Thursday, March 12, 2015


He said,  "One life on this earth is
all we get, whether it is enough or
not enough, and the obvious conclusion
would seem to be at the very least we
are fools if we do not live it as fully
and bravely and beautifully as we can."

~ Frederick Buechner

Officially spring doesn't begin until
next Friday, but here in the south it
has arrived early. I am trying not to
be bitter that I never saw the first snow
flake fall this year.  I have enjoyed having
all the windows open, although I am
not thrilled with the amount of pollen
that is coating everything, but it does
make the dust a nice pretty yellow. 
I'm not the only one who can't keep
up with the dust am I?
The South Carolina state flower,  Yellow
Jessamine, is blooming wildly all over,
decorating the tops of trees and bushes
making my walks quite pretty.
I had all of my labs done this week
[I have Graves Disease] and there has
been some adjusting to my medicines
which should help with my energy level.
It has taken me all week, but I am getting
use to the time change and am enjoying
getting in an extra walk after dinner.
I gave up drinking coffee two years, but
several times lately I have been hearing
about bulletproof coffee, have you tried
it?  I am wondering if it's really worth
all the hype and if I should give it a try?
I made gluten free cheese muffins and
they were actually edible.  I also tried
a new to me quinoa patty recipe that
was pretty good. I did add lots of fresh
chopped garlic and more broccoli to
the recipe, but then I really like broccoli
and garlic.
You know that there is always knitting
in my day and so far I am pleased with
how the baby blanket I am knitting is
coming along.  I hope to be done in
the next few days, especially since the
baby's due date has been moved up.
I hope you are living each day fully
and you have a weekend filled with
beauty and happiness.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling more energized. My mum had an overactive thyroid years ago and ended up having it removed. That baby blanket is full of sunshine and almost looks like colorwork?

  2. i found the best gf flour by tom sawyer (it costs a bit, but soooo worth it) to make really great baked goods. seriously my peeps love biscuits, muffins, cookies made with it just as much as regular flour.
    such lovely photos, as always.

  3. I hope having your meds adjusted will bring you more energy! Your food looks delicious, I think I would be very happy sitting at the dinner table with you. :-) Wish we could have our windows open - it's been raining almost nonstop... Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. glad you are doing well and this time change for once wasn't bad for me. Last year I remember it took an entire week! My sister is GF and she makes the bestest GF food ever :) honest!! Have a good weekend my dear and maybe next year you'll get a snowflake :)

  5. I am happy that you are feeling more energetic these days, its no fun feeling sluggish especially when beautiful weather beckons. All your food photos are making my tummy rumble, it looks so delicious! Wishing you a lovely weekend, Tracey! XO

  6. I could easily substitute butter and coconut oil for all the cream I pour in my coffee...bulletproof might actually taste good...imagine if it actually works???So glad you are feeling more energy these days!!!

  7. I love that you provide me with so many great recipe ideas. Especially since you cook food that is "good for you".
    Often inspiring you are, Tracey!

  8. I can't believe with all the snow on the east coast this winter that you did not get anything. Our pollen season is still a good 2-3 months away. We constantly have dust too - mostly from the ashes from the wood stove. No matter where you live the dirt just keeps piling on up!

  9. My Sweet and I are in some journey dear one. My GBS needs constant attention and changes...oh, so many changes. To my diet, my exercise (which at this moment is Yoga) and my medication and vitamins.

    Knitting is now always beside me :0)

    lots of love,


  10. Tracey, if you have more energy, imagine how much more knitting you'd accomplish! :) (In all seriousness, I hope that your health is okay and that your body gets back in balance.) Great bee picture!

  11. Hope the energy level picks up again soon with all the adjustments. Wising you the most wonderful weekend Tracey. xo

  12. As usual your post is full of nice pictures and words, it's always a pleasure to stop by :)

    Happy weekend!

    Lluisa xoxo

  13. Great quote! I'm sorry to hear of your health issues, but happy to hear that you've got some tools to help. Hope you are feeling energized and better soon. Have a relaxing weekend!

  14. The spring photos are absolutely wonderful, just love them! Thanks for sharing!

  15. It's starting to feel like spring here too. I'm sad to see my beloved winter leaving but it's always nice to usher in a new season!