Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Knitting may not on the surface
seem relevant to engines that run
the world, but at its essence, it is
actual quite vital.  For knitting,
which can express so many emotions,
most often expresses love. And when
all else is lost, love is what most
often stays with us.

~ Melanie  Falick

It has been a very cold and wet
day here in the deep south so I
have been staying inside by the
woodstove, drinking hot chai
and knitting.

I ordered a 9 inch circular needle
to knit my sock with and it
is working out just like I wanted.
I will switch back to dpn's when I
work the heel and gusset since that
is what I know how to do, but then
it will be back to this little circular
needle because I like it.

One problem I was having while
working the cable of the pattern
is the length of my cable needle,
it was just too long and kept
getting in my way. My solution?
I went out and found a pecan stick,
whittled it down, sand papered it
smooth, added a little stain and
polyurethane and made just what
I needed. It's working great.

I forgot to take a photo of my
reading, oops, but I am reading
How to Catch Frogs and am
finding it a very easy and relaxing

Joining with Ginny


  1. Lovely post all together, photos, the quote. .. Nice :)

    Lluisa xoxo

  2. I love your knitting! I want to try to make socks on circular needles. One of these days!!

  3. How clever of you to create your very own cable needle! Pecan trees don't grow here in the PNW. I'm still enjoying the Mitford series! :)

  4. I've always wondered about socks on a circular needle, I don't like to go out of my comfort zone while knitting (probably why I haven't tried cables!). I love that you made your own cable needle - impressive!

  5. It's been years since I tried one of those 9" needles....wonder if I'd like it any better???? Your socks are looking great!!! (Love your cn solution! only you!!!!)

  6. I have never seen that before- looks interesting. Have fun knitting Tracey!

  7. Lovely photos. Great idea to make your own needle.

  8. I like my 9 inch circular...but it cramps my fingers. I have been using double points right now. I have been wanting to try magic loop..have you ever used it making your socks? It looks so simple but I can't get the hang of it just yet. Can't wait to see your socks finished : ) Hugs!!!

  9. Very clever to whittle your own cable stick! I very much admire your knitting talent, as I have not mastered making anything yet. So far the only thing I have managed to do is make my hands and wrists sore! Knit On!!!

  10. that is so cool! you made your own cable needle.that yarn looks so cozy!

  11. You are some kind of lady, my friend! My first response would have been to lament over the fact that the needle I had was too long and then go order a shorter one. Not my friend, Tracy! She just goes out and makes her own! I am so proud to call you friend. Love your ingenuity! The socks look so warm!

  12. whittling your cable needle! that is so neat. I didn't care for nine inch needles but that's me, I'm a dpn diehard. Lovely knitting!!

  13. You are a woman of many talents!! I love the little cable needle you whittled by yourself! We are home from school/work today yet again. No snow yet, but they are predicting anywhere from 2 - 6 inches for our area. They declared state of emergency for AL today! So far, not a flake in sight...

  14. You are brilliant. The cable needles - too long, too slippery, curved, straight, or oddly shaped - are why I avoid cables. And that is sad. I tried using a yarn needle for a while but that was too small and slippery and.. weirdly shaped. Maybe I'll see if my eldest could make me a polymer clay cable needle. Not as sturdy as wood, but all we have around here are twigs or mammoth branches from oak trees. (:

  15. I am glad to hear you are enjoying your mini circ. I have a couple but have yet to put them to the test. I was worried they would be too small and not allow me enough room to work ... though I love my 12in so I will have to give them a whirl.

    ... hot chai, yum!

  16. What a pretty post. And how clever you were with your pecan stick! Stay warm. I'm in central Ohio with quite a bit of snow on the ground, but I think it's just as cold down south! I know it's warmer in Alaska -- it's all upside down.

  17. I love how you solved your problem! I tried 9" needles once for socks and sadly they really hurt my hands. I heard Hiya's are nice and sharp and just perfect for socks.

  18. I love the needle you whittled! How clever! I have been a magic looper for several years now but I wonder if I would like DPNs better now to save that step of pulling the work along the cord so often.

  19. Maybe I should try 9" circulars if I'm going to attempt socks again! You are very talented to make your own cable needles out of a stick!

  20. I admire anyone who knits socks. :) I love your cable needle!

  21. Ingenious at making that shorter cable needle. You're truly a woman of many talents.

  22. Your socks are lovely. I just finished doing a sock tutorial so I'm a bit on sock overload. I love the way you made your very own cable needle! Have a wonderful day :)

  23. When all else fails, make it yourself :) Socks are looking great, Tracey! XO

  24. love that quote....and your beautiful knits of love !!!

  25. i love how resourceful you are Trace, whittling your own needle. How wonderful.How to catch frogs sounds interesting...I'm just going to check it out.
    Happy cosy days.

  26. Lovely photos :) Your sock looks good. I find shorter needles cramp my hands now, they never used to :-s Maybe I've just developed an odd way of knitting lol

  27. Your photos are beautiful. I can't wait to take knitting classes so make beautiful socks like yours.

  28. I'm loving the colour of your yarn ... grey is always a personal favourite.

    I'm currently knitting on a 30cm needle but I've yet to brave the 20cm.

  29. I LOVE your cable needle! I wasn't one. You could totally sell those.

  30. A day by the wood stove sounds so relaxing! We had fog again this morning and then we jumped to the 80s. Loads of people sunburnt, we hadn't had nice weather in so long!

  31. love... love... love your photos and the added poem!
    so happy you stopped by so that now I have discovered you!
    how perfect..... whittling your little needle, drinking chai (i love) and knitting ~ sounds like a perfect day to me xx

  32. Well done Tracey, for being creative and making what you needed!

  33. I wish it was warm, can't wait for the warmer weather! I really like the knitting quote you shared, I am always looking for knitting quotes and I really like that one! :)