Sunday, March 9, 2014


Children make your life important.

~Erma Bombeck


This weekend the sun came back
and the temperature climbed to
the mid-seventies.
I opened all the doors and windows
to let the warm breeze blow the wood stove
smell from my home and fill the air
with the scent of spring.
I cleaned my house from top to bottom,
and realized we already need to
cut the lawn...or at least the clover.
I knit the heel and gusset on two socks,
marveled at the number of bees at work
in my yard,
was and am awed at the talent and generosity
of people in this world [more later]
And  best of all I enjoyed the day outside
running, playing, and getting dirty with
my favorite person in the world who
arrived today and is stay with me
until Tuesday night.
Joining Amanda


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend Tracey, especially those temperatures...I hope they stay like that for my visit south next week :)

    Enjoy your time with favourite person.

  2. look at the pollen baskets on that hardworking bee! woohoo!
    oh enjoy your time with her~ what a cutie pie!

  3. You had a beautiful weekend. I can feel your happiness all the way over here.

  4. Wow, do you have clematis blooming already?! It got a smidge warmer on Saturday - heavy sweater and gloves instead of heavy coat and gloves. We went to the arboretum, but no green in sight!

  5. have fun Tracey with your buddy! So glad that you get to be together and make more memories! Come and clean my house from top to bottom ;)

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. :-)Enjoy your time with your granddaughter.

  7. Oh wow! Mowing the lawn! Enjoy your time with your granddaughter Tracey!

  8. Here's to all that weekend wonder spreading into this coming week. <3

  9. our clover needs to be mowed too but i'm holding off, the kids love hunting for four leaf clovers ;-) enjoy your time with your sweet guest!

  10. What pretty spring like pictures!! Have so much fun with your little buddy!! She is so cute! And getting so big!

  11. have the most wonderful time tracey! the weather sounds just perfect for playing with the little one!

  12. I'm jealous - you have bees! They are still in hibernation mode up here. Enjoy the time with Emerson!

  13. I would find it very difficult to imagine my life without it filled with children. My little girl next door and I scooped late summer bees out of the pool on the weekend. They had gone in for a drink and couldn't get out on by themselves. We are making the most of the last warm days swimming before autumn set in. Hope you had a great few days with your granddaughter - she is really growing up.

  14. Hi Tracey, what a beautiful post today! We had a sunny bright weekend as well. Today was also lovely and warm, just perfect. I am really longing for Spring this year. My ornamental pear trees are in full bloom. The white blossoms are brilliant against the clear windswept sky. I do not have children, but I love them. I so appreciate their wonder and joy. When we take a moment to kneel down and see the world from a child's level, everything that is important clicks into perspective. Have a restful evening ahead! With Love, Delisa :)

  15. have fun with your granddaughter. i too have been slowly but surely cleaning my house as well. feels sooo good, especially with the windows open wind letting in the sunshine and spring breezes.

  16. please send me some of your energy!!!!!

  17. Beautiful photos and a wonderful weekend. Today it was 55°! The snow pack is really melting and I am beginning to believe it will be spring. Enjoy your time with your favorite person. ♥

  18. what a fabulous way to spend a warm & sunny day. :) Looking forward to days like that with my Lottie!