Monday, November 18, 2013


If you surrender to the wind,
you can ride it.

~Toni Morrison

This weekend it felt like spring,
the temperature was in the 80's,
WAY too warm for me for this time
of the year.

I watched the bees working hard,
and spied a bird's nest in the tulip

There was a warm wind blowing
that made for great cloud watching.

And while it may feel like spring,
I know winter is just around the
corner so I am preparing.

The Elderberry tincture has been
strained and bottle.

Wood and kindling are stacked
and I just waiting until I can
have a fire.

I finished Emerson's sweater,
[photo's soon] and I have cast
a few new projects.

Now I am just waiting for the
cold weather to arrive and stay
a bit.

Enjoy a peaceful start to your

Joining with Amanda


  1. yay! you finished the sweater, I cannot wait to see it. I am almost done with mine and I hope I like it ;) Love the sunflower, such a sunshine-y hello kind of flower!

  2. Oh that sunflower is beautiful. And those clouds, gorgeous. Have a wonderful week Tracey.

  3. We had warm weather here this past weekend too. It was in the 60s, which was wonderful. Winter is coming in full force tomorrow for us apparently. brrrr...

  4. wonderful photos. these extra warm days are so confusing. even here in AZ where it stays pretty warm in the winter has been too warm (in the 90's!!) i am having a hard time feeling like thanksgiving is just around the corner, and then down the block is christmas! eeep.

  5. A few nice springlike days would go down very well, Tracey - I'm not ready for the snow that's on it's way to us. Looking forward to the sweater photos xx

  6. i'm with you! i've got my elderberry, made my oil of thieves, my vapor rub, my garlic mullein oil and then, hot spell. hoping it'll be cool for turkey day!

  7. Great photos and the elderberry tincture - very interesting.

  8. It has been cold here too. I love showing off my knits. It's so interesting how a sunflower gives seeds.

  9. i love how organized you are tracey. i hope you won't need to use any of your potions, but it's so nice to know they are there, just in case!

  10. Beautiful photos as always. Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving, Tracey!