Sunday, October 11, 2015


The world only exists in your eyes
You can make it as big or as small
as you want.

~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

It's been a quiet weekend,
a good weekend.

My home was loved from
top to bottom, even moving
all the furniture to clean deep;
not something others notice, but
I know.

I've been having fun on Instagram
and can finally appreciate it's appeal.
Are you there? Let me know so I
can find you.

The rain came, but nothing like
what we experienced last weekend,
although any rain at this point just
adds to the mess.

I cast on a cowl and once that was
cast off I wound some pretty yarn
from Quince & Co. and am working
on a little hat design.

I have consumed gallons of hot tea,
sweet with raw honey and just a touch
of homemade almond milk. I do love
this cooler weather.

I tried to play with my camera, but the
mosquitoes were so bad I gave in and
headed for the indoors. That will have
to wait for another day.

I finished my book, The House We Grew Up In.
I only gave it three stars, and was sadly
disappointed.  I've started a book, Station
Eleven, something I wouldn't normally
pick up, but I've heard good things so
my hopes are high.

I laughed at the chicken harness photo
my sister sent. I wonder just how my
girls would take to being walked with one?
I need to check to see if they make an extra
large one because I have a feeling Daisy May
the turkey would do well.

I was able to see lots of photos of my daughter,
son in love and Emerson! Gosh I miss her.

Weekending with Karen


  1. Oh goodness, I laughed out loud at that chicken harness, I can't even imagine it :) Lots of tea around here too Tracey, and there is always knitting. I cast off another Christmas present this weekend...yay!!!

    Wishing you a lovely week my friend. xo

  2. The chicken harness is funny! I liked The House We Grew Up In because the author really knows how to write. The story was disturbing. I'm kmaston on Instagram.

  3. Oh my goodness, a chicken harness...that is quite hilarious! :0) Instagram is something that i have yet to try... maybe later :o) love, mari

  4. I have to laugh at the chicken harness, and just have to ask.... WHY?? Why would anyone want to walk a chicken! LOL Not on instagram at this time.. I think Mikaela is though. It's been a busy weekend with the last fiddle contest of the season and an English paper due tonight by 10:30 our time. My girl is working hard on getting it together and sent in by the deadline.

  5. What a lovely weekend! Your daughter looks just like you - so beautiful! I would love to follow you on Instagram! I am @giftofknitting there.

  6. I just went over and followed @Tracey_Clover and I'm hoping that's you!

  7. chicken harness??? really? people really will buy anything, won't they? (great family photos....looks like they are taking advantage of their temp home to do some wonderful sightseeing!)

  8. Oh E is BEAUTIFUL and so is your daughter and SIL. I'm betting you are looking and looking at that photo over and over. The chicken harness made me smile :) I love instagram and I'm glad you are there and you do like it as well!!

  9. I've seen pictures of the chicken harness and can't believe somebody actually came up with that idea. Crazy... Sounds like you had a good weekend and I love the picture of your sweet granddaughter in front of the castle. Are they enjoying the sights in Germany?

  10. Enjoyed the photos of your girl in many amazing sites to see there -- she'll never forget these years (but I know it's hard, Tracey). I'm with you...we're making plans for a Scotland trip next spring or summer. How about you? My hens would squawk at that harness! :)

  11. Great post- my home need love too- you inspire me to do so. I saw the chicken harness- too cute! Beautiful images of your lovely family abroad- I bet they are having fun! Have a great week ahead.

  12. wonderful post. my mom sent me a photo of the chicken harness. hilarious. i think we have one chicky who would really enjoy it. LOL
    have a great week.

  13. It looks like Emerson is having a grand adventure in her new land! I haven't had a chance to do the deep cleaning of the challenges this week, but I've printed all of the lists and will get to them as time allows.

  14. That chicken harness just made my day!! I am on instagram! tarynoakley. Hope to see you there!!

  15. I was crackin' up too! I was like chicken harness? What a riot. I like your smooshy yarn and happy for you that you got new photos of your family. I have yet to try tea like that.

  16. A chicken harness!!!! How funny. we have a man that walks his cat in a harness round here but no chickens!

  17. he he...chicken harness...what fun. Beautiful photos of your family. It's good that you are able to keep in touch.

  18. my home needs that type of lovin...wish I had your energy Tracey!!! When do you leave to visit Emerson???

  19. My daughter actually made and used a chicken harness to walk her rooster! It worked, but to bring him in the house, she had to invent the "chicken diaper" and that was always a work in progress! But quite comical, as you can imagine. Lovely photos ~ I am looking for an online class. Have you taken one that you could recommend? Just leave a note on my blog if so! Thx!

  20. My kids would love to have chicken harnesses! I'd never seen one before but now I'm going to check at the feed store next time. Maybe Santa can bring them. :)