Sunday, March 15, 2015


It's the little things
that make life

~ etsy

We had a baby shower this
weekend, a baby shower for
the newest grand that will be
here soon. The weekend started
out rainy, but by noon the sun
was shining, the air was warm,
and the sand gnats were out in
full force. I spent most of the
night holding the sweetest little
four month old who drooled
all over me and eventually fell
asleep in my arms; I wanted
to bring him home. Oh, and
I ate cake, really good cake.

I have spent today sitting in the
sun, knitting, finishing a book,
[it wasn't the greatest], starting
a new one, talking on the phone
with my youngest sister and
just enjoying the peace that always
accompanies my Sunday's.

Weekending with Karen.


  1. It all looks so beautiful- what a lovely theme for a little baby boy! The parents are glowing- congratulations to all of you.

  2. What joy! So wonderful to always welcome a new bundle to the family :0) ...

  3. Life is always beautiful when you can eat really good cake and hold a baby! Best wishes for the newest Grand & his lucky parents!

  4. What a pretty baby shower decorations and a fun theme. Love that picture of the bird on the post - a cormorant? It was a very gray and windy day here - your calm Spring coastal pictures make me slightly itch for a road trip.

  5. I love the baby shower theme, how creative!! Everything looked so pretty and mom to be is just glowing!

  6. Your photos are so bautiful. .. here it has been cloudy, windy and not warm at all, the sunlight on your photos made me realize how much I love sunny days. .. Congratulations for the baby boy!!

    Lluisa xoxo

  7. so fun.....but how could they cut into that cake! WOW. It was beautiful!!! Drooling babies....the best! Can't wait for your new one to arrive!!!

  8. How exciting! What a cute baby boy shower.

  9. Oh what fun! Look like a great day.

  10. looks like you had a pretty good weekend, there was cake.....lovely photo of the your son and his wife, how exciting to have a grandson!!! Wishing you joy and peace this week :)

  11. I love the theme and the decorations used. Congrats on your soon to be here grand!

  12. Such beautiful pictures!! I love the anchors. My sister is due with twin girls in just a few weeks and her theme is anchors too! Purple & pink ones :-)

  13. Ahh, yes, the details in this baby shower are WONDERFUL. So exciting to have another grand on the way!

  14. Congrats to the new mom, dad and grandma !!! Have a great week Tracey...

  15. I love baby showers. And holding a baby? Oh - just heaven. Sounds like a wonderful weekend Tracey!

  16. Such a great weekend! Congratulations on that new little grandson!

  17. and now i am smiling.
    so happy reading about your sweet weekend.

    {congrats on the grandson-on-the-way!}

  18. Congrats on your growing family, Tracey!

  19. A sweet, sweet weekend Tracey, and it sounds like you enjoyed it :)

  20. What beautiful photos of a perfectly lovely weekend! Congratulation all round...what exciting news!

  21. We call sand gnats no-see-ums down here. Terrible things. Loved the article you linked to though!

  22. We call sand gnats no-see-ums down here. Terrible things. Loved the article you linked to though!

  23. Hurray for beautiful baby showers! I hope fun was had by all :) XO