Monday, November 11, 2013


Family faces are magic mirrors. 
Looking at people who belong to
us, we see the past, present, and

~Gail Lumet Buckley


An important paper due
for my daughter's Masters
program meant a wonderful
visit from my son in love, John
and my one and only grand,

We spent part  the day 
looking at videos John made in
Afghanistan, and I learned
things I am glad I didn't know
until he was home, such a
scary place and people being
beyond ugly to each other.  He
did bring me the most beautiful
cashmere scarf that I will wear
often and think of him every time
I do.

We took a nature walk looking
for 'clues ?' that Emerson jotted
down in her notebook. The
highlight for her was holding
a dragonfly and then watching
it fly home.

Sunday was a quiet day with
knitting, reading and a nap to
make it complete.

Happy Veteran's Day, Thank you!

Joining with Amanda


  1. all kids must go through that detective thing, eh? i remember all mine walking around with notebooks looking for clues at some point or another :)

  2. wow. it sounds strange to say Happy Veterans Day...
    but there it is.
    Love the family pics, always.

  3. Sounds like nice weekend! Time with Emerson is always special I'm sure. And to your son-in-law: Thank you for your service!

  4. Thank you, thank you, to your son in law. Blessings to all!

  5. i am so glad your SIL is home. your granddaughter must be so happy to have him home and safe. <3

  6. So glad he is home safe and sound. I cannot imagine what he saw but I thank him for his service for our country. Love today's quote.

  7. Please thank your son-in-love for his service from our family. What a beautiful gift! I'll take a cashmere scarf anyday :)

  8. What sweet gifts you've been given - the safe arrival of your son in law, a luxurious scarf, and time with your loved ones. My daughters love writing and drawing in notebooks.

  9. yes thank you, and god bless! so glad you had a wonderful time Tracey.

  10. What a wonderful weekend Tracey, so much goodness.

  11. I think of him often, Tracey - sending you all love. You had the same skies that we did too xxx

  12. so glad the family is back together again! and send along our thanks. happy veterans day.

  13. And thank your daughter. We all appreciate the veterans and their service. But people forget the ones left behind. Your daughter had to be mom and dad and that is a tough job. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Emerson and what great adventures were had! Lovely scarf, by the way!

  14. Good luck to your daughter with paper and it must be so good to have your soldier home. Enjoy your family!!