Thursday, March 6, 2014


To give vent now and then to his [her] 
feelings, whether of pleasure or discontent,
is a great ease to a [wo]man's heart. 
~Francesco Guicciardini

A week starting out with
spring like temperatures
only to be reminded in
the end that this is still
winter. My temperatures
have dropped 30 degrees
and it has been raining
now for three days straight
making me just a little bit
down, sigh.

There were some quiet walks,
time playing with my 'grand'
dog Elsie, making hummus
not once, but twice this week;
it's really good with Terra Chips.
I observed Strove Tuesday
with these pancakes.  I've been
knitting every chance I get,
and while I love the projects
I am working on I really want
to cast on this, but am not
sure which yarn from my
stash to use.  There is a
new book on my nightstand
and a notebook filled with
ideas from the Food Summit,
now just waiting for the
sun to shine so I can get

Please don't forget to enter
my giveaway.

I hope your weekend
is a great one.



  1. Those pancakes look yummy. I wanna make some. We need your rain. Send it over!

  2. Hi Tracey, it has been raining steady all day long here as well. The pond is filled to the brim. I have been inside today too, working on my crocheting and a few other indoor projects, but I would like to be out in the sunshine as well! Have a lovely and restful evening ahead! With Love, Delisa :)

  3. I think I might need to knit Maude...lovely! Happy weekend Tracey.

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing Maude on your have to knit faster!

  5. Of course the dandelions are in bloom. We are in between snow storms and that is the only damn green thing in the yard here.

  6. Oh I love that new pattern. I can understand why you're itching to get started. At the moment we are revelling in the rain. Our farm is after the scortching it's had. Soon, soon you will be moving into the warmth of summer. Hope yours is a whole lot better than ours has been.

  7. Wow, a dandelion - no sign of those here yet! I just made a big batch of hummus yesterday - we like our with Stacy's Bagel Chips. Thought I'd share my recipe - I make a couple variations on the original.

  8. I have to confess that the cold weather makes me a little sad and wishing for light jacket weather. I love hummus immensely :) I eat mine with celery and carrots. I know what is for my lunch now...have a great weekend Tracey!

  9. i didn't know that book was available! time for a giggle or two! I'm supposed to give a program next month on 'weeds' for the garden club (I guess because I grow them better than most in the club!) and wanted to photograph a few.....not a one in site yet. Will I be sorry I'm wishing for weeds in a month????

  10. But for the longer hours of daylight, I'd be deep in my S.A.D. I'm thanking God for warmer temps even though we've had rain (record rainfall here this week). Thanks for sharing the hummus recipe. :) A blessed weekend to you, Tracey. ~Lisa

  11. beautiful photos ~looks like elsie had a nice walk ~ she is adorable ♥

  12. Oh, yes! We are longing for true spring weather here as well! Soon...soon... Have a lovely weekend!

  13. love that knitting project. can't wait to see how it turns out.
    have must say i am so happy we are in spring right now. i just so much need the sun and warm weather. <3

  14. Love that sweet doggie!!! I started the book you sent me. FINALLY something to keep my interest! I had such a bad run there for a while.