Thursday, May 8, 2014


All my life I had been looking for something,
and everywhere I turned someone tried to
tell me what it was. I accepted their answers
too, though they were often in contradiction
and even self-contradictory. I was naïve. I
was looking for myself and asking everyone
except myself questions which I, and only I,
could answer. It took me a long time and
much painful boomeranging of my expectations
to achieve a realization everyone else appears
to have been born with: that I am nobody
but myself.

~Ralph Ellison

It's been a good week, a little
too hot for my comfort, 95 degrees,
which finally broke me down
and I turned on the air conditioning.

I made it to my local yarn
store and brought home a little
gift for myself, and think it will
be great in this pattern.

I put photoshop on my computer,
and have no idea how to use it, but
it's going to be fun learning.

Emerson, my all time favorite
person, is coming on Saturday
for a sleep over.  There will be
time in the garden, playing with
all the animals, churning the ice
cream maker and chasing lightening
bugs. I can't wait!

Tomorrow I'm headed to the beach
to soak in the sun, listen to the waves
as they crash on shore and read my book.

Enjoy the most fabulous weekend
and please remember to be yourself,
you are wonderful!



  1. Love that pattern! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your time with Emerson.

  2. Love the name of the shawl pattern! Like that last picture with the bright blue tray. Have a great weekend with your granddaughter - ice cream and animals - sounds perfect!

  3. You have a lovely Mother's Day weekend planned. I bet your Beach is much cleaner and nicer than ours. I wish I could visit your home and get to do what your Emerson does.
    Lace weight cotton is a first I've ever seen. The greens mixed with purple is like mermaids and kelp among anemones.

  4. Have fun with Emerson! Ice cream and sunshine and smiles...even if you have to turn on the AC. 95 is HOT! I give myself permission to turn on our AC when it's 90 or over, but that doesn't happen very often here. Today it was cool and rainy sweater weather while I ran errands. A happy weekend to you, Tracey!

  5. A beautiful gift - the one to yourself and the words and photos you share here. I love the activities you have planned to do with Emerson. Have a wonderful one!

  6. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Tracey! Enjoy your grand daughter : )

    Wish I could go to the beach with you....

    Happy Mothers Day!!

  7. love your present and I've knit that pattern many times! Great choice! So glad that Emerson is visiting you :) 95? that is a bit steamy. We have the air on and it was only 82 yesterday, I just wilt and my joints hurt so.

  8. I always, always love your photos!! We've been in the mid 80's and have really enjoyed the warm days. Rain moving in today, but hopefully it'll be gone by tomorrow morning. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  9. Those flowers look like a type of Santa Barbara Daisies, which are all over my back garden.
    Have fun with your Grand. xoxoxo

  10. That is a powerful quote my friend. I am going to copy it and place it where i can see it daily :) have a blessed weekend! :) mari

  11. 95° sure is steamy! We're still in the 60's up here. Oh, that yarn is GORGEOUS--what a beautiful shawl it will make. Have a great visit with Emerson--what a lovely weekend you have planned.

  12. oh, a beach in the heat sounds just devine!!! although... chasing lightening bugs sounds pretty awesome as well :) your week sounds fabulous (minus the temp of 95... ack!)

  13. have the most wonderful time with your wee girl tracey. happy mothers day!

  14. Sounds like you have the bestest weekend planned. Enjoy spending time with your favorite person and have a Happy Mother's day. <3

  15. The quote hit my heart hard - I will copy and save it.
    Hope you have / had a wonderful trip to the beach and with Emerson.
    Pretty pretty pictures :)

  16. Just catching up on all my blog reading. I really love that Ellison quote. That sounds like the perfect weekend. I treated myself to some yarn to make a shawl this week too. I can't wait to start knitting.
    Have fun.

  17. have a great weekend. and can i just say i love how you grandmother. you are awesome!

  18. i hope you had fun at the beach over the
    weekend. Have you finished your previous
    knitting project in navy? i am so looking forward
    to see that, if you can.

  19. The light on the first photo is amazing! We have a similar view around our house at sunrise and sunset when the sun only hits some areas in the trees and makes them glow. I always try to capture these scenes in my mind as I usually don't have my camera out, and even if I do I'm always disappointed at how it looks in the photo vs. the real life image.