Monday, February 23, 2015


"You see, when weaving a blanket,
an Indian woman leaves a flaw in
the weaving of that blanket to let
the soul out."

~ Martha Graham


Weave [ wēv ]::verb
present participle: weaving
form (fabric or a fabric item)
by interlacing long threads passing
in one direction with others at a
right angle to them.
I can't remember when I brought
my home, but I do know it's been
awhile and during all this time it
has sat. Oh, I would see it in my
studio and think 'tomorrow is the
day I will learn how to use it', but
that day never came until this past
Saturday when I sat down with a
friend who gave me some valuable
tips on weaving and then on Sunday
when I watched You Tube videos until
I understood how to take everything
apart and warp the loom. Don't you
just love You Tube ? Anyway, it
took me hours, and at one point when
I thought I was about done I realized
I had made a mistake and had to start
over. I will be honest and confess that
I almost quit, weaving just wasn't meant
for me, but I kept at it and discovered
just how fun weaving can be. While
I don't think weaving will ever take the
place of knitting in my life I'm having fun.
Oh, and there are plenty of flaws to let
my soul out!


  1. *Squeal* You're weaving! Good for you for persevering. Yes, YouTube has been a great teacher for me too, with knitting in my case. I look forward to seeing where this fiber journey brings you!

  2. Happy weaving, Tracy! You will do it as you do everything else...well.

  3. Oh, Weaving is such a joy! Enjoy it. I spin to weave to wear 😄

  4. Yes... weaving, beautiful Tracey, you are so creative and talented.

  5. This is amazing Tracey. Reece is sitting with me, looking at the photos and just said "that is weaving, kinda like how I do it" I said kinda, as his is much different, but he loved seeing it.

    I have to admit to standing at watching the weavers at the last fiber festival I was at, it was pretty amazing. Can't wait to see what you create.

  6. I had a loom when I was a little girl. I wonder what happened to it? I think it's good to learn a new hobby, just for a small change of pace.

  7. Oh how fun, and what a lovely loom. I used to make looms out of cardboard when I was little and try to weave my own fabric...not very successfully though. Your results look very much like my current favourite shop bought scarf. I was trying to work out how it was made the other day and realised that it was loosely woven and not knitted.

    I think that You Tube is amazing. I've learnt to use circular needles and make icords, bind off sock heels,make a circular and build a clay pizza oven, all using You Tube tutorials.

    Glad that you are having fun.

  8. This is amazing Tracey! I agree about youtube, too, I don't think I could name all the things I've learned on youtube. Your quote today is one I'm definitely writing down and putting up somewhere where I can see it often :) xo

  9. Good for you, learning something new and sticking with it! It looks really pretty and I'm looking forward to all the beautiful things you're going to show us. :-)

  10. Congrats! You got it going! Isn't it fun? Sooo much faster than knitting...

  11. I love the fiber crafts! So many wonderful options for creativity to flow. How fantastic that you are weaving. Can't wait to see the beauty you create.

  12. Pretty cool Tracey - it looks like fun. Sometimes just taking the plunge and starting something is the hardest part!

  13. I'm glad you got your loom out and learned! The warping process can be a bit fiddly at first but once you get it down the weaving goes by fast. I listen to a good audio book and get warping and it makes it easier. I heard the rigid heddle class on Craftsy is very good. Weaving won't ever replace knitting for me, but it's another fiber craft to add to my accomplishments. Enjoy the process!

  14. That sounds great, weaving. .. looking forward to see your projects. I like the quote of the start :)

    Lluisa xoxo

  15. I remember having little weaving looms as a child. We loved them. We never made anything worthwhile, but it whiled away many hours of peaceful fun. Have fun with yours.

  16. Lovely colors! Just as calming as your weaving itself must be. :)

  17. look at you go!!!! I hate the warping so much I sold my loom before I actually made anything. I still struggle to make little coasters and hot pads with the little square looms! No new tricks for this old dog, I guess.

  18. look at you!!!! You are weaving and it looks fabulous. You are so talented and I love the bright colors you are using :)

  19. Another fiber rabbit hole!!! Enjoy the process Tracey, I love your outlook on learning new skills every year!

  20. Some of my fondest memories of my paternal grand-mother are her and I sitting at her loom. The colors of your threads are beautiful. Can'T wait to see all the amazing things you create.

  21. It is so wonderful that you started weaving, I find it really fascinating! Love your work.
    and um, yes! I love Youtube, it answered so many knitting questions for me!
    Hugs, xx