Thursday, March 13, 2014


How beautiful a day can be
When kindness touches it!

 ~George Elliston

As you know I participated
in a Blogger Swap hosted by
the beautiful Amanda [ SweetPotoatoClaire.]
I showed you the gifts that
I made and sent off and now
I would love to share what I
received in the mail last week.
My gifts were made by the
very talented and lovely
Mackenzie from While the Water Boils.
 Perfect for me as I am always
getting little burns when I
am in the kitchen and we
won't mention the cuts. ;)
 Smell so good I want it eat it!
Lavender and lemon are both
favorite scents of mine and this
lotion feels amazing.
I can't wait to use these
 bath salts.
I love all the gifts, but I think
my favorite are these pillow cases.
Aren't they pretty?
Since I don't sew it never entered
my head to make pillow cases,
and I think they are amazing.

Amanda and Mackenzie,
thank you both for giving
me a beautiful day and making
my life a little brighter.
I am touched by the kindness
and look forward to the next


  1. What lovely gifts from the swap. I am still checking the mailbox daily for my little package...can't wait!

    1. good grief, Kim~ your swapper said she'd mailed it off early last week (the 3rd, I think) and was told it'd take 6-8 business days... so ANY DAY!

  2. absolutely the greatest!!!! what a great idea those pillow cases were!!!

  3. Swaps like that aare so much fun!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  4. Pillowcases! Lemon and lavender! How wonderful. :)

  5. These are great gifts! I such fun with this swap and am looking forward to the next one (there'll be a next one, right?)! I wrote about my swap gifts today too...

    1. off to peek at yours, Erin~ I plan to host another in the summer, but if you hear of others before then, I'm in!

  6. What lovely gifts you got! I will be posting about mine tomorrow. I love the lotions and salve. What pretty pillowcases!

  7. Such wonderful treats! Enjoy!!

  8. oh yay! Tracey, I LOVE everything that you received~ Mackenzie, what a generous box of goodies! (as was that box of lovelies you sent out Tracey, makes me want to grow gourds and try to turn them into pretty bowls like you do) the lotion and pillowcases are especially calling out to me..... maybe I'll give making pillowcases a go once I get some more practice in with my machine. thanks SO much for participating~ I plan to host another in the summer, but if anyone else does in them meantime, I'm in!

  9. How lucky are you. Great gifts to spoil yourself with.

  10. What a lovely score. The salve is interesting. That cloud shot is amazing.

  11. What wonderful gifts. I recently made my own lip balm for the first time and need to try some hand cream next - my hands are SO ready for Spring to come. They feel like paper right now - pass me some of that salve please!

  12. oh what lovely goodies. The potions do look almost edible. I bet they smell amazing. The pillow cases are gorgeous too...lovley almost spring gifts.

  13. oh you received potions and lotions! I love how this swap was fun and unexpected in all the goodies :)

  14. Oh, lovely! I love how everyone is so talented and creative in so many different ways!!!

  15. What fun little goodies you received. I wish I could make lotions and soaps like that. I may (in my spare time) check that out. This swap thing was a lot of fun and I can't wait to do it again!