Thursday, February 26, 2015


The journey is
the reward.

~Chinese proverb

I don't want to rush. I don't want finality.
 I don't want to be the first to have it all.
 Happiness is not a destination but a way
of life. It's a promise to yourself that no
matter where you go, you go there because
every fiber of your body says it's exactly
 where you need to be. It's days filled with
sunshine and rain, steel cut oats topped
with yogurt,  and fresh salads, long muddy
roads the smell of the sea, knitting [always,
 knitting], and just laid eggs. Yoga every
morning and naps in the afternoon, the
return of Survivor [I'm a fan] and reading
good books. It's about embracing yourself,
and loving others. Happy weekend my
dear friends, make it a great one.


  1. Wise true.
    Yes to yoga and lots of knitting, I'm in!
    Have the best weekend Tracey- rest and rejuvenate.

  2. i've lived a life of rushing, full steam ahead. recent years... i've learnt, and am learning, all about the Slow.

  3. Love your words today Tracey, so very true. Is that a new do...I like it :)

    Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  4. love your haircut!! so swingy and swishy! I agree with your words and take them to heart :)

  5. Tracey, you look absolutely gorgeous!! Love your new do!! Love the words and pictures as well. :-)

  6. I agree... it's not about getting there but all the little things you experience on the way... thanks for taking us along your journey

  7. You are so right... you look so lovely :0) Have a wonderful weekend yourself! mari

  8. the hair is so.....perfect!!!! :) great words to live by....the journey is what it's all about (as long as there is some knitting along the road!!!!)

  9. Your hair is growing out nicely...I love your haircut!! I don't want to rush it either Tracey. I like nice slow long days!! I always enjoy your pictures and your wisdom.

    Right now I am enjoying my crocheting, I am knitting a pair of socks or at least one sock, we are now Gluten free so we are learning how to eat differently so many new foods to try, and I am looking forward to green grass it's the simple things : )

    I hope your weekend is blessed!! Hugs!!

  10. Your thoughts echo what I desire lately, what my heart reached for this morning during my quiet times. Thank you for sharing your wisdom beautiful lady. I absolutely love your haircut.

    Happy, slow weekending to you too.

  11. Your knitting looks pretty! I also love the your pictures! Wishing there was no snow here in NY! Have a happy weekend!

  12. that was perfect. thank you so much for those words. our culture seems so so rushed, it is nice to see someone not wanting to rush, to try and have "it all", to enjoy their life. you totally inspire and you rock!

  13. Hey Pretty Lady!!! LOVE the hair. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  14. new haircut? you look beautiful!!!
    and i love everything you wrote.

  15. Beautiful words from a beautiful lady - love the hair :) XO

  16. A new hairstyle for you Tracey? It suits you well. Lovely, really. :) I've been thinking of going short, but my DH likes me to keep it long. Been a busy week here. Thankfully, our taxes are done! Happy weekend, my friend, xo Lisa

  17. Wise and beautiul words, pure inspiration.
    Thanks for sharing it :)

    Happy weekend!

    Lluisa xoxo

  18. What a lovely, lovely post. Oh the new hair cut really suits you. I was going to say that it makes your eyes look massive, but your eyes ARE massive. You are beautiful.
    I'm sure that yours will be a great one,

  19. I love the beauty and simplicity of your photos - the embroidered pillowcase, the eggs. The simple things are what bring us most joy.

  20. I could not agree with you more, life is not about rushing. Good for you for using the gift of time so wonderfully.
    Your hair looks gorgeous, love.

  21. Yes. It's about enjoying each moment as they come.

  22. Slow is the best. My happiest days are filled with healthy simple cooking, yoga/pilates, dog walking, reading and knitting/crochet.

  23. Words from my own heart... well spoken! The hair looks amazing. :-)

  24. Sounds like a great weekend. I must make time for yoga again. I keep saying I will but never do. Your hair looks fabulous.

  25. You're so beautiful Tracey! I'm catching up with commenting on your blog posts. I read most blogs through Feedly on my phone, but commenting never works through it...