and you are slowly drying out. Have a good good good weekend my dear!

  4. Love these bookmarks!! So colorful and fun! Have a great weekend, Tracey!

  5. Cute bookmarks which are always handy. I love how you're trying something new every time you go to the market. I haven't had Suja before. I usually made my own green smoothies. Emerson is beautiful. They grow so fast, yeah? I love the little chunky hat. Yeah, ppl think chunky and bulky make us knit faster but handling fatter needles are not easy and harder on the hands.

  6. If you want the temps to dip, I hope they do!
    Emerson is a cutie patootie! They DO grow up so fast. Weep.
    Have a great weekend, Tracey!

  7. Tracey, you might be one of the only people hoping for frost! :)

  8. Emerson is just beautiful - and there is a definite resemblance to you, dear Tracey. xxx

  9. I love trying new foods! 'm on a huge health kick right now and love trying new and healthy recipes. Some are so good and other's... meh... Emerson is growing up, such a sweet girl!

  10. What wonderful mail Tracey, those bookmarks are darling. And my goodness Emerson looks so grown up. She is beautiful.

    Enjoy your weekend. xo

  11. what a great photo!!! She really looks so sort of happens overnight, doesn't it?? While it's still dark outside, i think i'm glimpsing some sparkling on the grass....eeeeep!!!! frost here (i think!!!!) loving it!!!

  12. Wonderful things to be grateful for, Tracey. Love those bookmarks and the fabulous chunky knits. :)
    Emerson...the beauty in her radiates.

  13. You have given me a new appreciation for the mushrooms that pop up in my yard. I normally consider them a nuisance and am quick to rip them out. I think now I will look closer before I do so.
    Your Emerson is a pretty girl and I do see the family resemblance.
    Lovely bookmarks you received.
    I have not tried suja, but it sounds wonderful. I like your idea for trying one new thing and think I will make that a plan when I am grocery shopping.
    Enjoy your weekend, Tracey.

  14. Emerson truly is beautiful, Tracey. She has the sweetest smile. xo

  15. Emerson truly is beautiful, Tracey. She has the sweetest smile. xo

  16. I wish I was as adventurous with new foods like you...that drink looks amazing.
    I like the picture of your driveway...what a peaceful and beautiful path to come home on.xoxo

  17. Oh my...Emerson is certainly growing into a lovely young lady! Glad your weekend was filled with so many wonderful things, especially the cooler weather. :)