Thursday, September 10, 2015


" I am soft in more
  ways than one.
  And there is no shame
  in the quiet revolution
  that comes from
  letting yourself settle
  into your own skin
  and saying ,
  'This is not a place
   I've always loved,
  but I'm learning and
  I'm trying'

~ Key Ballah

What a fantastic week it's 
been in my world, yours too?
I do hope so.. 

We have had so much rain I
now have mushrooms popping
up all over the place. As I sit
here and type the sky is dark,
the wind is picking up and I
hear the roar of thunder, sigh.
This has been going on for weeks
and I am ready to not have to
wear rubber boots while doing
my chores. 

Did you see the photo of Lannister?
My chickens are ready for some
drier weather too poor dears..

I discovered locally made
pastries and the cream cheese
stuffed almond cone was
delicious from the first bite
to the last. Thank goodness
I live out of town or I might
be in trouble.

For a birthday treat I paid a
visit to my LYS and for the
first time since learning to knit
I sat with a group of fabulous
women and knit, admired each
others projects and had the
best time. I also left there
with yarn for socks, yarn for
shawls, [just waiting to see
the new Brooklyn Tweed look
book coming out on Wednesday]
and some of the best dpn's I have
ever used. Knitter's Pride out did
themselves, these needles are

I have had almost a week of being
52 and I must say that finally, after
all these years, I am happy in this
skin, happy with the person I have
become, happy with my life and
happy you are my friends. Sock
updates for the homeless continue
to pour in and I am overjoyed.
Life is really
pretty awesome!

Enjoy the weekend.

Much love,


  1. Life is pretty awesome! The older I get, the more important it is to me to enjoy it and make the best of it. :-) We've had some rain, but not nearly as much as we had been expecting... I finished a pair of socks for you and will try and get them in the mail sometime next week. Have a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like a great week!! Will get socks to send as soon as I make another trip to Costco!

  3. Glad that 52 is being good to you so far!
    that second photo....... WOW! it is so gorgeous. subtle and soft and so very lovely.

  4. So glad you have had a good week :) It is an amazing feeling to come to a point where we feel just right in our own skin. I've always wanted to join a knitting group, they seem like such fun. Wishing you a wonderful weekend :)

  5. That is just beautiful to hear Tracey... The world can only open up to you if you are happy on the inside. You are beautiful. :-)

    That yarn looks so soft. Can'T wait to see what you do with it!

  6. i'm so glad you had such a good week, tracey. happy birthday to you! may the goodness continue...

  7. Are... those... metal tipped, wooden DPNs? That.. maybe the smartest combination I've ever seen. Except.. woudl the yarn snag on the metal lip? Hmm...

    Happy late birthday, Tracey!

  8. As always Tracey, beautiful photos. I feel that same way as you, comfortable in my own skin, comfortable with who I am and comfortable with where my path is taking me. I often wonder why it takes us so long to feel comfortable with who we are, but I guess we need all the past experience to shape who we are and finally reach a point of acceptance.

    Have the most wonderful weekend my friend. xo

  9. i hope drier weather comes your way soon...though, i have to say, that mushroom looks amazing !!! You take such amazing photos. Keep checking your mailbox !!!

  10. Happy belated birthday! You look amazing!
    I love your mushroom macro. We need some rain here in Portland. I am a bit jealous of your mushrooms!!

  11. being happy in our skin is priceless! here's to many many more years as we age and being happy with the added wrinkles and aches and pains :)

  12. So glad you found a knitting gang!

  13. You sound really contented, Tracey. I'm so happy for you.

  14. Loved your close ups mushroom photos and the fact that you are "in peace" with yourself!

  15. You are in a really good place Tracey - I am so happy for you. Those needles are great aren't they? Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. That is some thin yarn - I don't know how you crank out so many projects knitting with that! Glad you're loving life Tracey.

  17. You happy, me happy. For me, turning 40 was my turning point of I don't give a sh*t 'cuz I roll 'da way I roll. It's 81° here. Supposed to max out at 91°, lucky us, but I'll take that instead of 97. What do your hens do when it rains? Do they like the rain? I smiled at your knitting session. Good for you. I haven't had time to visit a LYS yet but I intend to next Wednesday! It's my birthday month and I get 20% off. That pastry looks yummy. I want to do some baking this weekend. *hug* September sista!

  18. Yay! I'll get socks in the mail soon.
    The 50's are so great!
    I'm so glad I've found you and your blog!

  19. What a lovely post. Whenever I read your blog, it reminds me to slow down and savor and love the life I have. I also have a package of socks which I will mailing this coming week. They are not hand knitted, but will keep someone's feet warm this winter. I am so glad you are doing this great project and letting all of your friends help! Have a great week.

  20. Beautiful post. Sounds like another beautiful birthday! Yay for sitting and knitting with other knitters. It can be so comforting to be in a knitting group.

  21. so happy for you, such a wonderful post. <3

  22. Loved reading this Tracey! You are such a beautiful soul, so glad you are happy and feeling good. Your photos are awesome, too!

  23. Happy belated birthday Tracey!! I'll be 49 in January and I've loved my 40's. I'm sure my 50's will be fantastic!! Wonderful photos!! Have a great week ahead!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  24. I love the way you're settling into your new age and being! Very inspirational for me to keep trying to consistently stay in that place.

    And yay for finding a new knitting tribe, I'm still on the hunt for mine. Here's to a great week ahead friend!

  25. Love it! Your beautiful hair really highlights your gorgeous glowing skin.