Sunday, November 9, 2014


Life is short.
If there was ever
a moment to follow
your passion and do
something that matters
to you, that moment is

A weekend of visiting with
a son and daughter in love
with some wonderful friends.

Horseback riding on a darling
of a gelding, Smokey, although
he prefers to be called Snowflake;
we are now the best of friends.

Exploring the area, discovering
long abandon buildings and
wondering about their story.
Seeing white tail deer everywhere,
laughing and enjoying some
great company.

Being so tired when I arrived
home that I only had the energy
to prepare apples and cheese for
dinner.  The apples were a gift
from family visiting from VA
and I am enjoying every bite.

Spending most of Sunday with
my sweet girl Emerson. Playing
outside, crafting inside, listening
to her read to me, me reading to
her. I miss her already.

I enjoyed every minute of my

Joining with Karen


  1. you go girl!!!! what a great, wild weekend!!! (of course, I had a rather wild time in a yarn shop....does that count? It total exhausted me----hauling that stash home and all!)

  2. What a wonderful wonderful wonderful weekend! Those horses! The apples! Emerson's smile! You hit the jackpot for sure, friend!

  3. That looks and sounds like the perfect kind of weekend - and apples and cheese are SO good together, a real feast :) xo

  4. Your weekend sounds lovely, Tracey. I enjoyed seeing pictures of you on the horse. You certainly look as if you were enjoying the time. And what could top that after spending time with your Emerson girl. I'm so glad you had a good weekend.

  5. The trees in your state have character. Smokey is sweet. I love how you know how to pass the time.

  6. That horse is so beautiful, as are the photos. Glad you had a good weekend.

  7. What a beautiful horse, and a wonderful weekend. Sounds like it was well enjoyed.

  8. It sounds like the perfect weekend. And you look so at home their with Smokey/Snowflake :)

  9. Well, look at you on that horse... Looking really good I must say!! Sounds like a great weekend spent with great people, doing the things that bring you joy.

  10. What a beautiful weekend! I love seeing you in pictures! (Which I should remember....I love seeing all my blogging friends when they post pictures of themselves....I should do it more often too!) I adore the quote you wrote above. Going to write it in my journal right now! :-)

  11. Hello lovely girl on a horse! Weekends like these are what make life feel so wonderful.

  12. you on a horse…look at you! how awesome.
    your weekend sounds full and really wonderful.

  13. What a lovely way to spend a weekend! You look so at home on that horse and I see I'm not the only one who tries to imagine what the history of old, sometimes neglected buildings is. :D

  14. Glad you had such a great weekend Tracey. It sounds wonderful. Horses, exploring, and the people you love.

  15. Tracey! look at you on a horse!!! Wow! I love your hair and the color it is naturally, makes you shine like a bright penny :) So happy your weekend was with E. Soak up that love :)

  16. Gorgeous as always my sweet friend! mari

  17. I love abandon buildings and often wonder about their past. We have some pretty cool ghost towns here in Colorado. I found a link on the weather channel that had abandoned buildings from all 50 states. That was cool.

  18. I love these look great on horse back. Awesome. I have always been obsessed with horses and used to save my school bus fare walking two bus routes so that I could go riding on Saturday mornings. Everyone has horses where we now live (well not quite everyone) and talk about them all the time... I would love to have another go even though I was thrown off the last time I went riding.
    Happy riding days.
    ps loving how your hair is growing...

  19. Beautiful photos.
    I love horses and miss the great feeling on riding them, the smell and their sweetness.
    You look great on Smokey :)