Sunday, May 11, 2014


Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort
of feeling safe with a person, having neither
to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but
pouring them all out, just as they are, chaff
and grain together, certain that a faithful
hand will take and sift them, keep what is
worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness
blow the rest away.

~Dinah Craik

Mother's Day  weekend was lively.
Emerson ran a 1/2 mile in the
American Kid's Run earning a

medal that she is very proud
to own.

She got to wear her shirt with the
Lady Cordelia Design. and declared
it her 'most favorite shirt ever' !

There was much chick holding. The
chicks got their wings trimmed since
Dani has now learned to fly, much to
the delight of a certain five year old.

We ate lots and lots of honeysuckles
and lots and lots of homemade ice cream.

The storm clouds blew in with much noise,

but quickly blew out without any rain falling,

All but one of my babies made it by with warm
hugs and laughter and joy.

It's been a good weekend.

This space will be quiet for a few days as I
prepare for the last week of school. I need
to write compliance forms and work up a
plan for the next year of lessons. I hope
you enjoy a gentle week filled with only
things that bring a smile.



Joining with Amanda


  1. She is adorable :) glad you had a good weekend together, and congrats on the the medal win!! Loved seeing you with your family-I keep forgetting to take photos when we are all together!

  2. What a wonderful weekend Tracey! What joy to have spend it with so many blessings :) mari

  3. I have been thinking about you this weekend, knowing that you would be having a wonderful time with Emerson. What a lovely photo of you and your boys and that on with Emerson, love it!

    Good luck with all the school related work. Enjoy your week.

  4. Sounds like a very lovely weekend. Good luck with your end of the school year planning and paperwork. Have a good one!

  5. It looks like the best kind of mother's day. Have a fruitful week.

  6. oh, it sounds so wonderful! your granddaughter is absolutely adorable... and i just love her name!

  7. Precious memories! Like Karen, we forgot to take any group shots...Dan took pictures of me opening gifts, but nary a photo of me with my kiddos. Congrats to Emerson and to you (and your son) for completing another year of schooling! Have a great week, Tracey,

    Lisa :)

  8. Your granddaughter is precious! Good for her, running the 1/2 mile and earning the medal! You look beautiful with your family, love the dress!

  9. What a wonderful Mother's Day! Emerson is so proud of that medal. Good for her! Good luck on your end of school plans - we shall "see"you soon!

  10. sounds like a wonderful weekend. have a beautiful week

  11. Beautiful pictures - you look so happy with your kids.
    What a wonderful weekend with adorable Emerson - sounds like you had alot of fun :)
    May your week be fun.

  12. oh how wonderful tracey! happy mothers day :) i know how much it meant for (almost) all your babies to be there. what a beautiful family you have. congratulations emerson!

  13. Congrats on Emerson's run! Corrine did a strider bike course on Sat. It's good to have active kiddos. Looks like it was a wonderful weekend for you.

  14. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! Her shirt is adorable!

  15. You are lookin' fabulous, woman! Emerson is a beauty. I wish I could do the things she gets to do at your house.

  16. what a great mother's day!!! way to go emerson!!!! wear that medal with pride!

  17. What a beauty Emerson is!--and what a strong resemblance she bears to you! Congratulations to her for earning a medal!

    Your Mother's Day weekend sounds like it was magical: eating honeysuckle, icecream, holding chicks, and getting to spend time with all of your children,

    Wishing you are great week ahead--I'l be thinking of you while you are filling out all of that homeschooling paperwork. ♥

  18. Loved every single one of these photos! I'm happy you got to spend time with everybody. And your cloud photo makes me want to paint :)

  19. What a lovely weekend, Tracey. You are truly a blessed Mama!

  20. Congratulations on your run Emerson!
    P.S. I love your new t-shirt and I know that my daughter, Emory, would love it too because she's a horse-crazy girl. I'm guessing you like horses too?
    P.P.S. Eating honeysuckles straight from the garden is the best!